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This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, January 25th, 2013

— Portland band 3 Leg Torso plays a show to benefit music programs at Bend’s Summit High School.

— My Feedback column recaps the story of the Kanye West-in-Bend show that never was, digs up some estimates of what it would cost to bring Kanye to Les Schwab Amphitheater, and reminds everyone that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

— My ears always enjoy Slightly Stoopid a little more than my brain thinks they should.

Elsewhere in the music section: The Quick & Easy Boys in Sisters, Jackie Greene visits the Tower Theatre, Matt Hopper returns to Silver Moon, Jon Wayne & The Pain and Brothers Gow play back-to-back nights at McMenamins, the Tower hosts the Masters of Motown tribute show, System and Station hits The Horned Hand and more.

UPDATE: Underground Rap Event / Kanye, etc.

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Two Three Four Five of the artists on the bill for the show detailed in this post have said, via social media in the past 24 hours or to The Bulletin directly, that they are not involved.

We are working on talking to the other artists that have been advertised as on the bill and will update here as we learn more.

UPDATE 5: From the management company of rapper YG: “We had no idea about this event. We would love to come to Bend, Oregon though.”

UPDATE 4: Valerie Goodew, one of the organizers of Saturday’s show, told The Bulletin this morning that it is “postponed” and the event’s page on Facebook appears to have been deleted. Tickets are also no longer available for purchase at the website of Goodew’s online clothing company. Goodew also said her company is issuing refunds to everyone who purchased tickets. Power 94 has also removed promotional items for the event from its website.

UPDATE 3: My colleague at The Bulletin, Elise, just spoke with Soulja Boy‘s publicist and was told he will not be in Bend this weekend.

UPDATE 2: The Power 94 radio station in Bend has backed off its Monday announcement of Kanye West as the special surprise guest at the show. They have scrubbed any mention of him from their Facebook page, though his photo still appears on their website:

UPDATE 1: My colleague at The Bulletin, Elise Gross, called Kanye West‘s publicist’s office and a receptionist there said she could confirm that he will not be in Bend this weekend.


Young Sam (link):

and …

Iamsu! (link):

Kanye West is apparently judging a rap battle in Bend on Saturday

Monday, January 21st, 2013

Kanye West

Rapper, producer, Renaissance man and potential Kardashian Kanye West will be in Bend Saturday night to judge a rap battle at the Domino Room, according to the Power 94 radio station and the owners of two companies sponsoring the show.

The Underground Rap Event is scheduled to happen at 7 p.m. Saturday, with “select underground local and (non-local) unsigned artists … performing for a chance to win a single deal with Rare Individuals Ent.,” according to the poster, followed by performances by Soulja Boy, Young Sam, YG and HBK Gang.

Power 94’s page for the event promises a “VERY Special surprise guest.” On Thursday, the radio station teased further on Facebook, boasting that it would be bringing “the biggest hip hop star in the world – to BEND OREGON!”

That’s what got my attention, so I started poking around and found a comment on this Facebook thread by Valerie Goodew, owner of show sponsor ROYLT King&QueenPin Clothing, after she was asked who would be there: “Soulja Boy, YG, Young Sam, Kanye West and IamSu from HBK Gang”.

I like how Kanye is just tucked into the middle of this list, no big deal.

Two days later, Power 94 started hinting on the air at who the special guest would be. I heard hints on Friday afternoon; I don’t remember what they were, but they were obviously about Kanye West, and were followed by the Big Sean/Jay-Z/Kanye song “Clique”.

On Saturday, I wrote Goodew, Rare Individuals CEO Trip McClam and Kanye’s longtime publicist to try to confirm that West would be making the trip to Bend. McClam replied affirmatively. I haven’t heard back from the publicist. Goodew wrote back and said West, Souja Boy and the other artists will be there.

“My company and I wanted to put on something epic for our home town,” she said.

Last month, West performed at Madison Square Garden alongside the Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen and The Who as part of the 121212 Concert to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy. In the past couple of days, he has been in Paris for Fashion Week, according to, well, my Googling ability.

So next weekend he’s hanging out in Bend, Oregon? I wrote back to Goodew:

“… please understand that this is not a mistrust of you, but simply a result of the mind-boggling prospect that Kanye is coming to Bend to judge a rap battle. I’d love to hear just a bit more about how this came to pass. Because it’s really hard for me to believe that it’s as simple as: ‘Hi Kanye, here is your ungodly fee, please come judge a rap battle in Bend, Oregon after you perform at Madison Square Garden and attend Paris Fashion Week.'”

Goodew replied that West is a “close friend” of the L.A. rapper Young Sam, and that it was that friendship that made this happen. Young Sam is managed by McClam, and Rare Individuals is helping to put on the show. Somewhere within all those connections, West ended up on the judging panel, along with McClam.

“Getting Kanye to come wasn’t difficult at all, I just happen to know all the right people,” Goodew said. “But the biggest struggle (has been) to actually get people to believe us is what we are dealing with. So yes we are putting on this event just to give love to the people here because living here my whole life, I personally know that there is nothing for my genre of people to be entertained by.”

Goodew is working on the list of rappers who’ll be competing for the deal with Rare Individuals, she said.

Three ticket packages are available at general admission for $30, general admission + backstage pass for $60, and general admission + meet-and-greet + free merch and drinks for $100. Click here to purchase. Limited tickets will also be sold at Ranch Records, Goodew said.

Now, it seems to me that getting Kanye West to Bend is the bulk of the battle. If he is at the Domino Room Saturday night, who out there thinks they can talk him into jumping onstage and doing a song or three? Can you even imagine?

Near/Far 2010: The “Bonus Disc”

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

For the uninitiated: Near/Far is The Bulletin’s totally free, totally legal, two-disc compilation of some of the best songs of the year. The 2010 version — all 36 tracks of it, including Superchunk, Laura Veirs, Freeway, Das Racist, Black Mountain, Larry and His Flask, Mosley Wotta, Sara Jackson-Holman and more — can be downloaded by clicking here.

We’ve been doing Near/Far annually for the past four years, and you can still grab 2007 and 2008 here and 2009 here. That’s 138 awesome songs, for free. FOR FREE.

But that’s not enough for me. Each year, there are inevitably tracks I can’t use on the official Near/Far, either because I run out of space, or I can’t get permission to use them. So this year, I decided to take advantage of YouTube’s playlist function and put together a “bonus disc” of great songs that didn’t make it onto the 2010 version of Near/Far.

Click here to listen. (Please note that some tracks may include coarse language.)

Here are the artists in this mix: Kanye West, Big Boi, Band of Horses, Mumford & Sons, Deerhunter, Weezer, Surfer Blood, Fang Island, My Chemical Romance, Purling Hiss, Tame Impala, Peter Wolf, Junip, Janelle Monae, Sun Araw, School of Seven Bells, Jonsi and Cee Lo Green. (I had to cut “Bed Intruder Song” at the last minute, sadly.)

Also, sorry if you run into an advertisement.

Huh. Maybe Kanye West was right …

Monday, November 16th, 2009

… maybe Gaga is Madonna.

This video is fascinating. Just try to take your eyes off of it.

The beginning of Kanye West’s end …

Monday, September 14th, 2009

Someday, megalomaniac megaton hip-hopper Kanye West’s career will peter out. His star will fade and the spotlight will turn toward someone else. (He’s not going to take it well.)

That time seems much, much closer today than it did at this time yesterday.

Whenever it happens, we will be able to put our fingers on the exact moment when West’s career trajectory changed direction, from upward to downward. That moment is captured by this photo, and this teenager’s face.


In other news, Beyonce extends her “I’m awesome” streak to 28 years.

“Gaga’s Madonna”

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

I find Kanye West’s blog endlessly entertaining, whether he’s posting on things that catch his eye (music, fashion, architecture, women), or ranting so hard he might break his MacBook Air!!!!!!!! Today, he threw up a gem of a post complimenting the paparazzi on what he deems a “fresh” photo of Rihanna.

It is a pretty cool photo, though maybe not as cool as Kanye thinks. But as is his wont, Kanye can’t stop at just props for the paparazzi. Instead, he delves into the relationship between photogs and the “legends” they’re covering, complete with a comparison of modern-day pop stars to those of yesteryear:


That’s good stuff. Justin Timberlake the new Mike (Jackson, presumably)? Reasonable. Beyonce = Tina. OK. Thom Yorke is Roger Waters? Look at Kanye flashing the proggy-Brit-rocker knowledge! And does he mean Jay-Z is the new Sinatra? And Lil Wayne is a modern Jimi Hendrix? Each is a stretch in my mind, but I can see it, I guess: Jay-Z is the dapper, classy godfather of modern rap, and Wayne’s a talented, wild personality with a flair for the dramatic (not to mention a rock jones).

But wait … Lady Gaga is the new Madonna? *Urp* Swing and a miss on that one, Kanye.

More on Lady Gaga in an upcoming post on the Frequency blog, but for now, let’s turn the question to you, dear reader: If Justin is the new Mike, and so on and so on, what classic star’s image/career/trajectory does Kanye West recall? Leave your ideas in the comments…