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January 8 in GO! Magazine

Friday, January 8th, 2010

After a holiday lull in Central Oregon’s live-music options, things are cranking up again at local venues. This week, we have a few things you should consider checking out:

The Autonomics are young, hungry, and ready to take their music to another level. Read all about them here, and then be sure to catch them this weekend (or next), because they hope to move to Portland later this year.

Finn Riggins is quickly becoming the chief ambassador for Idaho’s crop of new, young indie-rock bands. They’re in Bend next week for their third local show in six months. (Click here to download a song from the band’s new album, “Vs. Wilderness.”)

-Seattle’s The Missionary Position swaggers just like a band called The Missionary Position should.

-Call all your hardcore friends, kids: Liferuiner is coming to town, and they’re bringing a bag full of aural bricks with ’em.

-Vaudeville and ragtime are touchstones for Oregon’s own Unkle Nancy and the Family Jewels, who’ll play at Silver Moon Brewing & Taproom tonight.

-Attention all reggae-heads: California’s Mystic Roots will return to town on Thursday, and they’re bringing their hip-hop-flavored sound with them. Also on the bill: Monk, K-Boy and MC Mystic. All reggae, all night.

As always, that’s not all that’s happening out there, so click here to see all the options in The Bulletin’s online calendar. And if any of those links up there take you to a paywall, you’ll either need subscribe to the paper’s Web site or pick up a print copy of today’s edition of The Bulletin.