The one photo I took over the weekend …

Monday, May 30th, 2011, 4:18 pm by Ben Salmon

I posted a bunch of good photos of Friday’s Death Cab/Bright Eyes/Jenny & Johnny show right here and I’ll post a bunch of good photos from last night’s Decemberists/Rodrigo y Gabriela/Dan Mangan show tomorrow.

But for today, let’s celebrate Memorial Day with the one photo I took all weekend with my phone.

Three questions:

1) Did anyone else see this kid?

2) If so, were you also kinda freaked out by his mask?

It’s unsettling, right?

3) Is that an ear or a backward “C”? If it’s a “C” is he the backward captain of his hockey team?

He was awesome, though. All dancing around and posing for dudes who took his picture even though they were kinda freaked out by his mask.

Plus I bet his face was warmer than mine.

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