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sweet DJ Barisone blend: Mosley Wotta x Nirvana

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Just popping up on the Facebooks: A new mashup from former Bendite / current Portlander DJ Barisone, which sets local MC Mosley Wotta’s “Herd in the Head” vocals to the sounds of Nirvana covering “Lake of Fire” by the Meat Puppets.

Got all that? Good. Now listen to how nicely it all comes together:

MOsley WOtta VS. Nirvana /Herd in the Head (DJ Barisone Lake of Fire Mash) by MOsleyWOtta

MusicfestNW gets some Bend flavor with Mosley Wotta, Sara Jackson-Holman, DJ Barisone

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

You know I love Portland’s MusicfestNW. And now we know MusicfestNW loves Bend.

On his Twitter Wednesday night, local hip-hopper Mosley Wotta (aka Jason Graham) announced that he has been added to the multi-day, multi-venue, multi-genre extravaganza’s schedule.

When I visited Graham’s house a few weeks back (for this blog post), he told me he had just put together an artsy application to play MusicfestNW. Obviously it paid off. In an e-mail this morning, Graham said he’s slated to play at 8 p.m. on Sept. 11 at Jimmy Mak’s, where the bill also includes THEESatisfaction, Champagne Champagne and Shabazz Palaces. (That is an outstanding bill. My love for Shabazz Palaces is well-documented.)

The whole MusicfestNW schedule is right here, and if you go there, you’ll see a couple other Bend-connected names are on the bill:

Supernova singer/songwriter/pianist Sara Jackson-Holman will be at Ash St. Saloon at 8 p.m. on Sept. 10, opening a night of music featuring Casey Neill & the Norway Rats, Austin Lucas, The Slants and Hillstomp.

Former Bendite, cornerstone of our local DJ/hip-hop scene, and current Portlander DJ Barisone (aka Bryan Barisone) is set to play Rotture at 9 p.m. on Sept. 10. After he’s done, the party will continue with Ryan Organ, Tyler Tastemaker and Lazer Sword.

Congrats to all three of these fine folks for snagging a spot at one of the coolest music festivals around. And for representing Bend’s music scene in the big city!

Local music news: DJ Barisone mix / The Dirty Words video / The Supervillains coming to town / introducing Jukebot / Chris Chabot streams new album

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Little nuggets of news from Central Oregon’s music scene, coming your way … now.


DJ Barisone lived in Bend for a decade and moved to Portland a few months back. No matter where he lives, though, you want to hear his latest mix, right? Yup, you do. Especially if some sunny, funky, dubby party music sounds good to you on these cold, gray, winter days. It’s called “Lion in the Dancehall,” and you can get it by clicking here. If you’re gun-shy, check the tracklist here.

I’m late on this, but there’s still plenty of time — a month — to submit a “YouTube-style webcam video” to local indie-rock band The Dirty Words for their song “Damn Jacket.” They’re going to take all the videos they get and smash them together to create their very first music video. Fun, right? Right. There are some rules and other guidelines, including how to submit your masterpiece, here.

Local, faith-focused folk singer Chris Chabot has released a new album called “Outer Space,” and he’s made it available for streaming here. They’re pretty songs, so give ’em a listen.

Fresh off their successful luring of the Mad Caddies to Mountain’s Edge back in November, Redmond’s Necktie Killer will open two local shows for another nationally touring reggae/ska outfit, The Supervillains, in late January. The Florida four-piece have played in Bend three times in the past three years, including an opening slot for the Caddies at the Domino Room in early 2007. But on Jan. 23, they’ll squeeze into Bend’s Mountain’s Edge bar, and on Jan. 24, they’ll play at Timbers in Redmond. There’s more info — times, cost, ticket outlets — at Necktie Killer’s spiffy Web site.

(Reminder: Necktie Killer and Larry and His Flask are gonna rock New Year’s Eve tonight at Mountain’s Edge. 9 p.m. $5. Cheap, good times.)


Check out the McMenamins Old St. Francis School calendar. Look there, on Jan. 20: Jukebot.

Who’s Jukebot, you ask?

Jukebot, apparently, is what you get when you take the ashes of the recently defunct/defunked local band El Dante — or at least the ashes named Gabe Johnson (guitar) and Tyler Mason (bass) — and you mix them with Jared Forqueran (drums) and Aaron Andre Miller (keys) of Person People and Anastacia’s band, and then you add the dynamic vocals of Stephanie Slade, also of The Sofa Kings. (Forqueran, Miller and Mason also played together in the David Bowers Colony before it blew apart.)

That’s a lot of cross-band-pollination there.

So yeah, Jukebot is a new band on the scene that has no music on its MySpace yet, but promises to play “21st century funk ‘n’ roll” influenced by Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Pearl Jam, The Meters and so on. The band came together to play the recent, annual, semi-secret “Church of Neil” show (to celebrate Mr. Young’s birthday) and clicked. Since, according to the MySpace, Jukebot has been “focusing largely on cover material and has recently begun to branch out into original material that reflects the members wide variety of influences, spanning from Rock n Roll to Funk, from Modern Rock to Hip Hop and Soul.”

That Jan. 20 show at McMenamins will be their first ever. Assuming they stick together for a while, you can bet we’ll be telling you more about Jukebot in GO! Magazine and Frequency at some point in the future.

November 30 in GO! Magazine

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Hey, sleepyhead! Wake up! I know, I know … you ate a lot of turkey and drank some beer and laid on the couch and fell asleep. But that was yesterday afternoon. You’ve been asleep for, like, 18 hours! So get up and get out and enjoy some music that’ll shake you right out of your tryptophan-induced coma.

-Wouldn’t it be sweet if we could get Frank Zappa to play here in Bend? That would be sweet. But impossible, because he died in 1993. So, next best thing: Zappa Plays Zappa is a tribute band to Frank, led by his son Dweezil, that insists on playing faithful, note-for-note covers of Frank’s brilliant music.

-Dudes! Do you want to know where the chicks are gonna be tonight? You do, right!? Right! So scrounge up $6 (or $4 and a can of food) and head to Silver Moon for Chicks With Picks. You’ll get to see four great local bands fronted by awesome women, and your money will help support Saving Grace, a local women’s shelter. Do it!

-After a bit of a break from Bend, Hillstomp is back in town for a show at the Domino Room tonight. They’re going to tear the roof off the place … that is, unless support act Larry and His Flask tears it off first.

David Jacobs-Strain plays an entrancing brand of rootsy blues music. He’ll warm up the Silver Moon Saturday night, for sure.

-The local rockers in Ruckus are doing good this weekend, playing two nights at Crossings Lounge (in The Riverhouse) and collecting toys for the Toys For Tots program.

-Elsewhere in town, we have DJ Barisone and Empty Space Orchestra playing separate nights at Bendistillery Martini Bar, Casey Parnell (of Elliot) performing at portello winecafe, and Sagebrush Rock, um, rocking at Silver Moon.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, folks. If you’re looking for something non-musical to do, be sure to check out GO! Magazine, where we’ve put together a list of five family-friendly activities to occupy your time this weekend.

September 25 in GO! Magazine (Updated with KPOV info)

Friday, September 25th, 2009

(Update: In the comments, Jill points out that I failed to mention KPOV’s involvement in the Bend Roots Revival. That was an oversight on my part, so I’ve updated this post, below.)

I’m telling you what, folks, this is shaping up to be one of those weekends. You know the kind: Warm weather. Central Oregon sunshine. Comfortable evenings. Cold beverages. Lots to do. Lots of music to hear. I was downtown last night (Thursday) and you could already feel it in the air. People were out and about, for sure.

Bend is ready for one last summer blast, and here’s your soundtrack:

THE BEND ROOTS REVIVAL IS HERE. Check out the schedule. Learn a little bit about some of the artists (look on the right side of the page). And read this if you’re on the fence about attending this wonderful event.

Overlooked in the article is the fact that Bend Roots is a project of Bend’s community radio station, KPOV. The station will be broadcasting live from the event throughout the weekend, so if you can’t make it down to the festival, tune in at 106.7 FM or to the online stream at

-Here is part three of my MusicfestNW coverage. This is the part that is running in print. Here are parts one and two. Part four is coming soon.

-Bummer news: Top-flight local DJ Bryan Barisone is moving to Portland after 16 years in our fair burg. His contributions to the local music/party scene will be missed. Tonight, one of his regular spots — Bendistillery Martini Bar — is throwing him a Bon Voyage party. (You can prep for that party by downloading a soulful, 62-minute mix by the man himself. Check back here a little later this morning and I’ll have a link up for it.)

-Bend gets plenty of hip-hop shows, but not all are actually good. This one is: Portland indie-rap dude Josh Martinez is returning, this time to the Domino Room. Mosley Wotta and Mindscape of Person People will open.

-The rock ‘n’ roll vaudeville act Yard Dogs Road Show is back in town. One Wednesday, they’ll turn the Domino Room into a murky carnival of oddities.

The Clumsy Lovers‘ Celtic-influenced pop-grass sounds pretty much like a perfect fit for Silver Moon Brewing. Good thing that’s where they’re playing Thursday night!

-The hard-touring reagge band Pepper will roll into the Domino Room on Thursday.

As usual, some of those links may not work if you’re not a subscriber to The Bulletin. If you’d like to see them all, you’ll need to subscribe to the site or pick up a print version of GO! Magazine, which has what I think is its coolest cover in my 3-1/2 years on this job. The design for the Bend Roots story is also worth seeing.