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Nice video of Bend Roots Revival

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

Local music aficionado Dave Goodman took his video camera to the Bend Roots Revival last weekend and got some excellent footage, which he has posted to YouTube. And now I’m passing it along to you. (Dave says he has more coming, so keep an eye on his YouTube channel.)

Here’s the Bend/Eugene band Ruins of Ooah, who played one of the best sets I saw all weekend. If you haven’t seen them before, that’s three guys using drums, harmonica and digeridoo to create live, tribal trance music.

And here’s Sisters singer-songwriter Anastacia Beth Scott’s trio, which includes Mai Hyman on guitar and Aaron-Andre Miller on a beautiful fretless, acoustic bass.

Bend Roots Revival: Day 3

Monday, September 28th, 2009

For a variety of reasons — from real-life responsibilities to a dead camera battery to general fatigue — I cut my Bend Roots Revival experience a bit short on the event’s final day.

So apologies to Eric Tollefson, Blues Quarter, The Dirty Words, The River Pigs, Moon Mountain Ramblers, Kim Kelley and the other acts I missed. I’ll catch you all soon enough. Apologies also to Lisa Lepine, the Portland-based marketing consultant who did a workshop on the music business inside Parrilla on Sunday afternoon. When the schedule came out, I thought that was one of its more interesting listings. But I just couldn’t make it down there.

Did any of you musician types go hear Lepine talk? How was it? Learn anything helpful?

I prefer to think of my Bend Roots Sunday not as shortened, but as a high-quality coda to a wonderful weekend. I saw only three bands, but all were quite good.

The first one, in fact, kind of blew my mind.


Bend Roots Revival: Day 2

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

“We’re The JZ Band,” said David Z after his band’s first song at the Bend Roots Revival, “and it’s daylight.”

It was daylight. That’s one of the funny things about an outdoor, all-day music festival; bands that are used to playing in dark, cramped, stale-air bars are suddenly exposed to the sun, the wide open sky and fresh air.

In Bend, it’s a nice place to be. It could’ve been chilly this weekend — it’s late September in the High Desert, after all — but instead the weather has been absolutely perfect for this arsty cornucopia.


Bend Roots Revival: Day 1

Saturday, September 26th, 2009

Suddenly, it seems, the Bend Roots Revival is one of the biggest and best parties in Bend.

If you were paying attention, you could see this coming. In my post-Roots Feedback column last year, I wrote: “I think this thing is on a fast track to becoming one of Bend’s coolest cultural events. The atmosphere was electric on Friday night, especially once the sun went down. And that was on the first night of the festival — people were just getting warmed up.”

Well, take that feeling and multiply it by, say, three or five, and you have a sense for what the first night of the 2009 Bend Roots Revival was like.