Last call for local recordings …

Monday, December 9th, 2013, 9:56 am by Ben Salmon

Hey folks! I’m currently looking high and low to make sure I know about everything that happened, musically, in Central Oregon in 2013, including recordings by local artists.

I want to make sure I have ‘em all. So peruse the list below and see if your band or project (or a band or project you know of) is missing. This is what’s currently sitting on my desk and hard drive (though it is possible I overlooked something):

Amsterdam, “Aurora”
Amsterdam, “Avarice”
All You All, “Bait and Exchange”
Blackflowers Blacksun, “Bury Me Deep in Hell”
Blackflowers Blacksun, “Cursed”
Broken Down Guitars, “Passports”
Burnin’ Moonlight, “Good Wood”
Driftwood Insomnia, “Blushing Crows”
Travis Ehrenstrom, “Remain a Mystery”
Ergo Rex, “Breathe in the Roar”
Gary Fulkerson, “This Must Be Falling”
Grit & Grizzle, “Grit & Grizzle”
Harley Bourbon, “Old Empty Bottle”
Hobbs the Band, “Hobbs the Band”
Isles, “Viracocha”
Larry and His Flask, “By the Lamplight”
Lore Uprise, “Tortoise in Flight”
Necktie Killer, “Heavy & Horny”
The Prairie Rockets, “The Prairie Rockets”
Quiet Culture, “Basements”
Doc Ryan, “The Texas Blues Road Show”
Third Seven, “Surrender”
Jay Tablet, “Tablife”
Franchot Tone, “Thanks For This”
Carl Ventis, “Home For Christmas”
Wilderness, “Homeward From the Battle”

I also know there’s a Kylan Johnson album out there that I haven’t yet gotten hold of.

A few notes:

1. If you or your band released something in 2013 and you don’t see it on this list, write me ASAP at and let’s talk. But first, read #2.

2. Please note that what I’m looking for here isn’t really demos or unreleased stuff or a single song you posted online, though I would truly love to hear any or all of that stuff and I hope you’ll send it to me. But for this particular project, I’m really looking for full EPs or albums that have been recorded, packaged in some way and released for public consumption, either in a physical format or on the Internet.

3. This list isn’t as long as the ones I posted at this time the past two years, so either y’all aren’t releasing as much stuff or I’m missing some stuff. Again, if you know of something I’m missing, email me NOW at

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  1. R. Snyder says:

    This can only mean one thing… Near/Far 2013 is on its way!

  2. Nick Moss says:

    Below Akheron

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