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This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Tonight at the Domino Room, local bass/beat collective Slipmat Science will throw another party as part of what has been a very busy winter for the crew. But this one, in my opinion, features the two best headliners of the bunch.

That is, of course, just a matter of taste. I’m sure many folks like Beats Antique or Tunnidge or Knight Riderz more than Filastine and Heyoka. But for me, these two dudes — one from Barcelona, one from the Bay Area — are the most enjoyable electro-wizards Slipmat has brought to town over the past few months. So click their names in the previous sentence and see if you agree. And read on …

My colleague Sigourney Nuñez’s interview with Filastine turned out great, I thought. He comes off as a really interesting, thoughtful guy who feels somewhat trapped between his techno-futuristic sound and his innate desire to get as far away from the grid as possible. An excerpt:

On stage, Filastine projects sights to accompany sounds from a laptop computer and an amplified shopping cart wired with what he calls electronic gadgets: drum pads and touch screens with different interfaces to control audio and video, just to name a couple.

Each song has a theme, so during performances he curates visuals from his library of videos grabbed from documentary footage.

“It’s about storytelling,” he said. “It’s a complex performance in less than an hour. I’d rather people hear and see what I do and come to their own analysis.”

As a multimedia performer, Filastine is surrounded by technology.

“My art involves computers. These tools that are so phenomenal will literally eat our lives and we just gotta take a break from that,” he said. “I find it really hard to find that time. What I do is try to spend time away from computers, roads and electricity so that usually involves going into the ocean, mountains and deserts, just to reconnect without technology.”

Click here to read all about Filastine.

Elsewhere in this week’s music section*: OK Sweetheart plays The Horned Hand, The Shook Twins visit McMenamins, Beth Wood and Shireen Amini collaborate at Higher Ground Common House, the Bobby Lindstrom Band celebrates its new album, The Horned Hand hosts separate shows by Filthy Still and The Calamity Cubes, and Les Schwab Amphitheater unveils its Summer Sunday Concerts lineup. Plus The Anvil Blasters, CinderBlue, RaiseTheVibe, and sold out concerts by Bruce Hornsby and Glen “Toad the Wet Sprocket” Phillips.

*Normally, I would provide you with a link to the music section, but we’re having technical difficulties right now, so if you want to read any of those stories, just search here.

Central Oregon’s Week of Awesome Music, Part 1: Eilen Jewell, OK Sweetheart

Monday, August 8th, 2011

This week features a ridiculous number of opportunities to catch quality live music in Central Oregon. Over the next four days, I’ll highlight some of the best options for that night, but you can always find lots more at The Bulletin’s online event calendar.

Here are your best bets for this fine Monday evening:

Eilen Jewell brings her groovy twang-noir to Sisters Art Works. 6:30 p.m. $15. Get more info and details here.

OK Sweetheart delivers dulcet, vintage pop at Madhappy Lounge in Bend. 9 p.m. Free. Click here to read all about ’em.

Coming tomorrow: The Shins …

This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, August 5th, 2011

Ridiculous amount of live music in Central Oregon this week. No no no … make that … RIDONKULOUS. (I just made that word up. If you think you have heard it before that was probably a dream.)

Anyway, here goes:

REO Speedwagon (tonight) and Joan Jett (Saturday) play the Deschutes County Fair.

Click each of these to read all about ’em and get the details on the show:
Dierks Bentley twangs up Les Schwab Amphitheater
The Shins go cozy at the Domino Room
Rising queen of blues Shemekia Copeland wraps up Munch & Music
Rising queen of roots-rock Eilen Jewell’s plays Sisters Art Works
Seattle-based symphonic-pop trio The Thoughts will mellow out The Horned Hand
Local DJ/producer Brad Jones celebrates his first CD under the name KEEZ

Not enough, right? Right! Elsewhere in the music section: OK Sweetheart at Madhappy, Euforquestra at McMenamins, Jelly Bread at Silver Moon, John Shipe Trio at McMenamins, David Jacobs-Strain at Angeline’s and the Sagebrush Rock Festival in Christmas Valley.

This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Yonder Mountain String Band returns to Bend next week to play progressive bluegrass for its horde of fans. I spoke with Adam Aijala and Dave Johnston about the band’s state of mind after two albums of stylistic exploration under the guidance of renowned rock producer Tom Rothrock.

“We feel that we have no — or not as many — boundaries now,” Aijala said last week, “and I think he helped us accomplish that.”

Still, the Yonder fellas aren’t content to rest on their accomplishments. In the same telephone interview, Johnston said the quartet’s compositional skills are strong and eclectic enough to allow the band to stretch whichever direction it chooses, whether bluegrassy or rockin’.

“We just have a lot of different parts about music that we love, and it just has so little to do with musical genres and more to do with what feels right for us,” he said.

And what feels right for one guy often feels right for the others, Aijala said.

“Because we’ve spent so much time together, whether we like it or not our songs tend to work with each other, even if we write them independently,” he said. “We’ll show each other songs and they might even be a totally different mood, but they go together.”

Click here to read the whole thing!

Ice Cube! Photo by Andy Tullis / The Bulletin.

Feedback this week is about Wednesday night’s Ice Cube show at the Midtown Ballroom, which was, in my mind, a solid success. Cube put on a tight, sturdy, entertaining and thunderous show for a sold out crowd.

With some not-so-gentle coaxing from Cube (“throw ‘em up!”), “Check Yo Self” elicited a sea of iconic, W-shaped “west side” hand gestures bobbing across the Midtown’s floor, connected to folks of all ages, some older than the headliner and some so young they probably think of him as a movie star first.

The second half of the set was anchored by three older hits that highlighted the ever-present influence of slinky, synthy ‘70s funk on both Cube and West Coast rap in general.

“We Be Clubbin’” led to “Bop Gun” which led to the mega-hit “It Was a Good Day,” which predictably drew the loudest reaction of the night. (It seemed to be an especially loud, squealy crowd, too.) Cube closed with “I Rep that West,” a single from his newest album that again sent hundreds of “W” signs into the air.

It was a fun show. I hope you’ll go read my whole review by clicking here.

Elsewhere in this week’s music section: Dubby dude Kevin Kinsella is at The Annex, bluegrass faves Head for the Hills return to town, and OK Sweetheart does throwback pop at Bo Restobar, plus Bloodlust’s CD-release show, Misner & Smith at portello, The B Foundation at Silver Moon, Jonathan Byrd returns to Sisters and Mia Dyson plays a ranch way out in Kimberly.