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This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Everywhere you look these days, it’s Bobby Lindstrom, Bobby Lindstrom, Bobby Lindstrom.

The Bend-based blues/rock singer-songwriter seems to get more gigs ’round here than just about anyone else.

So we decided to write about him!

This week, Bobby’s playing four shows in five nights. My colleague David Jasper met up with him earlier this week and found about his background and the clarity that comes with being clean and sober.

When he was 17, (Lindstrom) and a friend attended a recording seminar at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and decided to hitchhike from there to Oxnard, Calif. “His cousin lived there, and he wasn’t home. We sat out on his porch, and I started playing the blues, just like that,” Lindstrom said. “I’m like, ‘Dude! Check this out! This is so easy, man.’ After that I started listening to B.B. King, Jimmy Reed, Taj Mahal, Little Richard.”

He’s been writing and playing the blues ever since. The hale, 58-year-old father of a 31-year-old son, Lindstrom describes himself as a recovering addict. He’s had a rebellious tendency and an addictive personality from childhood — “long before I found drugs,” he said — and has been clean and sober since 1995.

Following rehab, Lindstrom launched into a flurry of writing and recording, and has released a string of six albums since 1999. His most recent two are 2010’s “Hungry, Cold & Blue” and “Bring It On,” released last year. A disc of blues standards is slated for release this year. (Lindstrom’s albums are available at

“It’s been curious watching myself, as I learn to write and play and start to get some success. Success is the strangest thing for a recovering addict. All of a sudden, everything is working,” he said. “The last couple of years, everything that I’ve been through is starting to make sense. It’s starting to come into focus.”

I hope you’ll click here and read the whole thing.

Boots Riley and The Coup

For my Feedback column this week, I spent Saturday night taking in some hip-hop: The Coup, Busdriver and Buck 65 at Bend WinterFest. Here’s an excerpt:

To paraphrase that great, graceful star of stage and screen known as Meat Loaf, I would do anything for a quality hip-hop show in Bend … even that.

And by “that” I mean “traipse around Bend’s west side on a bone-chilling February night to see three interesting and imaginative rappers perform in a town that has experienced a dearth of good hip-hop in recent months.”

Even that, I would do.

Let’s get this out of the way: Saturday night was cold. So, so cold. Cold enough that my brilliant plan to park at the Century Center, walk a mile or so to Bend WinterFest to see Oakland-based funk-hop group The Coup on an outdoor stage in the Old Mill District, and then walk back to the Century Center for an indoor afterparty show by oddball rappers Busdriver and Buck 65 didn’t seem so brilliant at about 9:45 p.m., as I trudged along Simpson Avenue, teeth chattering.

What can I say? I don’t look at weather forecasts.

I promise the whole thing isn’t about me. In fact, the rest is about the shows. Read the whole thing by clicking here.

Also in this week’s music section: G. Love & Special Sauce return to the Domino Room, Greensky Bluegrass is back in town tonight, and a ton of locals: Five Pint Mary, Rural Demons, Blackflowers Blacksun, Johnny Forrest, Boxcar Stringband, Flannel Bandana. Plus we’ve got a photo album of Third Seven’s tour of Europe right here. He’ll play a homecoming show Monday.

This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, April 15th, 2011

One of Bend’s favorite dudes, G. Love aka Garrett Dutton, is bringing the Special Sauce back to town on Thursday. This time, he’s supporting a more rustic, acoustic album called “Fixin’ to Die” that he made with Seth and Scott Avett of The Avett Brothers. I chatted with the man about his new musical direction.

“We thought of those last three records as a triumvirate,” he said. “With the economy and the state of the record business and everything like that — it being harder and harder to sell records — it was just like, you know what, we gotta do something really different. So we decided we were gonna go back to my roots as a coffee-shop singer and a Delta bluesman and really … go all the way with that.”

Enter the Avetts, a couple of North Carolina boys whose new-school old-time string band is at the forefront of the current roots-music revival. Once the G. Love camp decided on the direction of the new record, they set their sights on the ideal producers.

“They do things in such an honest way,” Dutton said. “We felt like (we should) go back to making records how I used to make ’em: real stripped down, live performances, no frills. Just good, old-fashioned, honest music.”

Sounds like Dutton was super-inspired by working with the Avetts. Click here to read the whole story.

In Feedback this week, I tell you how you can support your local music scene by supporting Bend’s local, independent radio station, KPOV and it’s local, independent record store, Ranch Records. And then I tell you why you should.

You see, places like KPOV and Ranch are vital to the uniqueness of a town like Bend. With them in place, interesting, different and/or obscure music can infiltrate our town and our ears, thanks to DJs and record store clerks who are as passionate about good music as you are.

Each is as important a piece of the local music scene as a punk club, a jam session or an exciting new rock band. And without them, our funky little town would be a lot less funky, and a lot more boring.

Funky is good. Boring is bad. The existence of KPOV and Ranch are good things, and their existence depends on your support.

I hope you’ll go read the whole thing by clicking here.

Elsewhere in this week’s music section: the wonderful Gregory Alan Isakov plays the PoetHouse, The Swingle Singers visit the Tower Theatre, Andre Nickatina returns to the Domino Room, Sapient’s back at MadHappy Lounge, Paleface comes to McMenamins and Silver Moon hosts Tone Red tonight and Boxcar Stringband Saturday. Solid!

Review / photos: G. Love at the Domino Room

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

This post should’ve been up here days ago, but a busy Friday, then a trip to Portland, then a holiday … well, here we are.

You may have heard by now that the G. Love & Special Sauce show last Thursday at the Domino Room was ridiculously crowded. And if you haven’t heard by now: The G. Love & Special Sauce show last Thursday at the Domino Room was ridiculously crowded.

It’s worth saying twice.

About 30 minutes after I got in, I got a text from a friend: “Sold out. Can’t get in. Have fun!” At that moment, I turned and looked and saw the Domino Room’s floored packed to the back, shoulder-to-shoulder with people, and a tail of comers and goers running down the little hallway to the door.

G. Love orders his fans to put their hands in the air, and the fans comply. The green wristbands look cool. Photo by Ben.

G. Love orders his fans to put their hands in the air, and the fans comply. The green wristbands look cool. Photo by Ben.

Upstairs in the bar, where you can often stand with plenty of elbow room, it was four or five people deep against the front rail.

I think it was the biggest crowd I’ve seen at the Domino Room in 3-1/2 years. If not, it was definitely the biggest in the past couple.

So promoter Bret Grier of Random Presents made a good call moving the gig from the Midtown Ballroom (cap. ~900) to the Domino Room (cap. ~450). Even if he could’ve made a few more bucks in the big room, it likely would’ve felt empty, and there’s value in having a room that’s stuffed to the gills. Indeed, the place was buzzing. People were stoked.

The ones that could breathe, at least.

I had to get off the floor. It was getting too hot and sardine-y down there for me. I made my way out, despite the tough bros who puffed up their chests and wouldn’t let me by, and eventually found a good spot up high where I could watch G. Love do his thing.


G. Love show moved to Domino Room

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

It doesn’t make much of a difference to anyone attending since the venues are in the same building, but tonight’s G. Love & Special Sauce show has been moved from the Midtown Ballroom to the smaller Domino Room.

It’s not a terribly shocking development, but all the pre-show promotion listed the venue as the Midtown Ballroom, so I thought I’d let you know.

I’m really posting this for a few other reasons, though:

1) You want to make sure you get there in time for opener Eric Tollefson, a local guy who does a very accessible, bluesy pop sort of thing. You can check out one of his best songs over there to the right at Frequency Radio. He’ll take the stage at 9 p.m.

2) You should also wander upstairs and check out the new and improved look of The Annex, which is the bar above the Midtown and Domino Room. The team that has recently taken back management of the venues has been working hard to spruce up the whole complex, and they’ve made tons of progress in The Annex, which has new flooring, more seating space, nicer bathrooms and a much more open floor plan. Check it out:

A not-so-great photo of The Annex by Ben. You can see the new tile and the spacious new floor plan, but not the stage, which is off to the left.

A not-so-great photo of The Annex by Ben. You can see the new tile and the spacious new floor plan (thanks to the relocation of the bar), but not the refurbished stage, which is off to the left.

3) A move from the Midtown to the Domino Room means one thing: Not enough tickets have sold to justify staying in the bigger room. Seems like a good time to repeat something I wrote last winter:

Bend has a mighty active music scene for a town its size. Thanks to the hard work and persistence of a few locals, plus Bend’s rising reputation as a cool place to live/visit, we get a fairly steady stream of medium- to big-name acts touring through our remote little burg on a regular basis.

That’s something that doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes years of building to achieve. But I fear it can go away pretty quickly.

So we — that’s you and me, fellow music lover — need to work to protect the scene that we have here.

The experience of watching music being made, and sharing that music with other people, is one of life’s great pleasures. But to share it with others, you must go see it. And to go see it, it must come here. And for it to come here, people must go see it and share it. (See what I did there? It’s cyclical.)

As I said in this space a few weeks ago, if we don’t use it, we run the risk of losing it. So use it.

Here’s how you use it: Head down to the Domino Room after 8 p.m. tonight and check out Eric Tollefson and G. Love. It’ll cost you $23 — a small price to pay for a vibrant music scene.

August 28 in GO! Magazine

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Today marks the beginning of a very busy stretch for music fans in Central Oregon. Over the next several weeks, we’ll have four concerts at Bend’s Les Schwab Amphitheater, a few other big names at other venues around Bend, the Sisters Folk Festival and the Bend Roots Revival, plus all the smaller club shows that happen in town every week. The Frequency team has its running shoes on!

Here’s what’s up in today’s GO! Magazine:

Ween! Ween! Ween! I talked to Dean Ween about shark fishing, hurricanes and beards. Oh, and music.

-Oregon! Oregon! Portland’s little orchestra, Pink Martini, is coming back to town to give Bendites a fun, if not entirely accurate, history lesson.

-Hot Sauce! Philly blues-hop dude G. Love brings his repaired vocal cords and his Special Sauce to Bend. (Also: A fancy new way to get your tickets via cell phone.)

-It’s A Miracle! Portland hip-hop icon Cool Nutz rolls into town ready to celebrate life.

-Don’t Forget! Ghostwriter plays folk-punk at Silver Moon, The Commercial Underground hits The Summit Saloon, and the Terrebonne Depot throws an end-of-summer party.

End of summer!? C’mon now … it’s August!

I do believe everyone can view the Ween story, but the rest of those may be available to subscribers only. Pick up a print version of The Bulletin to see them all.

G. Love coming to Bend

Tuesday, July 14th, 2009

G. Love

Random Presents will continue its productive summer on Sept. 3 with a Midtown Ballroom concert by G. Love & Special Sauce.

G. Love specializes in blues, funk and quasi-hip-hop music that plays very well from a festival stage. Imagine Jack Johnson if he were a brash Philly kid rather than a laid-back Hawaiian surfer bro and you have some idea of what G. Love has been doing over the past 15+ years. He’ll spend most of his summer supporting Jason Mraz and will stop in Bend before bouncing up to The Gorge to open for the Dave Matthews Band for three nights.

When I think of G. Love, I think of the string of minor hits he had back in the mid-1990s — “Baby’s Got Sauce,” “Cold Beverage,” some song about basketball — and I’d like to show them to you, but Sony BMG doesn’t want you to see them. “Embedding disabled by request.” Harrumph.