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Tonight: Thumbprint Collective at The Horned Hand

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

This is pretty late notice, but maybe you’re sitting there in your living room, feeling the itch to go out but not sure what to do.

Here’s a suggestion: Go to The Horned Hand (507 N.W. Colorado Ave., Bend) around 9 p.m. (it’s free) and check out Thumbprint Collective, local producer of electronic music for both your booty and your brain.

Head Thumbprinter Chris makes some of my favorite bleepy/bloopy music in town, primarily because his stuff is glitchy and beat-driven, but also mellow, subtly melodic and just enough left of center to keep things interesting. This isn’t the aggressive kind of electronic music you’ve been reading about in magazines and seeing in cereal commercials. This is the ideal soundtrack to a super-chilled evening of noddin’ heads and gettin’ fuzzy.

If you want a taste of what Thumbprint Collective does, you’re in luck. He just released a new album called “Listening Energy,” and you can stream it below or download it at his Bandcamp site. He’ll let you name your price; I suggest you name something more than $0. Support art and support artists, you know?

The setup!

This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, April 9th, 2010

Oregon hard-rock legends Floater are back in town this weekend, this time for two shows — electric tonight and acoustic on Saturday — at Mountain’s Edge. Frontman Rob Wynia agreed to an e-mail interview and then answered all my questions in a way that surely set a record for correct grammar usage in a band interview. Here’s a piece of it:

GO!: Portland’s music scene has long had a strong reputation, perhaps never more so than right now. And yet Floater has always sort of existed outside the normal channels of press praise, scene backslapping, etc. Do you ever look at what’s happening there and sort of gloat at the fact that Floater has achieved what it’s achieved without necessarily playing by the traditional rules?

RW: At first (years ago) I felt hurt by the fact that no matter what we did the press seemed to either hate Floater or simply ignore us. But the shows are such a total blast, and the fans are so vocal and supportive that eventually you just say f–k it. The flip side is that on the rare occasions when you are praised in the press you have to sort of ignore that too. You can’t have it both ways. If everybody hated us then we’d play in our garage for each other. But since it seems in general to only be critics, then screw ’em.

You can read the whole thing here.

Also in this week’s music section: indie-folk singer Sean Hayes plays a Bend yoga studio, one-man rock show Tony Smiley returns to town, can’t-miss Michiganders Frontier Ruckus play the Wednesday-night gig at McMenamins Old St. Francis School and local fave Eric Tollefson hits Silver Moon, plus The Luce Cruz tonight at Parrilla Grill, Allan Byer on Saturday at Cork Cellars in Sisters, and the Thumbprint Collective hosts an “Open Lab” Wednesday at Bendistillery Martini Bar. And if you’ve found nothing to suit you so far, you can always find more in our complete music listings.

October 9 in GO! Magazine

Friday, October 9th, 2009

Ladies and gents, I have family in town this weekend and am going to try to steer clear of the blog for a few days. Devastating, I know.

Before I disappear, though, I want to let you know what’s happening in Bend, musically, over the next seven days. Be sure to grab a GO! Magazine or visit the calendar on the GO! Web site for lots more options beyond these:

-When L.A. MCs Scarub and Very collaborate, they call themselves Afro Classics. And they’re dope. They have a new album out this week and they’re playing in Bend next week.

-You thought the days of Queen-style pomp-rock were over, didn’t you? Well, meet The Janks.

Sweatshop Union is a hip-hop collective out of British Columbia, Canada. They are not associated with any sweatshops as far as I know. Now get back to work!

-Local industrial band Warm Gadget and one-man speed-metal wonder Bald Eagle Shirt are gonna get strange at Players Bar & Grill.

-Silver Moon Brewing continues to expand its music offerings, hosting cosmopolitan electro-funk-jazz duo Planet Loop and Bend’s own glitch-hop crew, the Thumbprint Collective. (Download 48 minutes of Thumbprint’s chilled out electronica by clicking right here.)

-Guitar mega-talent Tony Furtado in concert at a beautiful old church in the ghost town of Richmond? Sounds like a highly listenable experience. Just remember to take a sweater.

-Also: Willie Carmichael’s going to folk up Dan Chavers’ Studio, and bluegrass is the name of the game when Blackstrap plays McMenamins Old St. Francis School.

-Don’t forget there are a few music-related movies happening at BendFilm this weekend.

And hey! Look for another blog post in the next little bit about a fundraiser happening Saturday at Parrilla Grill that you should consider checking out.

Thumbprint Collective releases free download, performs tonight

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Thumbprint Collective

A few months ago, I was poking around the MySpace of Empty Space Orchestra, which somehow led me to the MySpace of local musician Typologic, which in turn led me to the MySpace of Thumbprint Recordings, which made me aware of a group of local producers/DJs called the Thumbprint Collective.

This, friends, is what they call falling into a wormhole on the Internet. Except this was a productive wormhole, because I discovered a group of Central Oregon musicians I didn’t know before. Better yet, they’re creating a pretty interesting brand of electronica, at least to these ears. (Please note: The music could probably be described as house, techno, breakbeat, glitch, or some other microgenre, but I’m simply not knowledgeable enough to tell the difference. If anyone would like to educate me in the comments, I’d love to hear it.)

Anyway, the Thumbprint Collective is Sicilian, Magus Pymp, Johnny Carcinogen and Typologic, and the music somehow straddles a line between relentlessly beat-driven and perfectly chilled out, mellow meandering. It’s also super-melodic, which I love.

The group has been doing gigs here and there for a few months, and tonight, they’re taking over the martini bar at 9 p.m., and there’s no cover. “Might break out the lasers for this one,” says Sicilian. (The flyer for the gig is after the jump.)

The Thumbprinters recently set up in Sicilian’s living room and recorded a 48-minute long session live in one shot, with no pre- or post-production. “It’s not perfect, but we’re working on it,” says Sicilian. “One-shot live recordings can be difficult.”

The mix is designed to give people a taste of what Thumbprint does at its shows. So here, have a taste … you might have to “Right Click” and “Save As.”

Download Thumbprint Collective’s live set

If you’re like me, and you’re no electronica expert or super-fan, I’d encourage you to take the dive and check it out. It’s a fun listen.