The Top 10 Built to Spill Songs: #7

Wednesday, November 10th, 2010, 1:07 pm by Ben Salmon

Today on Frequency, we’re counting down the top 10 Built to Spill songs leading up to the band’s show tonight in Bend. (More details on that show here.)

7. “Big Dipper” from “There’s Nothing Wrong With Love” (1994)
Ahh … one of the poppiest songs from Built to Spill’s poppiest (and many argue best) album. Frontman Doug Martsch is from Boise, which is also the headquarters of the Albertson’s supemarket chain, thus the hometown nod in the rather lonely lyric: “He thought an Albertson’s stir fry dinner would make his apartment a home.”

PS: It was a tight race between “Big Dipper” and another “Wrong With Love” track, “Distopian Dream Girl,” for which song made this list. Just FYI. “Distopian” has another great lyric: “My stepfather looks just like David Bowie, but he hates David Bowie. I think Bowie’s cool! I think ‘Lodger’ rules, and my stepdad’s a fool.”

PPS: I’m sitting here getting ready to publish this post and listening to “Distopian Dream Girl” and thinking maybe I picked the wrong song. Oh well.


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