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This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, April 13th, 2012

One of, in my opinion, the world’s finest singer-songwriters is coming to Bend’s Tower Theatre on Tuesday.

You should go. It’s going to be great.

Ladies and gentlemen, the wonderful and ever-so-slightly warped Todd Snider:

I chatted with Snider last week while he was driving south through California. He was kind, totally forthcoming, and highly quotable. But the most interesting part was when he told me he’s done making records! Wait, what? Yeah, that’s what he said. Believe him if you like, or don’t. (I don’t.) Who knows? But here’s an excerpt:

“I mean, I think I should stop making records, yeah. I may go out and try to tour for a while and really … work on my guitar playing and learning my old songs … but I think I’ve said the s–t I need to say. I don’t see any reason for me to say more s–t. People have given me plenty of attention.”


“You gotta ask yourself how many songs the world needs, you know? God. There’s already so many, and in my neighborhood, I promise you, there’s 10 since me and you started talking. There’s 10 more songs in this poor world,” Snider said. “Maybe there could be something else I could write … maybe a bunch of love songs, (but) that last bit felt like the last bit of throw-up, the bile part. I like it. I think it might be my favorite one. But I (also) think I might’ve said what I was supposed to say, if I was even supposed to say anything.”

You should go read the whole thing.

Also next week: The return of Last Band Standing, Central Oregon’s multi-week, audience-determined battle of the bands. The schedule calls for 28 bands to duke it out over nine weeks, and the winner will pick up some studio time, a vehicle and other stuff. Plus, it’s all free to attend! This really is a pretty great way to sample lots of the local music scene, so go and get all the Last Band Standing info you need.

This week’s music section is packed, by the way. We’ve got something on The White Buffalo, Matt Hopper, Basin & Range and The River Pigs’ CD-release shows, plus The Dig, The We Shared Milk, Michael Allen Harrison Superband, Warm Gadget, the Central Oregon Songwriters Association’s annual showcase, an underground hip-hop show at JC’s and more.

Oh, and tonight’s Roach Gigz show at the Domino Room is canceled.

This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, December 31st, 2010

Welcome, folks, to the final day of 2010! As usual, we’ve got you covered:

Click here for a list of a whole bunch of New Year’s Eve events happening tonight.

Click here for my feature story on local band The River Pigs, who’ll play Silver Moon Brewing & Taproom’s New Year’s party (along with The Prairie Rockets).

Click here for my final Feedback column of the year, wherein I list some of my hopes and wishes for the local music scene in 2011.

–There are a few other things happening the rest of this week, too, including the Pagan Jug Band, Problem Stick, and Mosley Wotta “on the ones.” Click here to get the whole roundup.

Everyone have fun tonight and be safe. Happy New Year!

January 1 in GO! Magazine

Friday, January 1st, 2010

Happy New Year, folks! For good luck, enjoy some black eyed peas from way back in another century, before black eyed peas were really, really bad for you.

Here’s what’s happening in Central Oregon, musically, in the first week of 2010:

Sara Jackson-Holman’s a classically trained pianist who’s now working on her first pop album, and there’s a pretty interesting story behind that. Note: She’s playing at Dudley’s this afternoon at 2 p.m. That’s soon!

Here are my hopes and wishes for the local music scene in 2010.

Fans of brooding, brainy hip-hop take note: Three rapping representatives of Sage Francis’ Strange Famous record label — Sleep, B. Dolan and Cecil Otter — are coming through Bendistillery Martini Bar Saturday night.

Two of the region’s most solid, seasoned rock ‘n’ roll bands are playing this weekend. Check out The JZ Band tonight at Parrillla Grill and The River Pigs at Silver Moon Brewing.

The young, local rock band Space Hoax rarely plays live, but all its members are in town right now, so they’re going to do one show, Saturday night at Ranch Records. You should go, because they are great.