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This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

(Note: Oops, I meant to post this yesterday. Apologies to the Friday events that have now already happened.)

First of all, if you love music, Central Oregon, music in Central Oregon, or you just love having things to do in Central Oregon even if they’re not related to music, you should check out this week’s GO! Magazine, where we celebrate today’s date — 11/11/11 — by recognizing 11 people, places and things that have shaped the regional arts and culture scene over the past 11 years.

It’s a fun package of stories and photos. (There’s a photo of Ben Harper at the Les Schwab Amphitheater that is a must see.)

Anyway, you can find it right here. Now onto the music:

Wednesday brings a strong progressive bluegrass bill to Bend when Greensky Bluegrass and Hot Buttered Rum play GoodLife Brewing Company.

The Maiden Bend Bluegrass Fest showcases the talents of six female musicians with local ties.

–The Horned Hand hosts a couple of local faves: The White Buffalo on Monday and Great American Taxi on Thursday.

Provo, Utah’s The Brocks are coming to Bend, and for 60 percent of ’em, that means a trip home.

Elsewhere in this week’s music section: The return of Warm Gadget, Mars Retrieval Unit lands at Silver Moon, The Church of Neil is in session, Shawn McDonald plays at Journey church, Brothers Young headline an alt-folk bill, and a slew of heavy bands are playing around town this week.

This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

Each week, before I plan out the music section in GO! Magazine, I sit down at the computer, scour every potential source of concerts I can think of, and make a big list of what’s happening in a given week. Some weeks, there’s an obvious headliner worth writing about. Other weeks, it’s a bit more puzzling figuring out who to feature.

And some weeks, a pattern emerges. That’s what happened for today’s music section, where we have short features on a whole bunch of bands (and/or shows) that fall under the giant, ill-defined umbrella of “roots rock.”

We have bluesy bands (Los Lonely Boys, Hillstomp) and more straightforward rockers (Leon Russell, Dusty Rhodes and The River Band) and we have bands that love to jam (Great American Taxi, Moonalice). You can read about all of those by clicking here.

We also have some real twangy acts (Joe Diffie, Neal McCoy, The Pines and the West Wind Ranch Americana Music Festival), and we even branch into the funk and reggae worlds with Orgone and Mystic Roots. Read about those right here.

Elsewhere in the music section, there’s a concert by former “American Idol” Phil Stacey, a big local showcase featuring Eric Tollefson, Reed Thomas Lawrence and Erin Cole-Baker, and the grand re-opening of the MadHappy Lounge. And, as always, there are lots more options in The Bulletin’s complete music listings.

(Roots photo by Aaron Escobar.)

This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Brandi Carlile sold out two shows at the Tower Theatre next week, but we put her on the cover of GO! Magazine anyway. Because she’s great. And she loves Bend. And Bend loves her. Here’s Carlile’s recollection of her gig opening for Sheryl Crow here in 2008:

“I remember she was late to the gig and I had to play for a long time. I mean, I must’ve played for 45 minutes into her set before she got there,” Carlile said, “and the audience never once left us. They never once acted bored or irritated, and they were incredibly receptive to Sheryl when she got there. They let me play at least half an hour (or) 45 minutes into a Sheryl Crow show without Sheryl Crow, and I won’t ever forget that about Bend. I won’t ever forget how kind they were.”

She goes on to talk about last summer’s show at the Tower Theatre, the concept behind her new album “Give Up the Ghost,” working with Elton John, and more. I really enjoyed doing this interview and writing this story, and I hope you’ll read the whole thing here.

Tuck And Roll is one of Bend’s best bands, and they have a brand new album of poppy punk rock to show the world. You can pick it up at tonight’s CD-release show at Players. Meanwhile, here’s a bit from my conversation with frontman Sam Fisher:

“I would call myself a late-bloomer with music. I have four older siblings, and my older brother Mason really had the ultimate ’80s collection of music on tape, so I just kind of latched on to that,” Fisher said in a telephone interview last week. “I didn’t branch out, really, until I met Ryan and when I heard Weezer’s blue album. I think that was … when I realized, ‘Hey, wait a minute. There’s other stuff out there than cheesy butt-rock. This stuff sounds really good.’”

It was his first leap into the deep rabbit hole of music obsession.

“After that is when I first started buying my Pennywise CDs and NOFX CDs. It seems like once you get a good punk album that you like … it’s so easy to discover other music and other bands on that label,” Fisher said. “That was it for me.”

You should read the whole thing here.

Also in the music section of GO! Magazine this week: a round-up of St. Patrick’s Day shows, funk/jazz legend Maceo Parker in Bend and funk/jazz up-and-comer Trombone Shorty in Sisters, plus Pato Banton, Poor Man’s Whiskey, Great American Taxi, One Horse Shy, the second annual Jim Jam for Jim Witty, and the More Bars in More Places underground hip-hop tour, featuring Knobody. And there’s always lots more in our complete music listings.

May 8 in GO! Magazine

Friday, May 8th, 2009

As always, it’s a busy week on the Central Oregon music scene. Here’s what we’ve got in today’s GO! Magazine:

-A story on the shifting sound of the eclectic San Francisco band Diego’s Umbrella, who have added a member and a heavier aesthetic. Curious about their “Mexicali gypsy pirate polka” blend? You’re in luck! Here’s a song to download (you may need to right click or control click and choose “Save Link As”):

Diego’s Umbrella, “The Fiberoptic Elflord”

-A review of Great American Taxi’s fine Wednesday-night show at Silver Moon.

-A short story on Seattle’s Flowmotion, who’ll play The Summit on Thursday night.

-Blurbs on upcoming gigs by Chuck Pyle, Excellent Gentlemen, Gavin Wahl-Stephens and Chris Kokesh and Lincoln Crockett, plus tonight’s Alley Oop block party, Saturday’s Division Street Skatepark fundraiser with Hawgwash and Ruins of Ooah, a two-night stand by local band Hangar 52, and Silver Moon’s Epic Trail Ale release party (with music by Quincy Street and The Sweet Harlots).

Details on when and where you can buy tickets to see Ween and Lyle Lovett at Les Schwab Amphitheater this summer.

My recap of this week’s episode of “American Idol.”

As usual, not all of these will be available to non-subscribers, so if you want to read them, you’ll either need to subscribe or pick up a print version of the paper.