Same kid, same event, different guitar … a year apart

Friday, July 9th, 2010, 3:05 pm by Ben Salmon

Who is Branden Miskimon? And how does he keep ending up in photos of Munch & Music in The Bulletin?

First check out this photo from July 24, 2009, when Rhythm Culture played the popular Drake Park event:

Now, check out this photo, which ran in today’s paper and was taken last night as Aphrodesia performed:

It’s the same kid doing basically the same thing at the same event, just a year apart! In case you were wondering, this was totally by chance; different photographers took the two photos. In fact, Ryan Brennecke, who took the 2010 photo of Miskimon, didn’t even work for The Bulletin in 2009.

Here are my two questions:

1) Does Branden hang around the front of Drake Park’s stage every day, waiting for bands and photographers to show up?

2) Can we (The Bulletin, that is) get this shot every year from now until Branden goes off to college or whatever? Now that I feel like I’ve gotten to know the kid, I kind of want to watch him grow up … in 365-day intervals, of course.


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