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January 1 in GO! Magazine

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Happy New Year, folks! For good luck, enjoy some black eyed peas from way back in another century, before black eyed peas were really, really bad for you.

Here’s what’s happening in Central Oregon, musically, in the first week of 2010:

Sara Jackson-Holman’s a classically trained pianist who’s now working on her first pop album, and there’s a pretty interesting story behind that. Note: She’s playing at Dudley’s this afternoon at 2 p.m. That’s soon!

Here are my hopes and wishes for the local music scene in 2010.

Fans of brooding, brainy hip-hop take note: Three rapping representatives of Sage Francis’ Strange Famous record label — Sleep, B. Dolan and Cecil Otter — are coming through Bendistillery Martini Bar Saturday night.

Two of the region’s most solid, seasoned rock ‘n’ roll bands are playing this weekend. Check out The JZ Band tonight at Parrillla Grill and The River Pigs at Silver Moon Brewing.

The young, local rock band Space Hoax rarely plays live, but all its members are in town right now, so they’re going to do one show, Saturday night at Ranch Records. You should go, because they are great.

Lots of new LOCAL music to listen to

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Central Oregon musicians have been incredibly productive this year, releasing a whole bunch of recorded music, with no sign of slowing down any time soon. Just look at all the new stuff you can hear online:

The Sofa Kings do a bluesy, female-fronted take on straight-up rock ‘n’ roll, a la Heart or Jefferson Airplane/Starship. And, they’ve just posted a few songs from their recorded-but-not-yet-released CD on their MySpace.

-Redmond’s The Roe is known for its pop-infused emo/punk, which is why their new song, “Oh Amelia,” is so startling. It’s got a lo-fi, twangy feel, like a sleepy Social Distortion. Hear it at the band’s MySpace. (“We would like to make it clear that this IS NOT portraying the style of the new CD,” the band writes. “We are keeping our same style and keepin it rock n roll.”

Warm Gadget is a newish project on the local scene, a creepy, electro-industrial collaboration between electronic-music artist (and former Vihara member) Colten Williams and Tim Vester, formerly of The Kronkmen, with some help from Eric Metzger, Jared Forqueran and Jeff Swearengin. The band recently posted some of its newer music, and it’s great, weird stuff.

The Commercial Underground has a few new tracks up on their MySpace. These guys do breezy, feel-good, throwback pop-rock that’ll make you long for the ’70s, if you’re old enough to remember the ’70s.

-Since the last time I visited their MySpace, The Space Hoax has posted two new songs — “Aries Day” and “Vintage International” — for our listening pleasure. Both are excellent, and you should go listen to them right now. Seriously.

-Just the other day, Empty Space Orchestra put a live version of “Pandemonium,” recorded early last month, on its MySpace. Go take a listen to hear what everyone’s buzzing about.

-Local hip-hop cat Mosley Wotta has a “ruff edit” of a downcast new song called “Blood Sugar” on his MySpace. There are a couple other newer tracks up there, too. All are worth hearing.

There are probably tons more out there, I just don’t know about them. Say … are you in a band that calls Central Oregon home? Do you have some new music? I’d love to hear it, and maybe post it on Frequency. Give me a shout via e-mail or through MySpace.

June 5 in GO! Magazine

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Good morning, Frequency faithful. Can someone tell me how in the world it’s already June!?

Central Oregon has warmed up in the last couple weeks, and around here, warmer weather usually means more music. So without further adieu, here’s a look at what’s happening in Central Oregon over the next seven days, brought to you by LeBron James, who has plenty of time these days to do things like sponsor music blog posts. (Speaking of the NBA, have you read the NBA Finals preview that local hip-hop group Top Shelf did for Frequency? If not, you should. It’s a fun read.)

Anyway, in today’s GO! Magazine, we have:

-A little bit about each of the six young, mostly local bands playing in tonight’s Rise Up Battle of the Bands. Read up on them, then visit their MySpaces to hear their work: Adventure Galley / The Autonomics / The Snag / The Space Hoax / We Are Brontosaurus … and Hunters on the Horizon are so new, they don’t yet have a MySpace!

My review of last weekend’s Rise Up benefit show featuring Water & Bodies, We Are Brontosaurus and Empty Space Orchestra. It’s like Rise Up week in GO!

-A roundup of what’s happening at Silver Moon Brewing this week.

-My plea to you, dear reader, imploring you to go see the excellent alt-folk band Weinland on Saturday. (There’s a much more extensive story about the band here.)

The details on tonight’s hip-hop show featuring Twitter-crazy Bay Area rapper Mistah F.A.B.

-A quick overview of where a few local acts are playing, including Detour: Jazz, The Quons, Moon Mountain Ramblers, Brian Hanson and a whole bunch of punk and metal bands.

-A reminder that Wednesday’s Brandi Carlile show at the Tower Theatre is sold out.

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