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Last call for local recordings …

Tuesday, November 29th, 2011

Here we go again!

It’s the last week of November and I’m officially hard at work on my annual review of the year in local music. That means I’m scrambling around, looking high and low to make sure I know about everything that happened, musically, in Central Oregon in 2011.

That includes recordings by local artists. I want to make sure I have ’em all. So peruse the list below and see if your band or project (or a band or project you know of) is missing. This is what’s currently sitting on my desk and hard drive (or in a couple cases is on its way to me as we speak):

Anastacia, “Where the Road Meets the Sky”
Mike Biggers, “Smoke Signals in a Hurricane”
Bloodlust, “Ekbom Syndrome”
The Bobby Lindstrom Band, “Bring It On”
Boxcar Stringband, “Going Down South”
Laurel Brauns, “House of Snow”
Cadence, “Cadence”
Capture the Flag, “A Loss of Innocence”
Willie Carmichael, “Patched & Pulled Together”
Tim Coffey, “Strings Unbound”
Erin Cole-Baker, “Big Sky”
Laura Curtis, “Loving A Ghost”
Jared Delaney, “Waterfalls”
Dela Project, “Desperate Nuance”
The Dirtball, “Nervous System”
DSkiles Band, “Get Your Boogie On”
Empty Space Orchestra, “Empty Space Orchestra”
ER, “The Risk of Tragedy”
Brian Hinderberger, “Natasha’s Fight”
Kylan Johnson, “A Collage of Memories from the Month of June”
Jones Road, “The Whipping Boy”
Keez, “Keez”
Kleverkill, “Kleverkill”
Larry and His Flask, “All That We Know”
Phil Paige, “Simple Things”
The Pitchtones, “Cold Wind Blowin’”
Mike Potter, “The Turning”
The Quons, “Quiet Room”
Rural Demons, “Ghost Lights”
Stillfear, “Stillfear”
Strange Attractor, “The Fault”
Jay Tablet, “Put It on the Tab”
Tuck and Roll, “Broken Radios”
Various Artists, “Americana Project: Tracks in the Woods”

A couple of notes:

1. If you or your band released something in 2011 and you don’t see it on this list, write me ASAP at and let’s talk. But first, read #2.

2. Please note that what I’m looking for here isn’t really demos or unreleased stuff or a single song you posted online, though I would truly love to hear any or all of that stuff and I hope you’ll send it to me. But for this particular project, I’m really looking for full EPs or albums that have been recorded, packaged in some way and released for public consumption, either in a physical format or on the Internet.

3. When you put it all together and look at the list, I think this is by far the local music scene’s most folk/rock/blues-heavy collective output since I moved here in 2006. Which is fine. I love folk, rock and the blues. But I’m a bit worried about the lack of hip-hop, DJs and other more beat-oriented music on this list.

Three years ago, I wrote an article titled “Hip-hop dominates local music scene in ’08” that cited releases by The Dirtball, Mindscape and Mosley Wotta, Cloaked Characters and Amsterdam, DJs Moksha, Smoke and Barisone and more to support the assertion in the headline. Now I look at the list above and I see rap albums from The Dirtball and Jay Tablet and a dubstep-ish EP by Brad “Keez” Jones, but beyond that … not much.

Is hip-hop dead or dying in this town? Is this the late-arriving but inevitable result of beat-friendly bar The Grove’s closure in 2007? Are all the DJs putting their mixes on Soundcloud and I’m just not doing a good enough job of paying attention?

Perhaps it’s all the above, I don’t know. If you know, leave a comment.

And, if you know about any local hip-hop or electronic music that I don’t know about, I really want you to get in touch. Because like I said, I love folk, rock and the blues, but it’s not all I want to listen to.

This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, November 25th, 2011

Last winter, the Jazz at the Oxford series had a terrific inaugural season, bringing a handful of regional jazz veterans to Bend and selling out each of its 13 shows.

Tonight, the series kicks off its second season, which features an expanded schedule and headliners with higher profiles, including award-winning jazz-pop vocalist Diane Schuur, who’ll play three shows at The Oxford Hotel over the next two days.

Here’s Schuur doing “Today I Started Loving You Again” from her new album “The Gathering,” a collection of country covers.

Shuur’s show tonight is sold out, but there are still tickets available for both Saturday performances. Last week, I got her on the phone and spoke with her about her own artistic freedom and the session for “The Gathering.”

“I think the consensus is that people have confidence enough in me and in my direction to give me their blessing and say … ‘If this is what you want, girlfriend, go for it,’” Schuur said. “I’m glad I’ve got the versatility and the voice to be able to do that because a lot of people unfortunately get stuck in a rut where they’ve got one style and that’s basically what they’ve got. I consider myself very fortunate.”

Even with dozens of albums under her belt, the “Gathering” session was the quickest in Schuur’s career, she said. It took one day to record and another day to polish up with overdubs and other tweaks. That was it.

“Once I got going, I just kept going, like the Energizer Bunny,” she said with a laugh. “(These songs) just really got into my soul.”

I hope you’ll click here and read the whole thing. Be sure to read about Jazz at the Oxford’s origin, success and upcoming schedule on the right side of the page!

The L.A.-based funk/soul band Orgone brings their cool, retro vibe back to town Monday night. My colleague David Jasper spoke with a couple of the band’s members about Orgone’s upcoming plans.

“We had a break in September and October, and we finally grabbed some time to work on some new material,” he said. After playing on the annual Jam Cruise in January, Orgone plans to use the shore leave to record a new album. “We’ll have a record done for March. We’re real excited about that.”

The band played the Volcanic Funk Festival in Bend last summer, but the recording break may mean it’ll be a while before Orgone brings its energy back to Oregon. And though it may be cold outside, it’s likely to get hot in The Annex.

“It’s 110 percent adrenaline-fueled dance party,” Rios said. “The band’s definitely going to get sweaty; it usually carries over into the people. It’s basically high-energy, no holds barred. We just kinda come full force and come to take no prisoners.”

You should read the whole thing by clicking here.

Elsewhere in this week’s music section: Jerry Joseph plays his gritty rock ‘n’ roll at gritty Players Bar, Calling Morocco blends pop, rock and twang at The Sound Garden, a bunch of DJs and MCs gather at the Domino Room for Orbital: A Journey Through Sound, and local experimental cellist Third Seven plays at The Horned Hand before taking off on tour till spring. Plus Allan Byer, Harley Bourbon and lots more in our “Going Out” listing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 24th, 2011

I’m thankful for a lot of things personally, but as far as this blog goes, I’m thankful for those of you that read my words, watch the videos, listen to the music, look at the photos and just generally pay attention to this little corner of the internet. It takes some time and effort to make this thing go (even at its current, modest pace), but it helps to know there are people out there who care. So please know that if you care about Frequency, I appreciate that very, very much! (And even if you don’t, that’s cool with me too.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Friday, November 18th, 2011

I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’m some High on Fire superfan or whatever. But I have to say: I’m as stoked for their show at the Domino Room Saturday night as I have been for any show ’round here in a long time.

Why? I’m not 100-percent sure. I think, mainly, I’m just looking forward to being sonically pummeled for more than an hour. It’s not something we get in Bend all that often, really.

Anyway, be jealous metal nerds … I interviewed Matt Pike!

On Monday, I spoke with Pike about High on Fire’s new material (they’re playing some), the current metal resurgence (he thinks it’s great, obvs) and the burden he feels when making an album. An excerpt:

“We get a little bit nitpicky because of what we’ve put out already,” he said. “It’s like … how do I top the last one? And I can’t put out a bunch of s–t that doesn’t sound quite as good, so … it’s a little more of a pain.”

For all High on Fire’s booming brawn, the trio has its sights set on a lofty long-term goal while also dealing with the same kind of indecision and self-doubt faced by mere mortals like you and me.

“You wanna achieve as much as you can in one lifetime, but at the same time, sometimes it’s harder than it seems, even if you’re a very intelligent person and you know what you’re doing,” Pike said.

“There’s still these moments where you’re like, ‘I don’t know if that’s good enough or not. I can’t tell,’” he said. “And you second-guess yourself.”

I hope you’ll click here and read the whole thing.

Also, be sure to check out the back of today’s GO! Magazine for our alternate High on Fire cover! (But only if you like awesome, evil demon-goats playing guitar with their foot perched on Pilot Butte as the Cascades erupt in the background.)

Elsewhere in this week’s music section: Sisters singer-songwriter Anastacia celebrates her new CD with a show at the HarmonyHouse, Christian Kane brings country to Maverick’s, Hellbound Glory brings a decidedly different kind of country to The Horned Hand, the Homegrown Reunion show gathers a bunch of local talent for a good cause, Tony Smiley returns to town, 2nd Hand Soldiers play Silver Moon, and much more.

Win a GO! Magazine Silipint cup

Friday, November 18th, 2011

I’ve got four Silipint cups on my desk right now that have the GO! Magazine logo on one side and the lineup for the 2011 Les Schwab Amphitheater season on the other, and I think I want to give ’em away. (I said five on Facebook and Twitter, but one is already gone!)

Here’s what they look like:

Pretty cool, huh? I think so, at least.

Anyway, here’s what you need to do to get one: On the back of today’s GO! Magazine we have an alternate cover for the issue featuring a sweet drawing by my colleague Andy Zeigert. (You can see it below.)

To win a Silipint, just find a copy of GO!, take a photo of the High on Fire cover and make sure there’s a hand flying metal horns somewhere in the shot (no need for any faces), and then post it to Frequency’s Facebook page OR Tweet it to me. The first four people to do so get a GO!/Schwab Silipint.

Here’s what the back cover looks like. I love it!


Thursday, November 17th, 2011

That’s how my friend Ryan described Saturday’s High on Fire show at the Domino Room to a table full of non-metalheads last weekend at Deschutes Brewery.

I’ve lived here nearly six years and Ryan has lived here a little longer than that, but not, like, forever. Regardless, I am going to go ahead and agree with him: Saturday’s High on Fire show is the greatest metal show this town has ever seen!

Now, with that said, I have no idea if that’s true I’d love to hear (A) whether you agree or disagree, and especially (B) if you’ve been around Central Oregon longer than Ryan and me, what epic metal bills from the distant past might compete with this one? I wanna hear some cool old stories, like the time you saw, I dunno, Slayer at the fairgrounds in 1985 or something.

Let me know in the comments!

funniest SNL skit I’ve seen in a while

Monday, November 14th, 2011

This is pretty good … probably helps if you’re familiar with “Someone Like You” by Adele, but maybe not. Maybe it’s funny regardless.

However, I don’t watch “Friday Night Lights,” so that joke didn’t really resonate with me. Oh pop culture … so many things! Things to keep up with!

Nice cameo by Coldplay at the end, too. That Chris Martin is pretty good at acting like he’s crying.

This week in GO! Magazine’s music section

Saturday, November 12th, 2011

(Note: Oops, I meant to post this yesterday. Apologies to the Friday events that have now already happened.)

First of all, if you love music, Central Oregon, music in Central Oregon, or you just love having things to do in Central Oregon even if they’re not related to music, you should check out this week’s GO! Magazine, where we celebrate today’s date — 11/11/11 — by recognizing 11 people, places and things that have shaped the regional arts and culture scene over the past 11 years.

It’s a fun package of stories and photos. (There’s a photo of Ben Harper at the Les Schwab Amphitheater that is a must see.)

Anyway, you can find it right here. Now onto the music:

Wednesday brings a strong progressive bluegrass bill to Bend when Greensky Bluegrass and Hot Buttered Rum play GoodLife Brewing Company.

The Maiden Bend Bluegrass Fest showcases the talents of six female musicians with local ties.

–The Horned Hand hosts a couple of local faves: The White Buffalo on Monday and Great American Taxi on Thursday.

Provo, Utah’s The Brocks are coming to Bend, and for 60 percent of ’em, that means a trip home.

Elsewhere in this week’s music section: The return of Warm Gadget, Mars Retrieval Unit lands at Silver Moon, The Church of Neil is in session, Shawn McDonald plays at Journey church, Brothers Young headline an alt-folk bill, and a slew of heavy bands are playing around town this week.

Tonight is Erin Cole-Baker’s last show in Bend before she moves to New Zealand

Friday, November 11th, 2011

Pretty much all you need to know is in the subject line. Longtime Frequency fave Erin Cole-Baker is moving to New Zealand (where she grew up) on Monday, so her set at tonight’s Maiden Bend Music Fest at the Tower Theatre is the last time she’ll play here for quite a while.

Bummer for Bend, but best of luck to both Erin and her husband Bruce.

Lest you wonder what the big deal is, Cole-Baker’s pretty folk-pop songs have powered three of the best locally made albums of the past six years, in my opinion. Here’s what I wrote about the middle one, “Talon and Spur,” in 2009:

The world can be sweet and sad and confusing and rad, sometimes all at the same time. Local folk-pop machine Erin Cole-Baker leaves none of it out, pouring her heart into simple, catchy tunes that feel like tiny peeks into the mind of someone who breathes in all of life’s quirks, both good and bad.

That sums it up pretty well. Easy, irresistible melodies just seem to pour out of Cole-Baker, and she’ll be missed.

Here’s the video for the wonderful title track from her most recent album, “Big Sky”:

Maiden Bend is tonight; it starts in five hours. More details are here.

Playlists for your 11/11/11 listening pleasure

Friday, November 11th, 2011

I’m a huge nerd. So I went through my iTunes and picked out a bunch of my favorite “track 11″ songs … you know, like they were the 11th track on their album … and compiled them into five different YouTube playlists.

So there are 55 songs here (all track 11s), and they’re all awesome. Or at least I think so. Just click on the style of music that fits your taste or current mood and let it play. Then, come back here, let me know what you thought, and try another!

Happy 11/11/11!

R.E.M., Nick Drake, Adele, William Fitzsimmons, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Decemberists, Fleet Foxes, Alexi Murdoch, Iron & Wine, Sufjan Stevens, Wilco

The Promise Ring, Superdrag, Foo Fighters, New Pornographers, Sunny Day Real Estate, Pearl Jam, Flashing Lights, Pavement, Modest Mouse, The Dismemberment Plan, The Clash

Throw Me The Statue, Brendan Benson, School of Seven Bells, Elliott Smith, Ben Kweller, Liz Phair, The 6ths, The Minders, The Beach Boys, Of Montreal, Silver Jews

Slobberbone, The Band, Blue Mountain, The Backsliders, Son Volt, Dixie Chicks, The Byrds, Old 97s, The Avett Brothers, Miranda Lambert, Cornershop

Black Star, Aesop Rock, Outkast, Amadou & Mariam, Gui Boratto, Das Racist, Guru, DJ Shadow, Janelle Monae, The Very Best, Black Moth Super Rainbow