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MusicfestNW: Day 2

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

(Each of the last three years, I’ve traveled over to Portland for MusicfestNW, a multi-day, multi-venue music festival that features some of the best bands from around the world. With a roster nearly 200 acts deep, MFNW 2009’s schedule included rock, punk, metal, hip-hop, jazz, Americana, electronica, and who knows what else. One thing’s for sure: You can’t get to every show. But I saw my share of them, and here’s my report on the second night, Friday. My Thursday report is here, and my Saturday report will come in the next couple days.)

Already tuckered out from a late night with Frightened Rabbit, I took it a little easy on Saturday Friday, the second day of my MusicfestNW experience. I slept in late, then walked down to the Cheerful Tortoise to watch my alma mater hold on for a win over their in-state rival. (Oops. I got my days confused. The bar and the football game happened on Saturday, but day two was Friday, and all the music covered from here down happened Friday. Except maybe the Voodoo Doughnuts thing. That might have been Saturday. I can’t remember for sure. What can I say? It was all a blur.)

In the afternoon, though, I was ready for some music.


Tonight: PWRFL Power, Grey Anne at Townshend’s

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

I wasn’t aware of this show until late Thursday, when I happened upon a flyer at Ranch Records, so it’s nowhere to be found in GO! Magazine. But a quick trip to the artists’ MySpace sites confirms that Northwest quirky folkies (quolkies?) PWRFL Power and Grey Anne will perform tonight at Townshend’s Teahouse at 835 N.W. Bond St., in Bend.

That’s tonight. At 7 p.m. And it’s free. Cap Lori will also perform.



PWRFL Power is the pseudonym of Kazutaka Nomura, a guitarist and singer who was born in Japan and moved to Seattle as a teenager to study music. After a few years making experimental music with a band, he’s now focused on his solo work: intricate, Kottke/Fahey-style fingerpicking, and lyrics and vocals that are either cloyingly simple and naive, or cleverly simple and naive, depending on how they strike your fancy.

Even if you don’t think you’ve heard PWRFL Power, you might’ve; he’s the composer of what must be one of the oddest songs ever to soundtrack a commercial for an online auto insurance company. Watch it here, and go listen to a couple other PWRFL songs at his MySpace.

Grey Anne

Grey Anne

Grey Anne, like her tourmate, plays gentle folk-pop, though of a slightly more conventional nature. Slightly. The Portlander’s songs feature her sweet, soothing voice, very pretty melodies and a vaguely bleak, lo-fi aesthetic. There are a whole bunch of songs at her MySpace, and if she continues to blog about the tour for Willamette Week, you may be able to read about her Bend experience here.

Cap Lori’s MySpace is here. According to Grey Anne’s blog, she’s engaged to be married to PWRFL Power.

It all sounds like a pretty sweet, mellow evening at the teahouse, doesn’t it? Again, things will get started around 7 p.m. and it’s free.