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Friday, March 5th, 2010, 12:06 pm by Ben Salmon

The Chris Berry Trio visits Bend this weekend and brings along jam-rock super-guitarist Steve Kimock! Berry’s story is fascinating. He traveled to Africa to study music, became a pop star, and fled for his life in 2001. We talked about the reaction he got from Zimbabweans as his career took off.

“(They) had never seen a white man who could drum and dance and sing in their language, so it actually unfairly catapulted me to the top pretty fast over there just because I was white,” he said. “People would show up and try to go behind the stage and try to unplug (me) because they thought I was lip-synching because they didn’t believe it was actually true. Or they would come to the shows because … they didn’t believe it so they wanted to see it with their own eyes. So it was kind of a novelty thing.”

But it was a very positive experience, Berry said, if for no other reason than the barriers that were broken.

“They had a very narrow view of white people: that we would never touch one of their traditional instruments (or would) look down on their language (or) thought whatever they did was beneath us, because that’s how they were treated by the colonialists,” he said. “So to have someone come in there and be so happy about playing their music, it shattered their stereotypes in a positive way.”

I hope you’ll read the whole thing here.


The local quartet Warm Gadget fired off 45 minutes worth of heavy noise last week at Silver Moon Brewing & Taproom. Here’s part of my review.

The atmosphere in the pub felt a bit like a secret show. It wasn’t. It was just booked last-minute and hastily promoted, so the crowd was modest in size, but full of familiar faces from across Bend’s left-of-center rock scene. In other words, I saw plenty of folks there who prefer their music flavored with weird.

Warm Gadget gave them what they wanted, though I must admit, the band wasn’t quite as out there as I expected them to be. The songs on their MySpace — — are creepy, industrial, electro-fuzz-rock blasts that are, generally speaking, slightly more beat-driven than riff-driven.

Live, those beats and electronic textures are certainly perceptible, but they don’t play as much of a role in the band’s sound as they do on recordings. Live, Warm Gadget is a sludgehammer, pummeling anything in its path with its aural assault.

Delve into the details of the band’s set right here.

Also in this week’s music section: Boxcar String Band at M&J Tavern, the returns of Igor & Red Elvises, The Missionary Position and Craig Carothers, a busy week at Three Creeks Brewing Co., in Sisters, a benefit for The Substitutes’ Dean Prescott (this is actually happening March 14), the neon-pink pop-rock of The Fold, and more pop-reggae at Mountain’s Edge, courtesy of Tomorrows Bad Seeds. And, as always, there’s lots more in our complete music listings.

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