The Big Dig: Pakit Liquidators transforms, hosts 2013 Bend Roots Revival

Monday, September 30th, 2013, 2:19 pm by Ben Salmon

(The Big Dig is a video series by The Bulletin following the massive effort to clean up Pakit Liquidators — a large, cluttered home improvement resale yard on Bend’s east side — so it can host the 2013 Bend Roots Revival. Click here to watch the whole series.)

It was close, but they made it. On Friday morning, after making one final inspection of the grounds, City of Bend officials signed off on a temporary certificate of occupancy for Pakit Liquidators, clearing the way for the 2013 Bend Roots Revival — about nine hours before the first band was scheduled to perform.

Now, it’s Monday, and this year’s Revival is over. Everyone I talked to loved the space, though Mother Nature certainly did the festival’s organizers and performers no favors. Friday night was cold, Saturday was windy and Sunday was absolutely soaked with rain. A few sets were canceled; many were moved from outside to indoor stages. Everyone seemed content to adjust as necessary for the good of the event.

I’ve got lots more specific thoughts (as well as photos and videos) which I’ll post over the next three days. In the meantime, check out the final installment of our “The Big Dig” video series, which shows very clearly the difference between Pakit in July and Pakit now, and includes lots of footage of this weekend’s revelry. All shot by The Bulletin’s Leilani Rapaport. Enjoy.

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