A new, free EP from local musician Collothen

Friday, August 14th, 2009, 9:09 am by Ben Salmon


Colten Williams is many things. He’s the former guitarist for the old Bend-based hard-rock band Vihara. He’s one of the creative forces behind the brand new local industrial combo Warm Gadget. And on his own, he’s Collothen.

Under that name, Williams produces deep, dark, left-of-center electronic music that thumps and rattles in wonderfully strange, claustrophobic ways. Evidence can be heard — by you, for free — on his new EP, “Frenetic,” available for download from Maryland’s Decisive Sound Records. Click here to get it.

It’s four tracks and just over 16 minutes of beats that carpet-bomb their way into your consciousness. If, that is, you can find your way through the noisy, ambient haze that Williams uses to color his sound.

“Frenetic” is yet another excellent release in what is already a banner year for local music. Central Oregon’s creative juices aren’t just flowing, they’re gushing and oozing out from every crack they can find. And between this project and Warm Gadget, Williams is most certainly someone to watch on the local scene.

As a bonus, here’s the piece by local artist Jason Graham that inspired the artwork for the EP, according to Williams:


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