Tonight: Heavy nerdcore punk/metal at The Warehouse

Friday, May 24th, 2013, 2:48 pm by Ben Salmon

This didn’t make today’s GO! Magazine because the venue was up in the air for a while, but it looks like it has solidified: Tonight, a bill of punk and metal bands — three from the Bay Area, and two bearing classic-cinema-referencing nerd-pride names — will play The Warehouse at 1330 N.E. First St., in Bend. (That’s Necktie Killer headquarters, if you know it that way.)

Jedi Scum is a throat-shredding doom metal band with “Star Wars”-themed song titles such as “I Used to Bullseye Womp Rats in My T-16 Back Home.” Venkman is named after Bill Murray’s character in “Ghostbusters” and is heavy, too, in a more hardcore/thrash sort of way. The Connies are a garage/punk band from the Bay Area; their name doesn’t seem to be a movie reference, but they have a great logo. And Gotama is a (relatively new, I think?) local stoner metal band.

Cost / time details are below. Organizers will be collecting nonperishable food and clothing donations for The Loft, a transitional living program for teens in Bend.

This looks pretty fun!


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