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Friday, September 3rd, 2010, 10:54 am by Ben Salmon

Is the Tower Theatre ready for the indie-pop-punk of The Thermals? It’d better be; the Portland-based trio will play there Wednesday. My colleague Eleanor Pierce spoke with bassist Kathy Foster about the band’s new album, “Personal Life.” An excerpt:

“It’s about love and relationships,” (Foster) said about the album, “but it’s kind of not from this happy perspective.”

“It’s the darker side of relationships; the anger and the desperation and all these different things you can feel when you’re with someone and it’s going downhill,” she said.

You should click here and read the whole thing.

(Video from the Bend show by zenla13.)

I put on my long pants, fleece jacket and warm hat and went and saw John Mellencamp and Bob Dylan last weekend at Les Schwab Amphitheater in Bend. Oh wait … no I didn’t. I wore shorts and flip-flops and froze. Anyway, Mellencamp was great, and here’s part of my review:

Mellencamp the performer can still wow with his energy, an impressive feat for a man who’ll turn 59 this fall. He played with fervor, thanked his fans for their support, and executed an array of jumps, kicks and punches, looking like an amalgam of Bruce Springsteen, Jack Nicholson and Jackie Chan. As he closed with a spirited version of “Authority Song,” he looked like he was genuinely having fun, and I couldn’t help but be drawn in.

Dylan, on the other hand, wasn’t great. Click here to read the whole thing and find out why.

Elsewhere in this week’s music section: TJ Grant (aka If Bears Were Bees) plays several places around town, Rise Up holds a fashion show and concert with The Dirty Words, Yenn and Capture the Flag, and Curtis Salgado closes Black Butte Ranch’s summer series, plus The Physical Hearts at Silver Moon and Fruition at McMenamins Old St. Francis School.

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  1. D. Boon says:

    Hey Ben, you missed the boat on Bob Dylan! Please refer to Dylan at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival where he blew the doors of the crowd with an electric set that ruffled more than a few feathers. Dylan’s recent set in Bend was quite similar. After watching the 60-somethings flowing into the venue hoping for a hand-holding version of Blowin in the Wind, I was not surprised to see them “running for the hills” when Dylan ripped out his most electric set in years. Contrary to his “swing” set earlier this decade, his recent show was incredible for those of us who like to rock! Dylan is not only THE master songwriter of the past 100 years, he is also a master of interpretation and this show did not disappoint. His interpretations were fresh and invigorating and Charlie Sexton was nothing less than brilliant on his ax. As for his singing, true Bob fans love him in spite of his voice quality, not for it. As for crowd-pleasing banter that you seemed to want, it’s not necessary. Bob’s music says it all!

  2. VirtualSoundNW says:

    I just saw If Bears were Bees put on a great set at the free monthly Veracity show at the Vera project and blogged about it with some videos here:

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