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Photos: Brandi Carlile at the Tower Theatre

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Seattle-based singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile played an excellent set in front of a sold-out Tower Theatre last night in Bend, and she’ll do the same tonight. (Well, I don’t know if the set will be excellent, but I think it’s a safe bet. I do know tonight’s show is also sold out.)

Anyway, Bulletin photographer Ryan Brennecke was there last night, and he got some awesome shots of the show. Be sure to click below to see a bunch more, and then tune in to the March 26 GO! Magazine for my review.






This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, March 12th, 2010

Brandi Carlile sold out two shows at the Tower Theatre next week, but we put her on the cover of GO! Magazine anyway. Because she’s great. And she loves Bend. And Bend loves her. Here’s Carlile’s recollection of her gig opening for Sheryl Crow here in 2008:

“I remember she was late to the gig and I had to play for a long time. I mean, I must’ve played for 45 minutes into her set before she got there,” Carlile said, “and the audience never once left us. They never once acted bored or irritated, and they were incredibly receptive to Sheryl when she got there. They let me play at least half an hour (or) 45 minutes into a Sheryl Crow show without Sheryl Crow, and I won’t ever forget that about Bend. I won’t ever forget how kind they were.”

She goes on to talk about last summer’s show at the Tower Theatre, the concept behind her new album “Give Up the Ghost,” working with Elton John, and more. I really enjoyed doing this interview and writing this story, and I hope you’ll read the whole thing here.

Tuck And Roll is one of Bend’s best bands, and they have a brand new album of poppy punk rock to show the world. You can pick it up at tonight’s CD-release show at Players. Meanwhile, here’s a bit from my conversation with frontman Sam Fisher:

“I would call myself a late-bloomer with music. I have four older siblings, and my older brother Mason really had the ultimate ’80s collection of music on tape, so I just kind of latched on to that,” Fisher said in a telephone interview last week. “I didn’t branch out, really, until I met Ryan and when I heard Weezer’s blue album. I think that was … when I realized, ‘Hey, wait a minute. There’s other stuff out there than cheesy butt-rock. This stuff sounds really good.’”

It was his first leap into the deep rabbit hole of music obsession.

“After that is when I first started buying my Pennywise CDs and NOFX CDs. It seems like once you get a good punk album that you like … it’s so easy to discover other music and other bands on that label,” Fisher said. “That was it for me.”

You should read the whole thing here.

Also in the music section of GO! Magazine this week: a round-up of St. Patrick’s Day shows, funk/jazz legend Maceo Parker in Bend and funk/jazz up-and-comer Trombone Shorty in Sisters, plus Pato Banton, Poor Man’s Whiskey, Great American Taxi, One Horse Shy, the second annual Jim Jam for Jim Witty, and the More Bars in More Places underground hip-hop tour, featuring Knobody. And there’s always lots more in our complete music listings.

New shows announced (Brandi Carlile, The Lonely H, Son Volt, Erin Cole-Baker and more)

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

There are several concerts coming to the area over the next few months that I haven’t yet mentioned. Here’s a round-up:

-Port Angeles, Wash.’s The Lonely H do what I’d call modern classic rock, and they do it very well. From the long hair and denim to their throwback sound, these dudes are the real deal. They’ll return to Bend on Nov. 13 to play the Black Horse Saloon.

-Reggae legend Eek-A-Mouse will play the Domino Room on Nov. 18, and Northwest blues-rock stalwart Too Slim & The Taildraggers is set for a Nov. 20 show at The Annex.

-Local keyboard kingpin Brad Jones has set a date for his CD-release show: Nov. 21 at The Annex in Bend. Also on the bill is The Mostest, Defekt and Manic.

-The excellent, Portland-based indie-pop band Church will warm up The Annex on Dec. 4, along with locals The Sweet Harlots. I saw Church open for Finn Riggins several weeks back at Silver Moon, and they were terrific.

-The Domino Room will host alt-country combo Son Volt on Dec. 7, and then Sublime tribute act 40 Oz. to Freedom on Dec. 12.

-Local folk singer Erin Cole-Baker is planning her long-awaited CD-release show on Dec. 12. No word yet on where, exactly, so stay tuned for that detail.

-The first date for the Sisters Folk Festival’s Winter Concert Series has popped up, and it’s Alaskan roots-grass band Bearfoot on Feb. 6.

-Here’s the biggest news of this batch, I think: Rising roots-rock star Brandi Carlile — who introduced herself to Bend by opening for Sheryl Crow a year ago and then sold out the Tower Theater in June — will return to the Tower March 17-18 for a two-night engagement.

The promoter bringing Carlile to town, Bret Grier of Random Presents, said today that he has booked back-to-back concerts by one artist only once before in 11 years, and that was Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe at Bend’s Best Bet in 2000. So why Carlile and why now … or rather, March?

“(Her) show (here) on June 10 … sold out extremely fast making it obvious we needed to find her a larger home or do multiple nights,” Grier wrote in an e-mail. “After the show Brandi claimed the Tower Theatre to be her new favorite place to play and suggested we do two nights on the next northwest run.”

Sweet! I missed Carlile last time she was in town, so I’m going to be sure to catch her in the spring.

Anyway, that’s most of what I know about right now. Did I miss anything? Fill me in in the comments.

June 5 in GO! Magazine

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Good morning, Frequency faithful. Can someone tell me how in the world it’s already June!?

Central Oregon has warmed up in the last couple weeks, and around here, warmer weather usually means more music. So without further adieu, here’s a look at what’s happening in Central Oregon over the next seven days, brought to you by LeBron James, who has plenty of time these days to do things like sponsor music blog posts. (Speaking of the NBA, have you read the NBA Finals preview that local hip-hop group Top Shelf did for Frequency? If not, you should. It’s a fun read.)

Anyway, in today’s GO! Magazine, we have:

-A little bit about each of the six young, mostly local bands playing in tonight’s Rise Up Battle of the Bands. Read up on them, then visit their MySpaces to hear their work: Adventure Galley / The Autonomics / The Snag / The Space Hoax / We Are Brontosaurus … and Hunters on the Horizon are so new, they don’t yet have a MySpace!

My review of last weekend’s Rise Up benefit show featuring Water & Bodies, We Are Brontosaurus and Empty Space Orchestra. It’s like Rise Up week in GO!

-A roundup of what’s happening at Silver Moon Brewing this week.

-My plea to you, dear reader, imploring you to go see the excellent alt-folk band Weinland on Saturday. (There’s a much more extensive story about the band here.)

The details on tonight’s hip-hop show featuring Twitter-crazy Bay Area rapper Mistah F.A.B.

-A quick overview of where a few local acts are playing, including Detour: Jazz, The Quons, Moon Mountain Ramblers, Brian Hanson and a whole bunch of punk and metal bands.

-A reminder that Wednesday’s Brandi Carlile show at the Tower Theatre is sold out.

Say, did you know that not all of those links will work if you’re not subscribed to The Bulletin’s online edition? Well, they won’t. So if you want to see them all, please subscribe or pick up a hard copy of GO! Magazine.

Local music news

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

I’m in Portland for a couple days, so please forgive me if the blog seems a bit quiet. I’ll make up for it when I get back to Bend. For now, a few local notes:

-If you were hoping to spend an “intimate acoustic evening” at the Tower Theatre with roots-pop singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile and you don’t already have your ticket, you’re out of luck; the show is sold out. Tickets sold out in less than two weeks, according to promoter Bret Grier, which around here is pretty fast.

-The Sisters Folk Festival is now accepting entries for its annual Dave Carter Memorial Songwriting Contest. The winner will take home $750 and the five finalists will perform during the folk fest, set for Sept. 11-13 in Sisters. Entrants may submit up to three songs and must submit by July 31 through SonicBids. Click here to learn more about how to submit song files. (By the way, the folk fest’s lineup is already looking pretty sweet: Peter Rowan, Todd Snider, Alison Brown Quartet, Kelly Joe Phelps, Blind Pilot, The Belleville Outfit, Susan Werner … wow!)

-A new event called Jade’s Jazz Festival appears to be getting off the ground. It’s planned for July 11-12 in beautiful La Pine, and according to the Web site, performers include Nina Callaway, David Patrone, Ed Criss, Blues Quarter, Bellavia, Lino and Detour: Jazz. We’ll have more info in an upcoming GO! Magazine, of course.

-Finally, the acts playing at some of the summer events are starting to trickle in. Some of these are confirmed, some aren’t, but are probably safe bets: The Virginia pop band Carbon Leaf will headline The Bite of Bend June 21. The rest of the lineup is stocked with local acts and it looks like this. Folk legend Joan Baez will perform at the Athletic Club of Bend on Aug. 16 as part of the Clear Summer Nights concert series. Pollstar has fusion guitarist Fareed Haque slated for Munch & Music on July 9, and the Web site of the fine Malian singer Vieux Farka Toure has him playing Drake Park the following Thursday.