A looong list of New Year’s Eve options

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009, 9:57 am by Ben Salmon

Oh, hi there. I’m Ben. Welcome to my blog. I almost forgot about it.

Let me tell you something, folks: Work + Everyday Life + Blogging = A Very Busy Dude. But Work + Everyday Life + Holidays = No Time For Blogging. I apologize for the quiet around here over the past week or so.

Now, two things:

1. Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve, which means you’re probably looking for a party to attend. And guess what? People are throwing parties all over town! The Bulletin’s calendar lists more than two dozen events tomorrow night, and while we probably missed one or two out there, I’d venture to say you won’t find a more complete list anywhere.

Click here to check out the whole list of New Year’s Eve options. I also wrote about some of the best events that feature live music here.

2. Before the holidays, I posted an overview of music in 2009 (including 36 songs for free download), and several posts about the best music of the past decade. I wanted to wrap up the decade stuff before I posted the 2009 stuff. And then I wanted to wrap it up before Christmas. And then New Year’s. None of those happened. Now, I just want to wrap it up. And I will. So stay tuned for more reflections on how the 2000s sounded.

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  1. DJ says:

    New Year’s Eve at The Wall – 900 Wall, Bend

    7pm seating is a la carte.
    7:30 will begin seating for a 5 course dinner including champagne and dancing.

    A DJ will be playing music to ring in the New Year.

    Price is $65 for the five course dinner. Call to make reservations we’re filling up fast!

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