Meet Tyler, the Creator superfan Grady MacMillan

Friday, May 10th, 2013, 3:10 pm by Ben Salmon


At noon today, I drove by the Midtown Ballroom in Bend and noticed one kid sitting in a lawn chair by the door, presumably waiting to get into tonight’s Tyler, the Creator show.

Doors to the show open at 8 p.m.

At 2:30, I drove back by and the kid was still the only person there. So I pulled over and chatted with him.

His name is Grady MacMillan. He’s 14 years old and a student at Cascade Middle School in Bend. In part because he missed a previous Tyler show thanks to an appendectomy, his parents, Terry and Courtney, let him skip school today to get in line for the show, which he did at 10:30 a.m.

(Let’s take a short break and give Terry and Courtney a round of applause for being cool parents.)

“I wanted to be first in line,” he said. “Tyler’s been my favorite artist for a couple years now, and I love (Odd Future, Tyler’s L.A.-based rap collective).”

Grady came prepared. He’s got a lawn chair and his (rad) mom just dropped off a bag of snacks. He’s wearing an Odd Future T-shirt (featuring a picture of Left Brain), an Odd Future-brand watermelon-print shirt, and an Odd Future hoodie. He also has a thick Odd Future book called “Golf Wang” that he bought at the group’s store in Los Angeles. “I’ve been there multiple times,” he said.

Grady and his Odd Future book.

Grady and his Odd Future book.

He was talking on his phone when I walked up to him; hopefully, it’s fully charged.

Grady plans to be front-and-center for tonight’s show, and he brought stuff to give to Tyler, including some “Adventure Time” figures and a pre-packaged S’more. (“He likes S’mores,” Grady said.) He also got him a vinyl record by the Australian rock band Tame Impala, but it hasn’t arrived yet, so he’s going to mail it to him later.

Please note: Grady also has his school binder with him. “I have some work I have to do,” he said. And he can’t do it tomorrow, because he’s travelling to Ashland … to see Tyler’s show there.

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