UPDATE: Underground Rap Event / Kanye, etc.

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013, 1:56 pm by Ben Salmon

Two Three Four Five of the artists on the bill for the show detailed in this post have said, via social media in the past 24 hours or to The Bulletin directly, that they are not involved.

We are working on talking to the other artists that have been advertised as on the bill and will update here as we learn more.

UPDATE 5: From the management company of rapper YG: “We had no idea about this event. We would love to come to Bend, Oregon though.”

UPDATE 4: Valerie Goodew, one of the organizers of Saturday’s show, told The Bulletin this morning that it is “postponed” and the event’s page on Facebook appears to have been deleted. Tickets are also no longer available for purchase at the website of Goodew’s online clothing company. Goodew also said her company is issuing refunds to everyone who purchased tickets. Power 94 has also removed promotional items for the event from its website.

UPDATE 3: My colleague at The Bulletin, Elise, just spoke with Soulja Boy‘s publicist and was told he will not be in Bend this weekend.

UPDATE 2: The Power 94 radio station in Bend has backed off its Monday announcement of Kanye West as the special surprise guest at the show. They have scrubbed any mention of him from their Facebook page, though his photo still appears on their website:

UPDATE 1: My colleague at The Bulletin, Elise Gross, called Kanye West‘s publicist’s office and a receptionist there said she could confirm that he will not be in Bend this weekend.


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8 Responses to “UPDATE: Underground Rap Event / Kanye, etc.”

  1. DJ Kid D says:

    But will my genre and cornrolls still be there?

  2. Megan says:

    Great post. Finally some proof that this is fake. This girl is going to be in a whole mess of trouble.

  3. erica says:

    I’m personally friends with this girl, and some idiot gave her false info. Plz back off.

  4. Dee says:

    Stop hating on this lady. She got false Info. It was her bad to not find out more info herself before promoting this but it just all a misunderstanding. Its also not Power 94’s fault just a mistake they made in not trying to get me info on it and believing something someone says. Maybe now someone can do a check on if its really true or not so this can be avoided. Hopefully people who bought tickets could get their money back.

  5. Frank says:

    Maybe someone ought to look into the reason that over 50% of the staff have left the company that owns Power 94 in the last year. Bad business practices! Wake up Bend!

  6. The Watcher says:

    if you follow her twitter, this lady has had some ripe things to say about central oregon and this whole thing. she blames the fans and people for screwing it up for her. but she is much more vulgar with her statements & states how she is planning leaving town. its hard to feel bad for someone when they are showing no signs of a conscious. if she was honest about her situation and mistakes she would come clean and not be deleting facebook profiles, as well a public statement would be made via news or some form of social media, sincerely apologizing for trying to push this so hard with out proper info. it’s all about being accountable

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