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Mushroom hunting with The Dirtball

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

In today’s Outing section of The Bulletin, you can read about my trip into the woods near Bend to hunt mushrooms with Bend-based rapper and mycophile — and recent addition to the Kottonmouth KingsThe Dirtball, aka David Alexander. Here’s an excerpt:

The Dirtball shows off a king bolete mushroom he found last weekend in the Swampy Lakes area near Bend. Photo by Ben.

Alexander has been hunting mushrooms for 15 years. He was introduced to the pursuit by his mother, Marlene. At one time, he sold morels to local stores and restaurants to make ends meet.

These days, he hunts mushrooms mostly for the fun of it. He dries his mushrooms and eats them throughout the year. He also sends bags to friends in the music industry.

For Alexander, though, it’s all about the joy of the hunt, which he calls a “chaotic art” for a reason.

“There are so many factors going into finding mushrooms. You’ve got time of season, temperatures, elevation, direction of growth and, you know, luck,” he said. “They grow at different areas and different times, so when you think you know where they are, you really might not.

“It’s a chase,” he continued. “It’s a mind game!”

We didn’t find a lot of mushrooms, but it’s more about the journey than the destination, right? In this case, I think that old adage applies, because I had a good time despite coming up empty.

I hope you’ll read the whole article by clicking here.

A conversation with The Dirtball

Thursday, March 4th, 2010


A little over a month ago, I told you that local rapper The Dirtball had officially joined the popular SoCal rap-rock group Kottonmouth Kings.

Tonight, as the Kings prepare to take the stage somewhere in Osaka, Japan, I’ve got the details behind that union, straight from David Alexander, the man behind the Dirtball persona.

When he’s not on tour – either as a solo artist or, now, with the Kings – Alexander lives on Bend’s east side, where he lives a decidedly non-rapper lifestyle, searching for mushrooms and splitting firewood.

Professionally, though, he’s becoming more and more well-known for his prodigious rhyme skills. The name of Alexander’s game is speed; his rapping style is wordy and super-fast, but also tight and tidy, not unlike Eminem. He’s also an accomplished drummer, and he produces his own records, for the most part, in his home studio. His three most recent albums were released on the Kings’ own label, Suburban Noize, which will also release his fourth solo effort, “Nervous System.”

Last week, after five full minutes of chatting about woodcutting, chainsaws and pickup trucks, Alexander told me he was “blindsided” by a phone call a few months ago from Kings principal Daddy X inviting him to join the crew.


Bend rapper The Dirtball joins Kottonmouth Kings

Thursday, January 28th, 2010

Their professional relationship has been lock-tight for years, but this video — posted earlier this week on Kottonmouth Kings’ Web site — confirms that Bend-based rapper The Dirtball (known to friends as David Alexander) has become an official member of the popular California rap-rock crew.

Alexander’s three most recent albums were released by Kottonmouth Kings’ Suburban Noize record label, and he’s criss-crossed the country several times in the past few years on SubNoize tours. But, as you saw if you watched the video, things are much more serious now; Alexander is the proud owner of a new Kottonmouth Kings tattoo. That’s commitment!

The statement posted with the video touts Dirtball’s induction into the Kings as “the dawning of a new age” for the group. I’m trying to get Alexander on the phone to find out how this went down, but for now, we’ll have to let the statement speak:

“This is most definitely a huge step for me in the rap path,” commented Dirtball about joining the group. “I am honored to be joining such a strong force as the Kottonmouth Kings, and I’m proud to have found a band of brothers who not only have an endless array of talent, but they smoke just as much weed as I do.”

OK, then! The statement goes on to quote Kings founder Daddy X:

“Dirtball is really one of the sickest rappers in the game right now. To have him join us on this musical journey is going to be amazing. The guy parties harder than Motley Crüe in their heyday and he manages to bring a mind-blowing velocity to everything he does.”

That’s true. Alexander is one of the fastest rappers I’ve heard, but he spits his rapid-fire rhymes with alarming clarity. He’s like a walking, talking “No Syllable Left Behind.” And while he’s The Dirtball on the road, he’s also in love with the Central Oregon lifestyle when he’s at home. Check his Twitter account to catch him dreaming about cutting firewood.

There’s much more about Alexander in this feature that I wrote on him almost two years ago. (Go ahead and click it. It’s available to non-subscribers.)

Last, but not least: From the outside, this looks like a pretty big deal for Alexander’s career, so congratulations are in order. Congrats, David!

July 31 in GO! Magazine

Friday, July 31st, 2009

These next seven days, folks, might just be the busiest, music-wise, of the year so far in Central Oregon. Almost every night you have options, and many of those options are either big names or big talents (or both). Are you planning on hitting any of these? Some of them? All of them? Leave a comment and let me know what your plans are.

Oh, and all today’s links are free and available to non-subscribers, so click away! Let’s go in chronological order:

-Tonight, Vetiver plays California sun-kissed folk-pop at Silver Moon Brewing.

-Also tonight, up-and-coming country stars Lady Antebellum will play the final free show at the Deschutes County Fair.

-Looking for something else to do tonight? Try Sagebrush Rock at Boston’s or Empty Space Orchestra at Parrilla or Necktie Killer at The Underground.

-On Saturday, a big ol’ rap show will roll into the Midtown Ballroom. Kottonmouth Kings and Swollen Members are co-headlining, and local rapper The Dirtball will perform. Should be one of the biggest Midtown shows in a while.

-Also Saturday, Tuck And Roll plays at Silver Moon and Apropos performs at The Studio.

-On Sunday, the Les Schwab Amphitheater will host its second ticketed show of the summer when Lyle Lovett and His Large Band come to town.

-Also on Sunday, Susie McEntire Luchsinger does her annual concert out in Antelope.

-Monday night is blues night at the Tower Theatre, where veteran guitarist Johnny Winter will appear.

-Wednesday night will bring a couple of young, rootsy bands to Bend, as bluegrassers Town Mountain play at Silver Moon and Breathe Owl Breathe hits McMenamins.

Again, anyone can get to any of those stories, so check ’em out. And if you want to see the cool dartboard motif that the GO! Magazine design team put together, pick up a copy of the actual newspaper!

Central Oregon musicians pay tribute to Michael Jackson (Part II)

Monday, July 6th, 2009


It’s been more than a week now since the unexpected death of Michael Jackson, and the man, his life and his legacy is still a hot topic of conversation. Whether you think he should be remembered as a pop-culture icon or that his latter-day legal troubles overshadowed his chart success (or both), there’s no question the guy had an enormous influence on music.

To get an idea of the influence he had on Central Oregon’s music scene, Frequency asked a bunch of local musicians to talk about Michael Jackson’s role in their development as artists, to reflect on his life, or just to share their memories of his music, and so many responded, I split them up into two posts. You can read the first one by clicking here, and the second batch begins just after the jump.