Reading the Les Schwab Amphitheater tea leaves…

Friday, January 22nd, 2010, 2:24 pm by Ben Salmon

In past years, details on Les Schwab Amphitheater’s summer concert series have been posted at, and this is what that site looks like right now:


The keys there are “May 28″ and “Ticketed.” May 28 is the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, and as you may remember, the Schwab hosted glorious, three-day rock ‘n’ roll mini-fests on Memorial Day weekend in 2006 (Ben Harper, Beck, The Flaming Lips) and 2008 (Spearhead, Death Cab for Cutie, Modest Mouse). There were no concerts that weekend last year.

And the word “Ticketed” indicates a concert that costs money to attend, as opposed to the amphitheater’s free Sunday shows.

Upon seeing this, I e-mailed Marney Smith, who manages the amphitheater, and asked if the date on the site means anything, or if I was reading too much into it. Smith replied quickly, saying organizers are working “tirelessly” on Memorial Day weekend shows, but that she doesn’t yet know if they’ll happen. The “May 28″ on the Web site is just a placeholder, she said.


Anyway, the optimist in me sees the site and hopes it’s a harbinger of good news: that we’ll see a return of live music to the Schwab on Memorial Day weekend of 2010. And if that’s a possibility, then we turn our attention to the Sasquatch Festival, a three-day extravaganza held in central Washington that’s widely considered one of the best music fests in America. In 2006 and 2008, the bands that played the Schwab shows came to Bend immediately before or after playing Sasquatch, so its lineup — to be announced Feb. 16 — provides strong clues about who might come here.

So far, Sasquatch has only confirmed one of its 2010 acts, but it’s a doozy: reunited indie-rock icons Pavement. Unfortunately, Pavement is scheduled to play a festival in Spain on May 28, which would put a tight squeeze on any chance they’d visit Bend.

But … Pavement is pretty much my favorite band ever, so I am going to grasp and hold on to any sliver of hope I can find. Heck, I may begin a public begging campaign to get the band to Bend.

No, seriously, I might. Who’s with me?

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One Response to “Reading the Les Schwab Amphitheater tea leaves…”

  1. Scott Halvorson says:

    I was just talking about Les Schwab rumors. A couple of years ago, some people were absolutely convinced that Rammstein was confrimed and scheduled to play there. I’m not heartbroken that didn’t happen, but I would have gone, absolutely. NOFX was also pretty heavily rumored. Wouldn’t mind catching them, but I feel fine with it not happening.

    Now, this is entirely in the way of conversation because this is a bit out there; I just saw a report that Ozzy Osbourne is promising one of his most extensive tours this summer. Ozzy Osbourne at the Les Schwab? Stranger thigns have happened. Okay, yeah, his solo stuff can be fun, but (in my most humble of opinions, naturally) the last actually necessary album the guy appeared on was Black Sabbath’s Sabotage. (Even this is arguable; if you were to say that this album signaled the beginning of the end as the song Am I Going Insane marked the first time Ozzy tried to sound all crazy/spooky and ended up sounding all cheesy and goofy instead, I would agree. But ignore that one track, it’s a pretty skippy album.) When and if Black Sabbath and Ozzy jumped the shark can be argued all night long, but those first 6 Black Sabbath albums are some of my favorite albums, and just to be able to say that I saw the guy I’d absolutely have to go see Ozzy Osbourne if that happened.

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