Our 2013 Bend Roots Revival coverage

Friday, September 27th, 2013, 3:40 pm by Ben Salmon


With this stuff out of the way, the Bend Roots Revival is officially on this weekend at Pakit Liquidators in Bend. In today’s GO! Magazine, we have lots of coverage to try to help you navigate the festival:

My story on the effort to move Bend Roots into Pakit, and why every music-loving person in Central Oregon owes Mark Ransom, Matt Korish and their team of volunteers some thank-you hugs and handshakes.

The best festival schedule you’ll find anywhere, set up to make it easy to figure out who’s playing what stages and when.

A few highlights of the schedule, including stuff for hard-rockers, good-timers, blues-lovers and anyone interested in seeing some good new bands on the local scene. (Please note that this is just a small fraction of the artists playing this weekend and there’s good stuff all over the schedule. Space in the newspaper is finite, unfortunately.)

— And, of course, you can look back and all our previous Bend Roots Revival coverage.

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  1. Marc Parnell says:

    It was quite a push. Thank you for having written about this for the public to see. The OTHER publication gave it hardly a paragraph leaving it out, and no printed schedule! Nobody put in as much as MARK RANSOME! Hats off to that musical hero!

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