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This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Saturday, June 29th, 2013

Dudes, we are officially in Central Oregon’s busy time of year, musically speaking. Here’s what’s up.

Bend’s beloved rock ‘n’ roll bar with the creepy hunting lodge aesthetic — The Horned Hand — is closing Saturday night after two years of business. They’ll end with an excellent lineup of bands including locals The Rural Demons and The Kronk Men, plus Chicago garage-pop band Outer Minds. I spoke with Brian Costello of Outer Minds about his band’s only other show at the Hand, among other things.

“That tour, our van had broken down like three or four times. In Los Angeles, we got to play for 10 minutes before they cut us off because they had booked … some kind of Korean rave party,” he said. “So much went wrong.

“So we get to Bend and we had no idea what to expect. We’d never been there. And everyone was so friendly and receptive, and we just had such a great time there,” he said. “After all those things that went wrong, we just felt very welcome and relaxed and ready to play. It was a wonderful time.”

It was a wonderful show, too. The band was in fine form, chugging through its upbeat brand of fuzzy garage-pop, highlighted by exuberant boy-girl vocals (courtesy Mary McKane, Gina Lira and frontman Zach Medearis), ultra-catchy melodies that sound imported straight from the psychedelic ’60s, and, maybe most of all, the buoyant charm of McKane’s 1967 Farfisa organ, which gives the whole sound an authentically vintage feel.

I hope you’ll click here and read the whole thing.

Also in this week’s music section: Steve Miller Band brings its bevy of hits back to Bend, Ziggy Marley returns to town, The Pitchfork Revolution kicks off the summer concert series at Angeline’s Bakery, Marcus Eaton plays Volcanic Theatre Pub, The Sound Garden ramps up its schedule beginning with a pop show Sunday and a metal show Monday, DJ P hits the decks at Liquid Lounge Saturday night, Krafty Kuts does the same on Thursday and more, more, more.

And not in this week’s music section: Portland indie-folk-pop band Blind Pilot headlines the Hullabaloo tonight in Bend’s Northwest Crossing neighborhood. Hot Buttered Rum, Jackstraw, Mosley Wotta, Tony Smiley and more are playing the Bite of Bend Saturday and Sunday.

[Video / Review] Outer Minds at The Horned Hand

Friday, March 30th, 2012

So, this is a week old, but cut me some slack, buddy.

The Chicago-based band Outer Minds (Facebook / Bandcamp) slipped into The Horned Hand last Thursday and played a really terrific set of psychedelic garage-pop that, it turns out, was timed just right for someone to catch it all and then hurry across downtown in plenty of time to see most of Galactic’s set at the Domino Room. If they wanted to, of course. (I know at least one person who did it, is what I’m saying.)

Anyway, Outer Minds has a real knack for super-catchy songs that sound shipped in straight from the 1960s, fueled by flower power and bubbling over with fuzzy, lo-fi charm. My personal favorite part of their sound, though, were the oooohs and aaaahs and backing vocals in general provided by Mary McKane and Gina Lira, two indispensable ladies who flanked frontman Zach Medearis.

Also worth noting: The sounds McKane made with her green and white 1967 Farfisa organ, a beautiful little instrument that did much of the heavy lifting when it came to giving Outer Minds their throwback sound. (Check out this old Farfisa ad. They knew what was up.) McKane’s warm, melodic work on the keys turned what was a perfectly solid garage-rock band into a very convincing, spirited slice of the original psychedelic era.

The whole package was glorious. People danced. I bought a record. The band posted kind things about The Horned Hand on their Tumblr.

I’d love to see more acts like Outer Minds come through town. Here are four reasons why:


Tonight: Galactic, yes … but also Outer Minds

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

The Galactic / Orgone show at the Domino Room should be the biggest thing happening in Bend tonight, but I also want to call your attention to a band called Outer Minds (Facebook / Tumblr / Bandcamp) that’s playing at The Horned Hand.

We didn’t have a word about this show in last week’s GO! Magazine because I didn’t know about it in time. I hate it when that happens, especially when it involves a band as good as this four-piece from Chicago, which runs with the current crop of fuzzy garage-rock bands in the HoZac / Goner / Trouble in Mind universe.

Thing is, Outer Minds is better than most of those bands. You see, this is psychedelic garage-pop done the right way, with guitars that jangle perfectly, the warm and steady hum of an organ, oohs and aahs as far as the eye can see and melodies that will leap from their spinning, vinyl grooves and follow you to our grave. Best of all, Outer Minds doesn’t write great songs and then douse them with lo-fi scuzz, burying the melodies beneath a blanket of manufactured cool. No, the production here is perfect: convincingly vintage and slightly wobbly, but clean enough to sparkle.

After a series of 7″ singles on white-hot labels, the band released its debut, self-titled full-length earlier this year on Southpaw Records. A couple of its cuts are streamable below, and there’s lots more at the Bandcamp. Click play and fall in love. (And if for some reason the players aren’t showing up for you below, click the links and go listen. This is important!)

But first: Outer Minds. Tonight. 8 p.m. The Horned Hand at 507 N.W. Colorado Ave., in Bend. Cover is $5, I believe. (Take $5 and then see what they say. If it’s less then you have more money for beer or Codfather grub.) Plus a limited release of Elysian Brewing‘s Fallout Green Cardamom Pale Ale, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Outer Minds – Gimmie A Reason by southpawrecs

Outer Minds – Conversation by southpawrecs