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This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, April 26th, 2013

I’m not gonna lie to you, folks: Today’s music section in GO! Magazine is chock full of great stuff. Examples? OK!

One of my favorite rappers, Aesop Rock, returns to Bend Saturday night for a show at the Domino Room. I emailed him some questions about his very personal new album “Skelethon,” and he emailed back some answers.

GO!: I’m sure self-producing the record influenced the sound and style of “Skelethon,” but how about the lyrics and themes? It’s dark in places, and feels very “dude in a room kicking stuff out of his brain” to me, if that makes sense.

AR: Yeah, that sounds about right. The short answer is that this is my first solo album since the passing of my best friend, Camu Tao. A lot of death and related topics come and go, and there’s a lot of just figuring out how to process that kind of thing in there. A lot of thinking out loud within the lyrics. I don’t think I ever get too sad or too dark, or at least when I do it is still in a very human way, in my opinion. Just because it’s about death doesn’t mean it’s a bunch of sad and depressing music on there.

Read the whole thing by clicking here.

The local metal band Inimica performs at Players Bar & Grill in 2010. Photo by Ben.

The local metal band Inimica performs at Players Bar & Grill in 2010. Photo by Ben.

In Feedback, I wrote a fond farewell to westside-Bend dive and local-music institution Players Bar & Grill. And I started the piece off with a quote from a familiar face in Central Oregon’s punk scene.

“Players Bar & Grill has got to be my favorite bar to play at. No other bar in Central Oregon would put up with some of the rowdy shows that we put on and still pay us. It’s the only place in town that I can put on free shows for people and the bar kicks down a few hundred bucks so we can give gas money to bring in out of town bands. I see so many great bands that I want to bring in and share with Bend, and Players lets me do that. Sometimes people don’t realize it’s a bar like this that helps keep the punk scene alive.”

— Darin Lones of The Confederats in The Bulletin, Jan. 5, 2007

Click here and read the whole thing.

Elsewhere in the music section: Judy Collins brings 50 years of folk history to the Tower Theatre, Tony Furtado plays The Belfry, Johnsmith has two gigs this weekend, surf-rockers King Ghidora invade The Horned Hand, Vampirates’ 10th anniversary tour stops in Bend, live music begins at Volcanic Theatre Pub and Parrilla Grill hosts two interesting local bands: All You All and Isles.

This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, January 27th, 2012

Good morning, friendly Frequency reader! Would you like a roundup of what’s in today’s music section in The Bulletin? Good, because I’ve got one:

Wisconsin folk singer Johnsmith returns to Central Oregon next week for four shows over nine days.

–In my Feedback column this week, I extol the virtues of the opening band and check out Animal Eyes and Rural Demons at The Horned Hand last weekend.

Traveling family band The Hollands! will kick off their tour Sunday in Sisters.

–Plus: Half-of-Hillstomp Henry Kammerer comes to town with McDougall, Rosie Ledet brings zydeco to the Domino Room on Saturday, JPOD the Beat Chef heads up an electronic bill tonight at Midtown, “The Goat Rodeo Sessions Live” film screens at the Regal Old Mill 16, indie-folk chanteuse Ezza Rose plays The Wine Shop, Cadence takes on Players Bar, and much more!

This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Busy local singer-songwriter Tim Coffey and his partner in cello, Kat Hilst, will play with a whole bunch of folks Thursday to celebrate the release of Coffey’s album “Strings Unbound.” I spoke with the man about how he blossomed from a struggling lyricist and veteran of cover bands into a full-fledged singer-songwriter relatively late in life.

“I always wanted to play my own music, (but) I could never write any lyrics that I didn’t think were stupid,” he said.

Then, one day in the summer of 2009, it hit him while hiking on Broken Top. Words popped into his head. “I didn’t know if they were any good, but they didn’t sound stupid,” Coffey said. “For the first time, they didn’t sound stupid. So I wrote ’em down and that turned out to be the song ‘Already There.’ And it just started snowballing. All of a sudden I started writing songs.”

I hope you’ll read the whole thing by clicking here.

Also, it’s WinterFest weekend! Which means lots of great live music that you’d dance to if your feet weren’t solid blocks of ice. Click here to read up on tonight’s headliner, The Aggrolites, and Saturday’s headliner, Lyrics Born. The event’s entire music lineup is listed right here. (Note: Don’t miss Derby tonight, just before The Aggrolites. I saw them play in the parking lot of the east-side location of a very famous Portland doughnut shop a few years ago, and they are an excellent pop-rock band. Oh and Moon Mountain Ramblers on Saturday! Make Local Bands Habit!)

Elsewhere in the music section: Patrick Lamb plays The Oxford Hotel’s jazz series, folk singer Johnsmith returns to the HarmonyHouse in Sisters, local proto-blues band Blackflowers Blacksun is at the M&J, Mark Ransom and The Mostest will light up Silver Moon, Long Beach Rehab visits The Summit Saloon and Capture the Flag kicks off its tour with two free shows this weekend. Last but not least, portello winecafe in Northwest Crossing will host Tyler Fortier, a Eugene singer-songwriter who is from Bend originally, and who writes terrific songs. He’s got a new CD coming out — a lo-fi concept record about the old West — and Saturday is the official release show, so go show him some love.

January 29 in GO! Magazine

Friday, January 29th, 2010

It’s almost February already. Unbelievable. Before we know it, summer will be here.

Until then, however, a few musical happenings to keep you warm and indoors:

-Sort-of-local trio Ruins of Ooah (didge player Tyler Spencer lives in Bend) will handle the free show at McMenamins Old St. Francis School on Wednesday. Read all about their tribal-tronic dance rock here.

-Burly folk singer The White Buffalo pretty much blew my mind Tuesday night at Silver Moon in Bend. Here is my review of the first great show of 2010.

-Venerable Wisconsin folk singer Johnsmith is back in the area to play the first show of the Harmony House concert series on Saturday.

-Tonight at Three Creeks Brewing Co. in Sisters, AMP Media Group is putting on a showcase of its artists. Five singer-songwriters for five bucks. Not bad.

-Tonight in Bend, local odd-rockers Hawgwash and The Kronkmen are teaming up for a night of frivolity at Mountain’s Edge bar.

Portland invades Bend: The Quick & Easy Boys and Alpaca! play separate shows at Silver Moon Brewing, and DJ Wicked lights up Bendistillery Martini Bar.

Go pick up a copy of The Bulletin today and find all this and more (fine arts, restaurants, movies, gaming, etc.) in GO! Magazine. DO IT.