Empty Space Orchestra roundup: album release date, release show date, new press, new track, new site

Monday, April 4th, 2011, 1:05 pm by Ben Salmon

Dark, blurry cellphone photo of Empty Space Orchestra playing last week in their practice space! Click to biggify.

Local instrumental titans Empty Space Orchestra have been relatively quiet this winter, spending more time recording in California and playing shows in Portland and Seattle than on Bend’s stages. Expect more noise over the next month as the space-jazz-rock quintet ramps up the hype for the release of its new self-titled album in May. Here are a few tidbits that have popped up recently:

“Empty Space Orchestra” is nine tracks and 50 minutes long, and its official release date is May 10.

–ESO is planning a local CD-release show on May 19 at Century Center, with Diego’s Umbrella and (probably) another band opening. More details to come, obvs.

–The band’s new publicity team, Us/Them Group, calls ESO “post-prog-noir-metal-space-jazz virtuosos,” which is awesome. We have a commanding new leader in the great genre-hyphenating race!

–Remember what I said about building hype? Well, it started as I was writing this. Click here to check out a post on ALARM Magazine’s website that features an exclusive listen to the song “Exit Strategy,” which ALARM says “builds to truly fierce heights as guitars, horns, and pianos pile atop one another like precariously placed Jenga pieces.” (Note: Frequency featured the track “Intergalactic Battle Cruiser” back in January, and you can still grab it by clicking here.)

–ESO’s fancy new website is right here.


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