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This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, January 20th, 2012

I spend a lot of time talking about how great the Sisters Folk Festival is; it is without question one of the musical highlights of Central Oregon’s summer.

But SFF is a year-round organization, and you should know that its annual Winter Concert Series — three concerts held at Sister High School’s auditorium — is a good time, too. I saw Trombone Shorty there a few years ago, and it remains one of the best concerts I’ve seen in my time here.

This year’s winter series will kick off Monday with another seriously danceable band from the great state of Louisiana. Here’s a taste …

Jeffery Broussard & The Creole Cowboys will turn the high school auditorium into a zydeco dance party next week. My colleague David Jasper spoke with Broussard about how he learned to play accordion, among other things.

After seventh grade, he quit school to help out on the farm by picking and sorting potatoes. And as the story goes, every chance he got, he’d sneak in the house, reach up on the closet shelf and take down his dad’s prized accordion.

“(Dad) started working at another place,” Broussard, 44, told The Bulletin last week. “And when he would go to work, me and my brother would take chances and steal his accordion out of the closet. He didn’t even know which one to point the finger at.

“Every time we did that, though, our mom was like, ‘Y’all know, y’all’s daddy find out you’re doing that, you know what’s going to happen,’” he said. “But we would take our chances. That’s pretty much how I learned.”

The whole story is right here.

Also highlighted this week is the Portland band Animal Eyes, which will play two shows in town — tonight at The Horned Hand and next Friday at Silver Moon — over the next week. Click here to read my take on their wide-eyed, globally inspired indie rock.

Elsewhere in this week’s music section, we’ve got artists that mine American folk, roots and rock ‘n’ roll as far as the eye can see: Peter Yarrow, Danny Barnes, Johnny A., Sassparilla, Calling Morocco, Restavrant and more.

Last but not least, I spent my Feedback column reviewing last week’s Pickwick show at McMenamins. Read that right here, and click here if you’d like to watch a few videos of the band’s performance.

Tonight: Jerry Joseph, Calling Morocco, Third Seven + Mosley Wotta on OPB

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

Musically speaking, this is a busy, busy, busy Thursday evening in our fair burg, with interesting options whether you want to go out or stay in. Let’s get to it:

At The Sound Garden, the Davis, Calif.-based pop-rock band Calling Morocco plays at around 8 p.m. Cover is $5. Here’s how I described ’em last week:

I’m guessing the guys in Calling Morocco are about my age, because I hear tons of sounds I recognize floating through their songs, including the heart and heft of Braid, the bar-room brawn of Lucero, and the power-pop charm of the Gin Blossoms.

Most of all, I think Calling Morocco sounds like alt-country cult faves Slobberbone and Drag the River on their happiest and most upbeat days.

Calling Morocco, “Pale Blue Eyes”

Meanwhile, over at The Horned Hand, local alt-folk cellist Third Seven (aka Billy Mickelson) will play his final show in town before setting off on a three-month tour across the U.S. and Europe. Billy is one of my favorite local musicians because his experimental streak seemingly knows no bounds. More details on the show are here, and it sounds like the fine Bay Area indie rock bands Slow Trucks and Oceanography are going to play, too, so you should probably get there around 7 p.m. to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Then at 9 p.m., Western-states wanderer and Bend fave Jerry Joseph will take the stage at Players Bar & Grill, which is ramping up both its atmosphere (from dive to repainted dive) and concert calendar under new ownership. (The Astro Lounge owner Josh Maquet is part of the group that bought Players. More on that later.) Here’s my story on Joseph from last week’s paper.

Jerry Joseph, “Most Beautiful Day”

Last but not least, if you’re like me — deathly afraid of venturing away my rocking chair, much less my home — you should tune your television to OPB tonight, where Oregon Art Beat will feature Bend’s own rapper/painter/teacher/poet/all-around good dude Jason Graham and his hip-hop ‘n’ rock fusion band Mosley Wotta. OPB has a story about the band and video of a recent performance right here.

(Just kidding near the end, there, by the way. I’m going to try to hit at least one, maybe two of these shows, right after I watch my beloved Kentucky Wildcats play hoops on TV.)

This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, November 25th, 2011

Last winter, the Jazz at the Oxford series had a terrific inaugural season, bringing a handful of regional jazz veterans to Bend and selling out each of its 13 shows.

Tonight, the series kicks off its second season, which features an expanded schedule and headliners with higher profiles, including award-winning jazz-pop vocalist Diane Schuur, who’ll play three shows at The Oxford Hotel over the next two days.

Here’s Schuur doing “Today I Started Loving You Again” from her new album “The Gathering,” a collection of country covers.

Shuur’s show tonight is sold out, but there are still tickets available for both Saturday performances. Last week, I got her on the phone and spoke with her about her own artistic freedom and the session for “The Gathering.”

“I think the consensus is that people have confidence enough in me and in my direction to give me their blessing and say … ‘If this is what you want, girlfriend, go for it,’” Schuur said. “I’m glad I’ve got the versatility and the voice to be able to do that because a lot of people unfortunately get stuck in a rut where they’ve got one style and that’s basically what they’ve got. I consider myself very fortunate.”

Even with dozens of albums under her belt, the “Gathering” session was the quickest in Schuur’s career, she said. It took one day to record and another day to polish up with overdubs and other tweaks. That was it.

“Once I got going, I just kept going, like the Energizer Bunny,” she said with a laugh. “(These songs) just really got into my soul.”

I hope you’ll click here and read the whole thing. Be sure to read about Jazz at the Oxford’s origin, success and upcoming schedule on the right side of the page!

The L.A.-based funk/soul band Orgone brings their cool, retro vibe back to town Monday night. My colleague David Jasper spoke with a couple of the band’s members about Orgone’s upcoming plans.

“We had a break in September and October, and we finally grabbed some time to work on some new material,” he said. After playing on the annual Jam Cruise in January, Orgone plans to use the shore leave to record a new album. “We’ll have a record done for March. We’re real excited about that.”

The band played the Volcanic Funk Festival in Bend last summer, but the recording break may mean it’ll be a while before Orgone brings its energy back to Oregon. And though it may be cold outside, it’s likely to get hot in The Annex.

“It’s 110 percent adrenaline-fueled dance party,” Rios said. “The band’s definitely going to get sweaty; it usually carries over into the people. It’s basically high-energy, no holds barred. We just kinda come full force and come to take no prisoners.”

You should read the whole thing by clicking here.

Elsewhere in this week’s music section: Jerry Joseph plays his gritty rock ‘n’ roll at gritty Players Bar, Calling Morocco blends pop, rock and twang at The Sound Garden, a bunch of DJs and MCs gather at the Domino Room for Orbital: A Journey Through Sound, and local experimental cellist Third Seven plays at The Horned Hand before taking off on tour till spring. Plus Allan Byer, Harley Bourbon and lots more in our “Going Out” listing.