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Bend’s Darian Mahaney makes it to Hollywood on “American Idol”

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Locals may know Darian Mahaney as the effervescent frontwoman of Bend-based reggae band 2nd Hand Soldiers. But as of last night, she can officially add “made it to Hollywood on ‘American Idol'” to her resume.

Last night’s episode of the planet’s biggest TV show featured auditions in Portland, and while I don’t think Mahaney’s performance for judges Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson aired, I did catch a glimpse of her in the montage of people sent through to the show’s next round. Today, a video detailing Mahaney’s “Road to Hollywood” is on the “Idol” website. Click here to watch it, or if the crazy long embed code actually worked, watch it below.

I’ll get in touch with Mahaney soon, so look for more on this story in the very near future … especially if she survives the grueling Hollywood auditions!

This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, November 18th, 2011

I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’m some High on Fire superfan or whatever. But I have to say: I’m as stoked for their show at the Domino Room Saturday night as I have been for any show ’round here in a long time.

Why? I’m not 100-percent sure. I think, mainly, I’m just looking forward to being sonically pummeled for more than an hour. It’s not something we get in Bend all that often, really.

Anyway, be jealous metal nerds … I interviewed Matt Pike!

On Monday, I spoke with Pike about High on Fire’s new material (they’re playing some), the current metal resurgence (he thinks it’s great, obvs) and the burden he feels when making an album. An excerpt:

“We get a little bit nitpicky because of what we’ve put out already,” he said. “It’s like … how do I top the last one? And I can’t put out a bunch of s–t that doesn’t sound quite as good, so … it’s a little more of a pain.”

For all High on Fire’s booming brawn, the trio has its sights set on a lofty long-term goal while also dealing with the same kind of indecision and self-doubt faced by mere mortals like you and me.

“You wanna achieve as much as you can in one lifetime, but at the same time, sometimes it’s harder than it seems, even if you’re a very intelligent person and you know what you’re doing,” Pike said.

“There’s still these moments where you’re like, ‘I don’t know if that’s good enough or not. I can’t tell,’” he said. “And you second-guess yourself.”

I hope you’ll click here and read the whole thing.

Also, be sure to check out the back of today’s GO! Magazine for our alternate High on Fire cover! (But only if you like awesome, evil demon-goats playing guitar with their foot perched on Pilot Butte as the Cascades erupt in the background.)

Elsewhere in this week’s music section: Sisters singer-songwriter Anastacia celebrates her new CD with a show at the HarmonyHouse, Christian Kane brings country to Maverick’s, Hellbound Glory brings a decidedly different kind of country to The Horned Hand, the Homegrown Reunion show gathers a bunch of local talent for a good cause, Tony Smiley returns to town, 2nd Hand Soldiers play Silver Moon, and much more.

This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, October 21st, 2011

How much music can you cram into the music section of The Bulletin’s GO! Magazine? Approximately this much:

“The Miles Davis Experience: 1949-1959″ is a multimedia tribute to the jazz icon coming to the Tower Theatre.

The Felice Brothers could’ve hopped on the “new Americana” gravy train and they chose not to. Instead, their new album “Celebration, Florida” is a murky, weird and wonderful slab of electro/pop/rock.

The Green headlines a reggae bill at the Domino Room Monday that also includes Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad.

Also in the music section: King Yellowman returns to town, the Tower of Power show is sold out, guitar hero Scott Pemberton plays Silver Moon, a cappella groups On the Rocks and Divisi will perform to benefit Sisters schools, Celtic folkie Colleen Raney kicks off the new HarmonyHouse season, a Tumalo house concert will benefit the High & Dry Bluegrass Festival, and Innovation Theatre features an eclectic weekend, with Violin vs. Vinyl and Jay Tablet tonight, 2Mex and a hip-hop bill Saturday and 2nd Hand Soldiers playing a benefit for a local guy with cancer on Sunday. Oh, plus we have blurbs on Stephanie Schneiderman, Just People and Viva Le Vox!

2011 Bend Roots Revival: Day 3

Thursday, September 29th, 2011

(Find all our coverage of the 2011 Bend Roots Revival, including a preview of the event and recaps of all three days, by clicking here.)

As if it was determined to present a well-rounded microcosm of life in Bend, the Bend Roots Revival’s third day brought about much cooler temperatures and, with them, this town’s impressive collection of fuzzy, puffy, fleecy, downy jackets. I don’t know if it was the weather or some other factor, but the Sunday crowd at Roots seemed much smaller than I expected. Maybe I was seeing things wrong.

There was, however, a good-sized gathering around veteran folk singer Allan Byer on the Casey’s Corner stage when I showed up in the mid-afternoon. For 15 minutes, at least, Byer had one of the few spots on the schedule with no competing sets, which no doubt helped draw people in. But the guy also has been playing anywhere and everywhere in Central Oregon for years, and he has gathered a following, I’m sure. It’s easy to see why; Byer’s sound is soothing and tasteful, the perfect start to any Sunday afternoon full of music. I arrived just in time to capture one of his trademark Bruce Cockburn covers:


This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Monday, December 27th, 2010

Psychobilly pioneers The Reverend Horton Heat are back in town this week for the first time in several years. Bone up for their Wednesday show at Midtown Ballroom by reading a little bit about the band, and then check out our Rock ‘n’ Roll Blasphemy Scale, where we rate some religiously named rockers (Judas Priest, Madonna, etc.) based on just how blasphemous they really are.

Elsewhere in the music section: Blackstrap plays Silver Moon, the Josh Hart Project takes on McMenamins, and 2nd Hand Soldiers hit MadHappy Lounge. Plus, in Feedback, I take a look back at my wishes for the local music scene for 2010 and assess how those panned out.