A change at tonight’s Munch & Music, plus C3 Events’ entertaining Facebook

Thursday, August 5th, 2010, 9:50 am by Ben Salmon

The previously announced performer at tonight’s Munch & Music in Drake Park, Jah Sun & the Redemption Band, is not playing. Instead, attendees will get the roots-reggae sound of Portland’s the Instigators.

Combine the replacement of one middling west-coast reggae band with another and the fact that a lot of Munch attendees barely pay attention to the music, and you have what may be the least important post in the history of Frequency. So here’s some bonus content: Jah Sun isn’t showing up tonight after a dispute over money. I and lots of other folks know this because Cameron Clark — founder of the company behind Munch & Music, C3 Events, and a man who values transparency and is not afraid to thoughtfully speak his mind — talked about that dispute in a post on C3’s Facebook. That post drew a couple dozen comments about whether it was an appropriate forum for such a topic before it was deleted earlier this week. (This post immediately followed the one that was deleted and includes further discussion.)

Which is all to say this: If you want an entertaining and eye-opening look at some of the behind-the-scenes business of putting on concerts, you should go befriend the C3 Facebook. Watch Bend’s biggest event-production company search for a piano to rent for Paula Cole! See them try to book an opening act 80 minutes before showtime! (Or 36 hours before showtime!) Read details of their haggles with a booking agent in an effort to bring John Hiatt to Bend! (It worked.)

I find it all to be quite fascinating, organized chaos.

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  1. Laurel Knight says:

    Thanks for sharing this…I too find it fascinating, and I approve of the transparency of Cameron. I am one that goes to Munch ‘n Music for the music, so I appreciate knowing why there are shortened sets by a band, instead of just wondering? I also appreciate it much more knowing just how incredibly difficult it can and is to put on a show like that each Thursday. Kudos to Cameron and C3 and all their hard work for us, and thank you for reporting about this.

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