Sad song Sunday Monday: Damien Jurado, “Simple Hello”

Monday, March 7th, 2011, 9:13 pm by Ben Salmon

Today, Frequency is dedicated to documenting the sad, endlessly enthralling songbook of Seattle’s Damien Jurado, who will perform Monday night in Bend. To see the whole series, click here. (Addendum: The man has too many great, sad songs for one day, so I’m extending “Sad song Sunday” into Monday.)

The show has begun down at the Tower Theatre, but my understanding is that Damien Jurado has not yet begun to play. (Please note that the time stamp on this post is wrong. I’m publishing an hour earlier than whatever it says.)

If I were you, I’d put on a sweater and head downtown right now.

Here’s the final installment of the series with the most ridiculously complicated name in the history of Frequency: “Sad song / Damien Jurado Sunday Monday.” It’s called “Simple Hello” and it first appeared on 1998’s “Gathered in Song” EP, although this version comes from Jurado’s 2005 album “On My Way to Absence.”

It is everything I love about the guy’s music: simple, heartfelt, and at least a little bit sad, but ultimately hopeful and undeniably hummable. If I haven’t convinced you to hit the Tower Theatre tonight, I hope I’ve at least opened your ears and mind to one of the most talented songwriters going these days.

(Special thanks to Jeff for pointing me to the video.)


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