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This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Saturday, June 30th, 2012

As always, you have plenty of chances to go see great live music in Central Oregon this week. Here’s what’s covered in Friday’s GO! Magazine in The Bulletin.

–Idaho-turned-L.A. roots-rockers Jeff Crosby & The Refugees play a free show at Common Table.

a benefit for Patty Meehan of The Prairie Rockets, featuring lots of fine local Americana bands. (Patty was the only survivor of a car crash that killed her husband and another man.)

Elsewhere in this week’s music section: The anthemic rock band Enation will fill The Sound Garden with pomp and melody Sunday, Fortunate Youth bring their dub-influenced sound to the Domino Room, Cloverdayle celebrates its new album at Sugar Mountain Amphitheater, The Sound Garden’s 4th of July celebration will have a reggae vibe thanks to Ancestree, The Horned Hand has a busy week planned with four shows in seven days, Franchot Tone returns to town, Your Birthday plays Silver Moon Brewing and much more.

My favorite albums of 2012 so far

Friday, June 29th, 2012

Here are 25 albums from the first half of the year that I love, have listened to a ton, and would highly recommend. I had hoped to write a little more about each, but a few words will have to do. Hopefully that’ll be just enough to give you some idea of whether or not you want to investigate further.

These are in alphabetical order. The 12 bolded titles are the cream of the cream of the crop. Any questions? Wanna talk about ’em or tell me what I missed? That’s what the comments are for!

Alcest, “Les Voyages De L’Ame”
–French metal band creeps ever further into beautiful shoegaze

Arkells, “Michigan Left”
–snappy Canadian pop-rock with heavy Hall & Oates influence

Cloud Nothings, “Attack on Memory”
–angsty, mega-catchy post-punk-pop, like Kurt Cobain fronting Fugazi


New video from Bend’s All You All

Wednesday, June 27th, 2012

Fresh off their second-place finish in the 2012 Last Band Standing contest, the fidgety (in a good way) local electro-rock trio All You All today unveiled a video for the song “Oregon Burner” from their fine “Fluorescence” EP that came out earlier this year.

It’s a trippy, lo-fi clip, packed wall to wall with strobe lights, shaky-cam action and nighttime cruising. The whole thing vibes nicely with the song’s heavy-lidded, wee-hours dance party kind of feel. Enjoy…

(Photo by Sam Warner, taken from All You All’s Facebook page)

Listen to (and love) the new Peaking Lights album, “Lucifer”

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012

Continuing with the swirling, celestial dream-daze jams, we have “Lucifer,” the newest moony missive from ex-Wisconsin / currently Cali duo Peaking Lights, aka husband and wife Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis. The couple’s second album, “936,” checked in as my 24th favorite album of 2011, although that’s probably too low, in retrospect. It was rising at the time that I had to stop fretting and hit the “Publish” button. Anyway, the point is that “936” was a wonderfully listenable little breeze that seemed to come out of nowhere, so my expectations were high when bits of new Peaking Lights material began surfacing online.

And after streaming this thing about 30 times over the past couple of weeks, I’m beginning to think Coyes and Dunis exceeded not only those expectations, but perhaps the bar they set with “936” as well. “Lucifer” is enthralling, a sun-streaked crystalization of the influences that make this band so interesting: dusty digital dub, lo-fi disco and burbling synth-pop, all cocooned in a hypnotic haze and set at a stubbornly stuttering motorik pace. It’s a recipe that acknowledges the current trend toward home-recording aesthetics, but also incorporates unexpected combinations of sounds and a stronger sense of pop craftsmanship that just about any buzzy band out there right now.

Neither “936” nor “Lucifer” bowled me over immediately, of course. That is not what Peaking Lights does. Instead, this band and this music will, if you let it, infiltrate your ears, soak into your brain and creep into your bloodstream. Again, if you let it. That’s what this thingy below is for. Better yet, buy the album from Mexican Summer or from the band when they play the Sometimes A Great Notion festival in Portland on July 29.

This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

There’s so much solid live music in Central Oregon this weekend, it spilled out of the music section in GO! Magazine and into the Bite of Bend cover story and the Fine Arts section.

Seriously, if you’re even a casual fan of rootsy music — folk, Americana, country, jammy bluegrass, y’allternative, etc. — you really should scroll down, give some of these artists a listen, click the band names to read about them, and go out and see ’em play this week.

Leftover Salmon
Thursday at the Athletic Club of Bend


And the winner of the 2012 Last Band Standing is …

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Broken Down Guitars!

After nine weeks of competition that saw 27 other bands fall by the wayside, the Bend-based rock ‘n’ soul quintet fronted by two powerful female vocalists (Stacie Johnson and Lilli Worona, plus Kent Howes, Andrew Blum and Matt McConnell) won enough audience votes last night at Liquid Lounge to claim the title of Last Band Standing.

Broken Down Guitars beat out three other finalists — All You All, Greyside and Jaccuzi — to take home the top prize, which includes studio time, a band vehicle, practice space, a photo shoot, free tacos for a year and other stuff. All told, first place won $12,000 in prizes.

Congrats to Broken Down Guitars!

(Photo courtesy Jim Williams Photography)

Stream the new DIIV album

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

I was fortunate enough to get a private stream of “Oshin,” the upcoming album by the band DIIV, from the band’s publicist a couple months ago, and I have to say, I have been fighting the urge to shower it with praise ever since. I hate to be all like “MAN THIS ALBUM IS AWESOME” when y’all can’t hear it, you know?

But man, this album is awesome. If you dig gently melodic tunes, prickly electric guitars that seem to chime eternally, and a blanket of reverb that could keep an ice cube warm, you really should hear this. I think it’s one of the best albums of 2012 so far.

And now you can, because the band — fronted by Zachary Cole-Smith, who also plays in Beach Fossils — has made “Oshin” available for streaming via The Hype Machine. I strongly suggest you click the Play button and let this stuff wash over you.

DIIV’s “Oshin” is out Tuesday on Captured Tracks. The band will also play in Portland as part of the MusicfestNW festival, to be held Sept. 5-9.

The Punch Brothers will play Bend in November

Monday, June 18th, 2012

Sort of hidden in this weekend’s Community Life story about the Tower Theatre’s upcoming season was news that bleeding-edge bluegrass band the Punch Brothers will come to Bend on Nov. 26.

That’s awesome, because the band — which features mandolin virtuoso Chris Thile (Nickel Creek, Goat Rodeo Sessions, etc.) and other guys who are probably about as talented but aren’t as famous as Chris Thile — is just absolutely terrific. It’s not there yet, but presumably info and tickets will be up on the Tower’s site soon.

Unfamiliar with the Punch Brothers? Well, you can find them on YouTube covering Radiohead, the White Stripes and D’Angelo (among others), or playing old folk songs like “Rye Whiskey,” but hey, what the heck, here they are doing a sparkling version of Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 3. Because they can.

This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, June 15th, 2012

Man … that weather out there, huh? Enough with this computer.

Here’s what’s in today’s music section. Find all the stories here.

–Local band Countryfied celebrates its 25th anniversary by kicking off Redmond’s Music in the Canyon series

Carrie Clark and the Lonesome Lovers return to town with a new album in tow

–Proto-punk band The Skabbs visit The Horned Hand

–The Coyote Music Festival is already underway down at Summer Lake Hot Springs near Paisley

Yogoman Burning Band will bring the party to McMenamins Old St. Francis School

Billy Manzik plays thrice this weekend and the Mark Cross Band plays twice

–Our penultimate Last Band Standing update!

Emmylou Harris is coming to Bend

Friday, June 15th, 2012

County/folk goddess Emmylou Harris will perform at the Athletic Club of Bend on July 22. It’ll be her first show in Central Oregon since she performed at Bend High School in 1981.

Tickets cost $45 and are available now at Newport Market.

Here’s Harris performing a song from her most recent album, “Hard Bargain,” which came out last year: