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Video: Danny Malone at Silver Moon Brewing

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Last Friday, after watching The Gourds warm up Bend WinterFest, I hightailed it over to Silver Moon Brewing & Taproom in Bend to catch Austin, Texas singer-songwriter Danny Malone, whose work I’ve grown to really enjoy ever since his new album, “Cuddlebug,” showed up on my desk a couple weeks back.

I arrived at the Moon around 10 p.m. and stepped into one of the most bizarre scenes I’ve seen at a live-music gig. The stage was empty, and so was the bar; Malone was playing, unamplified, while sitting on a barstool over by the bathrooms. There were, if I remember correctly, 15 people there besides the performer, but that includes the soundman, the door(wo)man, two bartenders, Malone’s traveling buddy and me. So there were nine people in the Moon who weren’t working, and only four of those nine were paying any attention whatsoever to the music.

In fact, three of those nine chatted — very loudly — at the bar, until Malone stopped halfway through a song and began shouting at them: “Excuse me! Excuse me! Excuse me! I’m trying to play here, can you keep it down? Excuse me?” The three finally noticed and piped down, but their volume slowly rose again.

(The gabby patrons vs. the quiet performer is never a good look. You can argue that the patrons should shut up or leave, and you can argue that they have a right to chat and the musician should be a pro and ignore it. Both are fair arguments. Ultimately, I’m going to side with the musician. I don’t know why these people paid $5 each to sit in a bar and talk and laugh louder than the guy in the corner could play and sing. It was really annoying. Alas, that’s how it goes sometimes.)

Despite the noise, Malone played a cover of Tom Petty’s “Breakdown” and a song I didn’t recognize, but his manager says is an unreleased tune called “Ghost.” It’s really pretty. Check it out:

After “Ghost,” a few people left the Moon, leaving about a dozen onlookers as Malone stood and announced that he had only two songs left, and he was “gonna play to this whole f–kin’ bar.” At that, he climbed up onto the bar and did a fine rendition of “Needle In My Eye,” complete with slick little dance steps that carried him fluidly back and forth across the bar top. Here, see it for yourself:

After “Needle,” one of the gabbers tried to tell him not to feel bad about the small crowd, because WinterFest was happening across town. I can’t remember Malone’s response exactly, but to paraphrase, he said, “Do I look like I care? I’m singing and dancing on top of a bar!” He then finished with his “hit,” a simple, beautiful song called “Baby Bleu,” and then climbed down from the bar to the sound of about 12 hands clapping. He was ready, I’m sure, to head to the other side of the mountains in search of more fruitful fields to plow.

(Warning: Dirty word at about :07)

Art vs. Commerce this weekend in Bend (or why you should go see songwriters instead of cover bands)

Friday, February 12th, 2010

There are a lot of options out there this weekend for music-loving Central Oregonians, and that’s great. But I want to take a quick look at four shows — two tonight, two Saturday night — that provide an interesting contrast in styles and an interesting study in the kind of live-music experience people want to consume.

Both nights begin at Bend WinterFest, and then head to a local bar for a nightcap. Let’s take them in the oft-neglected non-chronological order.


This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, February 12th, 2010

Lots of local rock ‘n’ roll this week!

The Sofa Kings. Photo courtesy Christa Landis and Jason Costa.

The Sofa Kings. Photo courtesy Christa Landis and Jason Costa.

The Sofa Kings will play both Friday and Saturday night at Black Horse Saloon in Bend. Here’s an excerpt from my story on the band:

In a world where too many rock bands try to spice up their sound with disparate ingredients, The Sofa Kings are content to rock. As (drummer Karl) Lindgren puts it: “Our schtick is we have no schtick.”

He elaborates, touching on the Kings’ natural musical chemistry: “It’s a little bit like a jazz band in that regard,” said the man who spent years in California playing any style of drums you can name. “In a jazz band, the musicians are playing for themselves and the audience, if the band is good, is privileged to witness this musical conversation between, hopefully, talented musicians. And we’re a little bit like that.”

Read the whole thing here.

Inimica. Photo by Ben.

Inimica. Photo by Ben.

Local melodic metal band Inimica performed last weekend at Players Bar & Grill. Here’s an excerpt from my review of the show:

Now let’s get something out of the way: I enjoy listening to many different kinds of music, and I try to cover everything fairly here in GO! Magazine. But we all have strengths and weaknesses, and metal — particularly extreme metal subgenres like death metal — is not one of my strengths. So I will tell you what I can about Inimica, who, really, aren’t a straightforward death metal band, anyway.

There are death-y elements, of course. Dustin Jaques’ drums thunder like blasts from a furnace. The guitars — wielded ably by Blaine Bowden and Jake White — are chugging juggernauts that’ll make your chest ripple.

Inimica’s most death-metal-like feature, though, is the classic growl of Matthew Hicks, who looks like pop-metal star Andrew W.K. and sounds like Cookie Monster.

But lots of bands can chug and growl. It doesn’t mean they’re interesting. And one reason I really wanted to see Inimica on Saturday night is their musicianship.

Find out what awesome ’80s mega-hit Inimica covered by reading the whole thing here.

Also in the music section this week: Austin folk-rocker Danny Malone, a CD-release show for local musician Cedric Kohler, California rapper Myka 9, Blackflowers Blacksun plays a farewell show, Top Shelf hosts “Love Connection,” Boxcar String Band at Baldyfest, and a benefit at Rise Up’s warehouse featuring Mosley Wotta, We Are Brontosaurus, The Autonomics and The Tree Dwellers.

Finally, here’s our story on Bend WinterFest (where you can see The Gourds tonight and Hell’s Belles tomorrow). And here’s our complete music calendar.