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Friday, February 26th, 2010


Welcome, fan of great music! You’ve reached Frequency’s effort to show Monqui Presents and the Les Schwab Amphitheater there are tons of people who’d like to see the band Pavement play in Bend.

The 2010 lineup at the Schwab so far includes Merle Haggard and the Steve Miller Band. Sounds like a pretty good time to me. But I want to have an awesome time at a concert this summer. And I think a show by the reunited kings of indie rock is the shortest path to an awesome time. That’s the short version. Please read the long version in my Feedback column in GO! Magazine today.

If you think Pavement in Bend sounds pretty sweet, please take a minute to leave a comment on this blog post. Tell the world just how much you’d love to see ’em. Tell Monqui you’d buy tickets, and you’d get friends to buy tickets (if you would … no lying, please). Give the folks behind the concerts to Les Schwab Amphitheater a reason to bring Pavement to Bend!

This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Suzanne Vega plays at the Tower Theatre on Sunday. I talked to her about her new “Close-Up” project, in which she’s re-recording dozens of her songs. Here’s an excerpt:

Re-recording the songs acoustically was in part an economic decision. But Vega also liked the idea of reinventing them.

“I had no interest in doing a cover version of ‘Luka.’ It was like, ‘No. No thank you,’” she said. “Nor did I want to do a sort of Suzanne Vega-lite version. So I thought, ‘Let’s just do stark recordings of the absolute minimum.’”

Vega’s an interesting subject. You should read the whole thing here.

In Feedback, I launch my campaign to get reunited indie-rock kings Pavement to the Les Schwab Amphitheater in Bend.

Of course there are people out there who are stoked to hear the Steve Miller Band is coming to Bend. But those people aren’t in my Internet-o-sphere. In there, the team behind the Schwab needs a pick-me-up. They need a booking that’ll get the Twitterati buzzing. They need to reel in a big, cred-building life raft with plenty of room for those who’ve felt neglected for the past year and a half.

They need Pavement.


It’s unlikely, I’m sure. But I’m compelled to put the idea out there and see if we can’t get a snowball rolling on this thing. I’ve had a few dozen people tell me, both personally and via cyber-waves, that they’d love, love, love to see Pavement in Bend. So let’s put our signatures where our mouths are: I’m going to set up a blog post on Frequency like a petition to get Pavement in our town, and all you have to do is go there and leave a comment showing your support for the idea. Better yet, pledge to buy tickets.

If you pass it around to your friends — friends in Bend, Redmond, Sisters, Eugene, Portland, Boise, and so on — and get them to sign it, who knows what might happen?

So yeah, go show your support right here. And go read my whole manifesto here.

Finally, local boys A.M. Interstate have completed their new album “Love Your Sniper.” They’ll play much of it Saturday night at Silver Moon. Here’s a bit about it:

Although it’s not out yet, the brothers are shopping the album around to record labels, looking for a deal. But a quick trip through an advance copy finds the Ericksons moving further from the cosmic Americana sound of their past work and more toward a psych-roots-rawk feel, like The Beatles jamming with Neil Young in a dive bar where the jukebox plays My Bloody Valentine’s “Loveless” on repeat, eternally. (That would be a sweet bar.)

“Sniper” has a sense of momentum that the meandering “Kimono Dragon” sometimes lacked; two listens in, it sounds like the best work of the band’s catalog so far.

Read the whole thing here.

Also in the music section this week: Baltimore roots-rock band The Bridge, Floater frontman Rob Wynia plays a solo show, and Blackstrap, Trina Hamlin, Tony Smiley and a bunch of locals playing a benefit for CASA. And, as always, you can find more in our complete music calendar.

Reading the Les Schwab Amphitheater tea leaves…

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

In past years, details on Les Schwab Amphitheater’s summer concert series have been posted at, and this is what that site looks like right now:


The keys there are “May 28″ and “Ticketed.” May 28 is the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, and as you may remember, the Schwab hosted glorious, three-day rock ‘n’ roll mini-fests on Memorial Day weekend in 2006 (Ben Harper, Beck, The Flaming Lips) and 2008 (Spearhead, Death Cab for Cutie, Modest Mouse). There were no concerts that weekend last year.

And the word “Ticketed” indicates a concert that costs money to attend, as opposed to the amphitheater’s free Sunday shows.

Upon seeing this, I e-mailed Marney Smith, who manages the amphitheater, and asked if the date on the site means anything, or if I was reading too much into it. Smith replied quickly, saying organizers are working “tirelessly” on Memorial Day weekend shows, but that she doesn’t yet know if they’ll happen. The “May 28″ on the Web site is just a placeholder, she said.


Anyway, the optimist in me sees the site and hopes it’s a harbinger of good news: that we’ll see a return of live music to the Schwab on Memorial Day weekend of 2010. And if that’s a possibility, then we turn our attention to the Sasquatch Festival, a three-day extravaganza held in central Washington that’s widely considered one of the best music fests in America. In 2006 and 2008, the bands that played the Schwab shows came to Bend immediately before or after playing Sasquatch, so its lineup — to be announced Feb. 16 — provides strong clues about who might come here.

So far, Sasquatch has only confirmed one of its 2010 acts, but it’s a doozy: reunited indie-rock icons Pavement. Unfortunately, Pavement is scheduled to play a festival in Spain on May 28, which would put a tight squeeze on any chance they’d visit Bend.

But … Pavement is pretty much my favorite band ever, so I am going to grasp and hold on to any sliver of hope I can find. Heck, I may begin a public begging campaign to get the band to Bend.

No, seriously, I might. Who’s with me?