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This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, June 8th, 2012

I’m sure Poor Moon’s Christian Wargo is already tired of talking about his life and work in Fleet Foxes, and I’m not terribly interested in letting the stature of the Seattle-based indie-folk giants overshadow Wargo’s new band, either.

But I have to say, it was pretty tough to chat with him last week and not talk about his “other” band. I mean, Fleet Foxes is arguably my favorite band of the past five years. Fortunately, Wargo is a fine songwriter in his own right, and the Poor Moon songs we’ve heard so far point to a bright future for his new venture.

That venture continues this weekend when Poor Moon kicks off Les Schwab Amphitheater’s free Summer Sunday Concerts series. When we spoke, Wargo and I chatted about life on the road with a band that’s doing things a bit more DIY than, say, Fleet Foxes have been in recent years.

“It has been a real breath of fresh air for us,” he said. “Being in the van together with your bros, you get to see where you’re going, as opposed to a bus tour, where you go to bed and then you wake up in the next backstage area and it can be a little monotonous.

“You know, being in charge of getting yourself to the show and finding hotels, it’s been fun,” he continued. “We really have enjoyed it a lot. I couldn’t actually see myself getting into a bus right now.”

Besides being closer to band mates, touring on a smaller scale also provides more opportunities to meet and make connections with fans, he said.

“In the smaller clubs, (there’s) just an energy that you can’t quite get when you’re playing theaters,” Wargo said. “It’s all around just been great. I love it.”

Read the whole thing here.

Also worth highlighting this weekend: Local community radio station KPOV is celebrating its 7th birthday with another Beatles Singalong! It’s just what it sounds like: Local bands play Beatles songs, the lyrics are projected on a screen and everyone sings along. There’s a costume contest and trivia and other stuff, and proceeds benefit KPOV. Good times, great cause!

Elsewhere in this week’s music section: Bad boy glam-rapper Mickey Avalon is back in Bend, the Pickin’ & Paddlin’ series begins with The Pitchfork Revolution, a trio of Oregon songwriters will play The Horned Hand, Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks visit Kimberly, a roundup of the opportunities to see and hear Irish/Celtic music this week, the psych-rock sounds of Rubedo, and a Last Band Standing update. Plus, a bunch of good local bands are playing the Bend Pride celebration on Saturday. All are welcome!

This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, November 4th, 2011


Playback, rewind.


Collie Buddz’s music isn’t normally my thing, necessarily, but I am addicted to this song. It’s hypnotic!

On Wednesday night, Buddz will drop into the Domino Room in Bend for a night of reggae-infused club-pop. My colleague David Jasper spoke with him and his alluring Bermudan accent last week. Here’s an excerpt of the resulting article.

Buddz has been called the Eminem of dancehall, and it’s a pretty apt comparison given his skin color and choice of genre. Like Eminem’s Detroit roots, his childhood in Bermuda, where the Jamaican influence is high, lends Buddz a credibility you can’t manufacture (see: Vanilla Ice).

Either way, he seems perfectly capable of bringing in fans like moths to the flame, even if Bob Marley might roll over in his grave (dreads permitting) if he knew this is what people are calling reggae in 2011. Buddz’s sound is slick and worldly, and the production value on “Playback” is set at 11.

Phoenix New Times, an alt-weekly in Arizona, sums up this sound quite well: “Buddz rarely sounds like a traditional reggae singer — songs like ‘World A Girls’ from his new record, ‘Playback,’ owe as much to Marvin Gaye soul and early G-Funk ambiance as … dancehall heaters.”

Jamaica’s become a regular stop for Buddz, who says that to Jamaicans, “it’s not about the color, it’s about the music, and Jamaicans know their music. Like, you go dancing down there, you don’t know what tunes you’re gonna hear.

“But it’s definitely harder” to earn acceptance there as a white reggae artist, said an undeterred Buddz. “You just have to work that much harder.”

You should read the whole thing by clicking here.

Elsewhere in this week’s music section: Sapient’s new record is dope, Scott Fisher returns to town, Excellent Gentlemen get funky, Tyler Fortier presents his third album of the year, and Archeology might be the next big thing out of Portland. Plus Nicki Bluhm & The Gramblers, The Young Lions of Jazz, Hoedown for Hunger, a High & Dry Bluegrass Festival benefit with master mando man Radim Zenkl, and details on Sunday’s memorial for local metal guitarist Don Adams.

This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, May 13th, 2011

It’s been a long time coming, but Empty Space Orchestra’s new album is here, and that means the local instrumental rock band has a CD-release show on Thursday. I caught up with ESO last week and we talked about their popularity in Bend and taking their show to new towns.

“I don’t really feel like I want it to happen faster,” guitarist Shane Thomas said. “I mean, it would be nice if it would, but we know we’ll have to go to other cities and play for, like, 15 and 20 people. That’s nothing that’s old for us, but it’s definitely nice to be able to come back here and play for (big crowds).”

Saxophonist Graham Jacobs said the band is “pretty excited” to play new towns, a point drummer Lindsey Elias reiterated after acknowledging that well-attended Bend shows are always a boost.

“But it’s also nice to really get in front of the few people that are there in those different cities that have … virgin ears,” she said. “That’s what’s fun, to see people’s reactions to something they’ve never seen before.”

Click here to read the whole thing, won’t you?

(There is another video of Ozomatli performing in Bend on Frequency’s YouTube channel.)

Like most of Bend — OK, not most, but a lot of people — Feedback got swept up in last week’s Cinco de Mayo celebration in downtown Bend. I loved Rubblebucket’s music, missed Todd Haaby, and was wowed by the crowd for the headliner, Ozomatli.

It was a sea of party-hungry humanity: beers aloft, kids on shoulders, smiling faces, sombreros flying through the air and folks finding whatever space they could to dance to the sounds of Ozomatli, the L.A.-based Latin fusion band that headlined the night and charged through a set of fiery songs that only fueled the celebration.

Ozomatli has become world famous for its versatility, and they showcased it in Bend, bouncing easily from hip-hop to cumbia to funk to reggae to straight-up punk rock, reflecting the cosmopolitan sprawl of their hometown. Highlights included the stomping rap-rock of “City of Angels,” an epic, brassy ranchera tune called “Caballito” and “La Temperatura,” a heavily Latin-flavored number that inspired chaos among the crowd.

I hope you’ll read the whole thing by clicking here.

Elsewhere in the music section: Tyler Fortier brings his excellent songs to the Silver Moon, Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers return to town, members of the Hieroglyphics crew headline a hip-hop show and The Bobby Lindstrom band and Sisters Americana Project celebrate new CDs, plus Cicada Omega, Will West and Mumbo Gumbo, and a Last Band Standing update.

[MP3] Tyler Fortier (playing tonight at portello)

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

It’s kind of late notice, I know, but if you’re looking to head out tonight but don’t want to freeze or fight the crowds at WinterFest, consider hitting portello winecafe at 7 p.m. to hear Eugene-based (but Bend-rooted) singer-songwriter Tyler Fortier.

The guy writes really good songs that fall into the dusty, downcast Americana/folk ballpark, and he’s prolific; he’s planning on releasing three albums this year, including the one he’ll celebrate tonight — a lo-fi concept record about the old West with a looooong name. You can hear the whole thing by clicking here, or you can stream or download the track below.

I wrote a bit more about Fortier and the record (including which classic album it reminds me of) in Friday’s GO! Magazine, and you can find that piece — plus all the details for tonight’s show — right here.

Download Tyler Fortier, “Waiting For Evelyn”

This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Busy local singer-songwriter Tim Coffey and his partner in cello, Kat Hilst, will play with a whole bunch of folks Thursday to celebrate the release of Coffey’s album “Strings Unbound.” I spoke with the man about how he blossomed from a struggling lyricist and veteran of cover bands into a full-fledged singer-songwriter relatively late in life.

“I always wanted to play my own music, (but) I could never write any lyrics that I didn’t think were stupid,” he said.

Then, one day in the summer of 2009, it hit him while hiking on Broken Top. Words popped into his head. “I didn’t know if they were any good, but they didn’t sound stupid,” Coffey said. “For the first time, they didn’t sound stupid. So I wrote ’em down and that turned out to be the song ‘Already There.’ And it just started snowballing. All of a sudden I started writing songs.”

I hope you’ll read the whole thing by clicking here.

Also, it’s WinterFest weekend! Which means lots of great live music that you’d dance to if your feet weren’t solid blocks of ice. Click here to read up on tonight’s headliner, The Aggrolites, and Saturday’s headliner, Lyrics Born. The event’s entire music lineup is listed right here. (Note: Don’t miss Derby tonight, just before The Aggrolites. I saw them play in the parking lot of the east-side location of a very famous Portland doughnut shop a few years ago, and they are an excellent pop-rock band. Oh and Moon Mountain Ramblers on Saturday! Make Local Bands Habit!)

Elsewhere in the music section: Patrick Lamb plays The Oxford Hotel’s jazz series, folk singer Johnsmith returns to the HarmonyHouse in Sisters, local proto-blues band Blackflowers Blacksun is at the M&J, Mark Ransom and The Mostest will light up Silver Moon, Long Beach Rehab visits The Summit Saloon and Capture the Flag kicks off its tour with two free shows this weekend. Last but not least, portello winecafe in Northwest Crossing will host Tyler Fortier, a Eugene singer-songwriter who is from Bend originally, and who writes terrific songs. He’s got a new CD coming out — a lo-fi concept record about the old West — and Saturday is the official release show, so go show him some love.