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Interview: Henry Abel of the PDXchange Program

Monday, May 24th, 2010

When is attending a concert more than just attending a concert? When attending said concert may lead to other concerts by bigger and better bands down the road. That’s the situation Bend finds itself in tomorrow night with Horse Feathers at the Tower Theatre.

Don’t get me wrong, seeing Horse Feathers is reason enough to buy tickets to this show. They’re a great band, and you should want to see them perform. But they’re also the first installment of the new PDXchange Program, a concert series that organizer Henry Abel hopes will bring Portland-based indie-rock bands to the Tower for a long time.

Whether he’ll get his wish remains to be seen. A lot will depend on the success of his first two shows: Horse Feathers on Tuesday night, and The Helio Sequence, who’ll play the Tower on June 3.

Really, though, the Horse Feathers show — and more specifically, how many people show up to the Horse Feathers show — matters. Abel told me recently that other Portland bands are watching this particular date to see how Bend responds to having a Portland band with relatively limited name recognition playing at the Tower. I cannot tell you who these bands are, but believe me: You are much more likely to have heard of them than Horse Feathers. People in New York and Florida and California and everywhere in between are much more likely to have heard of them than Horse Feathers.

Now, there’s no guarantee that these mysterious bands will sign on to play PDXchange if Tuesday’s show is a success, with most of the Tower’s seats filled. But doing so will look a heck of a lot more attractive if that’s the case.

So there you go. I can only do so much. Abel can only do so much. Whether those seats are filled is up to you.

Enough of my rant. Time for you to study up. Hear Horse Feathers here. Read my feature on the band here. And below, read an interview with Abel about the roots of PDXchange and his hopes for its future.