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[Video] John Wesley Coleman, Rayon Beach at The Horned Hand

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

My memory on this one is a little fuzzy, but this I know for sure: At some point in the past, present or future (probably the past), John Wesley Coleman and Rayon Beach played The Horned Hand in Bend, and I was there with my little video camera to capture the clatter.

I’m sure shortly after the show I was full of thoughts and opinions on the bands, but I can’t recall them now. Mostly I remember short, sharp blasts of the Goner/HoZac-style fuzz/scuzz/psych/pop/punk that the jorts-wearing kids are loving these days. Rayon Beach’s tunes were off-kilter and draped in waves of reverb, whereas Coleman’s irresistible riffs and melodies did a better job of cutting through the haze. (Shout-out to his keyboard guy, too, whose playing brought a bit of an E Street Band feel to the proceedings.)

Moving pictures of each band below!

John Wesley Coleman

Rayon Beach

Tonight: John Wesley Coleman III, Rayon Beach at The Horned Hand

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

The thing I love about The Horned Hand — the new art/retail/music space on Colorado Avenue in Bend (catch up here and here) — is that it’s … well, it’s weird.

It’s weird in a cool way, with hanging taxidermy watching your every move, funky furniture strewn about, unsettling films projected on the wall. It feels like a cozy dive in Twin Peaks, Wash., or as operator Wesley Ladd once told me, a Satanic T.G.I. Friday’s. (Is there any other kind?)

In its first few weeks, The Horned Hand has hosted a number of solid bands, but tonight brings the first show that, in my opinion, really matches the place’s off-center vibe. Tonight, Austin, Texas “trash poet,” garage rocker John Wesley Coleman III stops in, along with opening act Rayon Beach.

Coleman’s music is a warped and woozy take on psychedelic garage-stomp, where sneakily catchy pop songs are fuzzed up and scuzzed up and veiled in an unscrubbable haze of lo-fi grit. It’s like the Nuggets box set doused itself in skunky old sweet tea and then rolled around in a gutter for days.

And I think it’s good stuff. Certainly, if it’s good enough for Goner Records, it’s good enough for you. Here are a few videos, followed by a bit about Rayon Beach.