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This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

If I can find the time, I might write something between now and Tuesday about my recent discovery — not rediscovery, just discovery — of just how many decent Counting Crows songs exist, somehow. And/or about how Adam Duritz makes me feel so … ambivalent. I don’t know. We’ll see. Time is not something I have in abundance right now, and I’m not sure I can dedicate myself to an analysis of how Counting Crows makes me feel in 2012, y’know?

Anyway, Counting Crows are playing at Les Schwab Amphitheater on Tuesday. My colleague David Jasper chatted with Duritz last week about all kinds of things, including his attitude toward playing the band’s hits. Here’s an excerpt:

“I don’t think you owe it to your audience to play any particular song, but I do think you owe it to your audience to play really well, passionately, and not to phone anything in. And I think the best way to never phone anything in is to always play songs you want to play.”

So does that mean they might conceivably leave “Mr. Jones” off a setlist?

“Oh, we do,” he said.

Are people bummed when they do?

“It’s not a vote. I mean, it’s not a popularity contest. I just want to play a great show for them. I think people probably are bummed sometimes. I think it’s silly for them to be bummed. If they just wanted to hear something they could sing along with, they could have the record.

“The truth is, it’s not like we don’t play ‘Mr. Jones,'” he said.

Whew. That was close.

It’s a good interview. Read it all here.

Two other stories worth highlighting in today’s GO! Magazine:
— Boston-based Joy Kills Sorrow will bring its beautiful newgrass to Sisters tonight.
— The Deschutes County fair goes pop Saturday night with Hot Chelle Rae.

Elsewhere in this week’s music section: Dirty Dozen Brass Band, The Phenomenauts, Prima Donna, Lipbone Redding, Honey Island Swamp Island and The Calamity Cubes, plus local singer-songwriter Lindy Gravelle’s CD-release show and more.

June 26 in GO! Magazine

Friday, June 26th, 2009

Another Friday, another blog post about the music stuff that’s in GO! Magazine. And let me assure you, reader: The articles linked below are the most important music news happening right now. Nothing could possibly be bigger or more important. Nothing! Well … maybe not nothing.

-Tonight, the wonderfully rollicking, hyper-catchy Idaho trio Finn Riggins visits Silver Moon Brewing & Taproom. Opening will be Empty Wotta, a hybrid band that includes Mosley Wotta and half of Empty Space Orchestra, so get there on time.

Oh! I almost forgot: Download some Finn Riggins goodness, won’t you? Here you go:

Download Finn Riggins, “Hraka”

-Local folk duo The Erins perform tonight at The Summit, and then Erin Cole-Baker will play a solo gig Sunday at Les Schwab Amphitheater.

Lindy Gravelle, a longtime fixture on the local scene, has a new CD out called “One Lucky Lady.” She’ll have it with her when she plays at Bo Restobar tonight.

-Tonight is busy! If you’re in Sisters (or want to be), you can check out the Western swing of Portland’s Lisa and Her Kin at Angeline’s Bakery.

Two rock bands are teaming up for a Domino Room show on Tuesday night. Local quartet The Commerical Underground will open, and Idaho’s Under Wicked Sky will headline.

-Saturday will mark Deschutes Brewery’s 21st birthday, and they’re throwing a party featuring music by Tuck and Roll, Goodbye Dyna, Blackstrap and Scott Fox.

-You can catch two solid local acts within a few dozen feet of each other on Saturday night. Head to Silver Moon at 8 p.m. for bluesman Eric Tollefson, and then wander next door to the Tulen Center for the Person People show. Tollefson says he’s getting started early so everyone can see the PP set. How considerate of him! (Note: If you click that link, you’ll also see a blurb about David Bowers playing McMenamins on Wednesday. That is not happening. The Bowers Colony canceled, and the Portland-based electro-jam band Alpaca will perform instead.)

So yeah, click the links. If you’re a subscriber, you’ll be able to read them. If you’re not, you’ll either need to subscribe or pick up a print version of The Bulletin.

Rest in peace, Mike.