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City council softens noise law, and The Horned Hand is closing (its physical location, at least)

Thursday, May 2nd, 2013


Newsy night on the local music scene last night. Since I have to get tomorrow’s GO! Magazine out the door, here’s a quick recap:

The Bend City Council took the first step toward approving changes to its noise ordinance. Those changes are designed to clean up and clarify language that a judge deemed too vague late last year as he dismissed a noise-code violation citation against the Colorado Avenue music venue The Horned Hand, which was issued last August.

Before approving those changes, though, the council made two additional changes to the law, both of which seem to favor event promoters and venue owners: Police are now required to use decibel meters before issuing a citation to a business that has received a noise complaint, and the fine for a first offense is now $250, down from a maximum of $750.

— Before the votes, The Horned Hand’s owner, Wesley Ladd, announced that he is closing the venue “within two months.” Initially, he mentioned the “strife” caused by the noise code and other issues as a reason, but after the meeting, he clarified to The Source Weekly, saying something I’ve been hearing him talk about for a while now:

At one point on Wednesday night, Ladd told the council he was closing The Horned Hand in part because of “strife” related to issues like the noise ordinance, but clarified later that the city, particularly the police department, has been very easy to work with and that the closure was more related to the difficulty of operating a music venue with a young family.

This morning on Frequency’s Facebook page, Ladd reiterated the family-related reasons behind the Hand’s closure, and said he and his partner, Callie Young, would continue to be involved in Bend’s music scene:


Over the past several months, Ladd (among others) has been working to open Nectar of the Gods Meadery. Coincidentally, the council also approved a liquor license for the company’s facility on Second Street in Bend Wednesday night, shortly before discussing the noise ordinance.

The Horned Hand’s noise citation dismissed by judge

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Here’s the article from today’s Bulletin by my colleague Hillary Borrud, with the judge’s reasoning and comments from Horned Hand owner Wesley Ladd as well as a couple neighbors who’ve called police to complain about the Colorado Avenue music venue in recent months.

Tonight: Informational meeting on Bend’s noise ordinance

Monday, October 1st, 2012

There has been much afoot recently in the local arts/music community with regard to the City of Bend’s new noise ordinance and the effect it has had on the town’s music scene and venues. I wish I’d been covering the situation more diligently, but a certain 13-day-old baby has been getting most of my attention in the past few weeks.

Anyway, let’s catch up. In June, the City of Bend passed a new noise ordinance. Since then, that ordinance has been enforced at venues around town, prompting some to adjust what kind of music they’ll host. As a result, at least two groups — Bend Residents for a Sensible Noise Ordinance and Central Oregon Music & Arts Coalition — have been formed, stickers and videos made, many Facebook posts shared, etc.

Anyway, the two groups are holding a meeting tonight at 6 at The Horned Hand, 507 N.W. Colorado Ave., in Bend. Here’s what the Facebook event page for the meeting says:

This will be a informational meeting for all interested in the new Noise Ordinance, how it is being interpreted/enforced and proposed changes. All are welcome to attend. Please share this with any musicians/artists/ or concerned patrons of the arts. We will also be discussing the newly formed Central Oregon Music and Arts Coalition.

Again, that’s 6 p.m. at The Horned Hand. Just two hours away. Sorry for the late notice; I’m catching up, too.

Local music venues as seen in Google Street View

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

I’m a big fan of the Street View feature on Google Maps, which allows you to virtually plop down into the middle of a place and, through the magic of street-level imagery, see what’s happening there, or at least what was happening when Google’s funky little camera car rolled through.

I use Street View all the time for all kinds of reasons, from simply trying to get a better idea of something’s exact location to touring cities I’ve never visited. It’s fun. So for the past several years, Bend’s lack of Street View was frustrating. At first, there were no roads highlighted in blue when you dragged that little yellow dude across the map. Then, it was just our town’s traffic arteries.

But last night, I noticed that Google has finally blanketed Bend in Street View! And the second thing I thought to do — after look at my house, of course — was to check out some of our town’s busiest music venues. (Weird, I know.)

Anyway, I ended up grabbing screenshots of several, and when you line ’em all up, it’s kind of an interesting view of a group of buildings that many folks may know and love and/or tolerate, but because of the blurry, nighttime nature of their business, have never really looked at before. (The Tower Theatre and Les Schwab Amphitheater being obvious exceptions here.)

So enjoy this peek at Bend’s busiest music venues brightened by the harsh light of day. And you can click here to check out others on your own.

McMenamins Old St. Francis School

Domino Room and Midtown Ballroom. In case you can't read the marquee, it says "ROACH GIG CANCELED" ... which is funny, because the rapper's name is Roach Gigz, but it still works. The Roach gig was canceled, after all.



Saturday, May 5th, 2012

Tonight: Jerry Joseph at the new Astro Lounge

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

This wasn’t in last week’s GO! Magazine because I didn’t know about it, but now I do, so here we go: Downtown Bend bar The Astro Lounge has picked up and moved around the corner, from its longtime home on Minnesota Avenue into a bigger space at 939 N.W. Bond St., between the D&D and Soba Noodle. The Source Weekly has a good look at the new bar right here, and the Astro’s Facebook has a bunch of photos of opening weekend here.

Anyway, the new Astro has been open for almost a week, but tonight it hosts its first major live music as veteran roots-rocker and Bend fave Jerry Joseph returns to town for a solo acoustic show in which he’ll be highlighting songs from his recent album “Into the Lovely” and his 2004 album “Cherry.” Organizers also promise special guests. Not just boring, ol’ regular guests … special guests!

The show will start around 9 p.m. and it’s $10 to get in. Here’s a photo from the Astro’s Facebook page: