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Bend Roots Revival eyes new home at Pakit Liquidators

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

From left, Hobbs Magaret and Mark Ransom perform at Church of Neil last year at Pakit Liquidators.

From left, Hobbs Magaret and Mark Ransom perform at Church of Neil last year at Pakit Liquidators.

Organizers of the Bend Roots Revival, a popular three-day celebration of local music and art, are planning to stage the 2013 version of the festival at Pakit Liquidators, a construction material resale shop at the corner of Southeast Ninth Street and Southeast Armour Boulevard in Bend.

Earlier this week, Roots founder Mark Ransom and his partner, Jesse Roberts of the humanitarian nonprofit Rise Up International, said they had not yet applied for the necessary permits to hold the event at Pakit, but that Matt Korish, who owns the place, is on board with hosting Roots.

Ransom said Pakit — known for its massive and labyrinthian piles of, um … stuff — has an atmosphere that fits nicely with the spirit of the Revival. That became clear during last year’s Church of Neil concert, an annual, underground celebration of the music of Neil Young.

“We did Church of Neil there last year and everybody realized what an amazing space it was,” he said. “Matt had already been thinking about renovating the space, clearing it out and being able … to make use of the buildings.”

Roberts attended Church of Neil, too, and said the same thing.

“It had this very artful vibe, almost like a barn party kind of thing. Half of it was kind of cleared out, there were bonfires going outside,” he said. “And we were like, ‘Man, imagine this. This kinda has the spirit of Roots.'”


Bend Roots Revival officially canceled

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Nine days after first announcing that the 2012 Bend Roots Revival was canceled (but then passing around a petition and hoping to work things out with their venue, the Century Center), organizers of the weekend-long celebration of local music and culture made it official last week: No Roots fest this year.

So, if you’re reading this, chances are good you now need something to do Sept. 27-30.

Want to catch up on the debacle story? Here are some handy links:

Bend Roots’ statement on Aug. 27 canceling the festival because of what it described as land-use disputes between the Century Center and the nearby bullet manufacturer Nosler.

Nosler’s statement on Aug. 28 saying it had no knowledge of the cancellation before it happened. (Just for fun: Here’s my rant in last week’s paper about the folks who went and yelled at Nosler before they knew all the facts.)

An hour later, Rise Up Presents, one of the groups that organizes Bend Roots, posted this statement saying it had contacted Nosler, found support for the event and that its next step was to appeal to Century Center to reconsider hosting the Roots Revival.

All along, this petition asking the city of Bend to allow events (and thus Bend Roots) to continue at Century Center was flying around.

–On Aug. 29, my colleague at The Bulletin, Hillary Borrud, published a good story on the subject that includes all sides and all the info — at least, all the info that the people involved would talk about.

–Finally, the final word.

Roots Revival organizers have already said they plan to bring the event back in 2013. Meanwhile, if you’re a musician based in Central Oregon and you have a local gig booked for Sept. 28-30, please be sure to leave a comment on this blog post with the details (venue, time, cost, lineup). I’ll be sure to get it listed in The Bulletin.

Century Center, Rise Up’s Jesse Roberts plan new music venue in Bend. First booking: Talib Kweli.

Friday, October 8th, 2010

Underground hip-hop legend Talib Kweli will return to Bend on Nov. 20 for a show at the Century Center, the complex of buildings behind the old Brightwood Mill that just hosted the Bend Roots Revival.

Specifically, Kweli will play the large, L-shaped room that held the Century Center stage, right next door to Mailboxes, Etc. Posters for the show call the venue “The Music Mill,” though Jesse Roberts — founder of local humanitarian organization Rise Up International and the man who booked Kweli — said Wednesday that name may not stick permanently.

The name may still be up in the air, but Roberts is definitely working to turn the space into Bend’s newest, bustling music venue. With a capacity of 750 people, the room would provide an option in town for mid-sized touring acts and popular local bands that’s bigger than the Domino Room (cap. ~500) but smaller than the Midtown (cap. ~1,000).

Right now, the plan is for Roberts to be the venue’s talent buyer, he said, and while he has a few things on tap for fall and early winter (including the Kweli show), he’s currently focused on making contacts with artists’ agents, establishing the space’s name and reputation, and booking shows for early 2011.

Century Center owner Dave Hill set aside the room for a future events center/music venue while he was developing the rest of the new retail complex, located at the corner of Century Drive and Commerce Avenue. Roberts got involved this summer, when he helped organize the weekly Hump Day Hash events, which paired local bands with local nonprofit groups.

“I love music and I’ve always loved music,” Roberts said. “I started doing things over there this summer and got to know Dave, and it just kind of went from there.”

Hill is a strong supporter of the local arts scene who envisions the space being used not only for concerts, but also meetings, conferences and beyond. And over the past few years, Rise Up has played an increasingly large role in the local music scene, holding benefit concerts in its warehouse on Bend’s east side, promoting local artists like Mosley Wotta, and sponsoring a massive upcoming tour for local pop-punk band Capture the Flag.

But, the Century Center venue would be Roberts’ first real booking gig, and he’s currently trying to learn exactly what kinds of shows Bend will support. He hopes to attract a variety of genres, from hip-hop to country to indie rock, and he would like to use the shows to promote the local arts scene whenever possible. For example, one of the opening acts for Talib Kweli will be a showcase of local emerging MCs by Poethouse Art‘s education arm, CADA | CASA. There’s even been discussion about someday booking shows at the venue via a nonprofit group, similar to the arrangement at Eugene’s W.O.W. Hall, Roberts said.

First things first, though. For now, Roberts is concentrating on the basics — namely, a website and getting people to return calls to a place they’ve never heard of.

“It’ll be a learning experience, that’s for sure,” Roberts said. “But it’s good to have the support of Dave (Hill) and I’m looking forward to seeing what the community will support. I’m definitely excited.”