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[Photos] Jeremy Pelt at the Oxford Hotel

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

I went and saw New York City jazz trumpeter Jeremy Pelt perform Saturday evening at the Oxford Hotel in Bend, and will have a full review of the show — part of the Jazz at the Oxford series — in Friday’s GO! Magazine.

In the meantime, enjoy these excellent photos of the night, taken by The Bulletin’s Joe Kline. I think they really capture what it was like in that room!


Snoop Dogg is coming to Bend Dec. 18

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

This just in:

Hip-hop giant Snoop Doggnot Snoop Lion, I guess — is playing the Midtown Ballroom in Bend on Dec. 18.

Tickets go on sale Friday. They’re $42.50 (plus fees) at Ticketweb, Jmax Productions, Bendticket and Ranch Records (541-389-6116) in Bend, or by calling 866-468-3399.

This is sweet. Say what you will about some of Snoop’s artistic choices over the past, oh, 15 years, but the man is a legend, and if you saw his performance at Coachella earlier this year — the one that was overshadowed by the 2Pac hologram — you know he can still bring it live, no joke. If you didn’t see it, watch it here and here.

This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Bend’s venerable Domino Room will host two nights of quality music this weekend. On Saturday, it’ll be a dance party with Seattle Afro-funk band Polyrhythmics and Eugene acid-jazz group Eleven Eyes. But first up, tonight’ll be a string-band hoedown with frequent Bend visitors Polecat (from Washington state) and one of the country’s finest contemporary bluegrass acts, The Infamous Stringdusters from Charlottesville, Va.

My colleague David Jasper spoke with Stringduster bassist Travis Book about the band’s fans and why he doesn’t mind when people don’t pay attention to their shows. Here’s an excerpt of his story.

“We’re seeing a lot of people come to the shows, and some of them are refugees from country music,” he said. “And we’re also seeing a lot of people who were into the jam-band music scene. It’s interesting. We have one of the more diverse audiences I’ve seen. I think that’s a testament to the diversity of sound within our band. It runs the full range from country to rock to jazz and more improvisational art forms. So it’s an interesting time for us.”

And all those diverse audiences are welcome to enjoy themselves however they please at a Stringdusters show. Even if that means talking through the performance.

Wait. Isn’t this a notorious pet peeve of live performers? Surely it must bother him when people sit at the bar, virtually ignoring him while he’s working so hard keeping his upright bass up, right?

“Hell no,” Book said. “They can do whatever they want. As long as they pay (for) the ticket and they’re enjoying themselves and not taking away from anybody else’s experience, by all means. Sometimes I go to shows, and that’s all I want to do is socialize. Sometimes I want to throw down and dance and sometimes I just want to sit and listen.”

You should read the whole thing.

Elsewhere in this week’s music section: Travis Ehrenstrom hosts a night of music in Sisters, The Ascetic Junkies play one last time as a full band before paring down to a duo, dirty-rap icon Blowfly comes to Redmond, Violation headlines a punk show in Bend, Josh and Mer wrap up the Northwest Best concert series at Liquid Lounge and more.