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Going viral: Kid gets “Low”

Monday, August 31st, 2009

I couldn’t resist. Thank goodness there’s a song in this video so I can sneak it onto this music blog!

As a confirmed ginger myself, this kid’s moves make me very proud. Look for him on the “Today” show soon.

A Ween photo bonanza!

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Alt-rock superweirdoheros Ween lit up the Les Schwab Amphitheater in Bend Friday night, and between the band, the (considerate) fans and the magnificent sky, there was a bounty of interesting things to photograph. Fortunately, Bulletin photographer Rob Kerr was there snapping away, and he came back with a whole bunch of terrific shots. Some are of Ween, some are not, but overall, I think they’ll give you a pretty good feel for the night. Be sure to click through to see tons more pictures after the jump.

Oh, and I’ll have a review of the show in next Friday’s GO! Magazine. The short version: I was bored for a while, and then it got pretty good.





Ween fans = green fans

Saturday, August 29th, 2009

Say what you want about Ween’s devoted fans, but they are Earth conscious. I snapped this photo in McKay Park this morning at 9:45 a.m.


I’ll have a bunch of photos of the band, the crowd and the scenery up later today, so check back!

MP3 Download: Cool Nutz, “Black Music”

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Real professional like.

Real professional like.

It’s not an overstatement to say that Cool Nutz embodies Portland hip-hop. The guy’s been pushing to put Oregon’s biggest city — the whole Northwest, really — on the map for a couple decades now.

Unfamiliar? Here’s a piping hot MP3 you can download, straight from the man himself. It’s a fine chunk of throwback funk and an ode to black culture over the past several decades, name-checking both Public Enemy and Cornell West, and featuring Bosko.

Download Cool Nutz, “Black Music”

Cool Nutz and a slew of cohorts will perform tonight at Bendistillery Martini Bar, at 850 N.W. Brooks St., in Bend. Things’ll get going around 9 p.m., and it’s free.

August 28 in GO! Magazine

Friday, August 28th, 2009

Today marks the beginning of a very busy stretch for music fans in Central Oregon. Over the next several weeks, we’ll have four concerts at Bend’s Les Schwab Amphitheater, a few other big names at other venues around Bend, the Sisters Folk Festival and the Bend Roots Revival, plus all the smaller club shows that happen in town every week. The Frequency team has its running shoes on!

Here’s what’s up in today’s GO! Magazine:

Ween! Ween! Ween! I talked to Dean Ween about shark fishing, hurricanes and beards. Oh, and music.

-Oregon! Oregon! Portland’s little orchestra, Pink Martini, is coming back to town to give Bendites a fun, if not entirely accurate, history lesson.

-Hot Sauce! Philly blues-hop dude G. Love brings his repaired vocal cords and his Special Sauce to Bend. (Also: A fancy new way to get your tickets via cell phone.)

-It’s A Miracle! Portland hip-hop icon Cool Nutz rolls into town ready to celebrate life.

-Don’t Forget! Ghostwriter plays folk-punk at Silver Moon, The Commercial Underground hits The Summit Saloon, and the Terrebonne Depot throws an end-of-summer party.

End of summer!? C’mon now … it’s August!

I do believe everyone can view the Ween story, but the rest of those may be available to subscribers only. Pick up a print version of The Bulletin to see them all.

Attention scumdogs! GWAR returns to Bend this fall

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

The bloodthirstiest metal band in the universe, GWAR, is set to return to Bend’s Midtown Ballroom on Nov. 25, thanks to local promoter Catapult Presents. And if satirical metal made by intergalactic monsters isn’t your thing, the bill will include a couple of less-schticky, super-heavy openers — Job For A Cowboy and The Red Chord — plus the premiere of a snowboard film and a whole bunch of snowriding gear giveaways, according to Catapult’s Markie Wirges.

Remember last night when I posted that story about the change in management at the Midtown, and how the new managers are going to work to re-establish relationships with promoters, bands, etc.? This GWAR show is the first blossom on that tree. Here’s hoping this brings Catapult — dormant for a year now — back to a busy, healthy life.

You probably already know what GWAR does, but if not, you should check out this article written by my colleague Eleanor Pierce a couple years ago. I’ve always thought it nicely captured the GWAR experience. And here’s a sweet photo of the band’s last visit to the Midtown, taken by another colleague, Andy Tullis:


Tonight: Po’ Girl at Angeline’s, Staxx Brothers at Silver Moon

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

Ready to start your weekend a bit early? Me too. Here are a couple ideas for you. The first would be perfect if you’re looking for something mellow, and the second if you want to sweat.

First of all, Po’ Girl is playing at Angeline’s Bakery in Sisters tonight at 7 p.m. Here’s what I had to say about them in last week’s GO! Magazine:

Mesmerizing. That’s the word for the sound of Po’ Girl. The Canadian quartet makes hauntingly gauzy indie-folk that’s anchored by the show-stopping voices (and harmonies) of Allison Russell and Awna Teixeira. Imagine the house jazz band for some dusky bar that exists only in your groggy, post-nap mind, and you have the idea. Po’ Girl will play at 7 p.m. Thursday at Angeline’s Bakery (121 W. Main St., Sisters). Cover is $10.

They have a few songs you can listen to over at their Web site.

Meanwhile, at Silver Moon (24 N.W. Greenwood Ave., Bend), The Staxx Brothers are gonna funk it up right around 9 p.m. Cover is $5. Here’s part of last week’s blurb on them:

This Seattle band plays face-melting, heavy soul music that grunts and sweats and boogies like few bands can. It’s old-school stuff that sounds about like the Rolling Stones might’ve sounded if they’d grown up surrounded by the hard rock and hip-hop of the late 20th century. And yes, it’s gonna make you shake your thing. The Staxx Brothers are coming to Bend to celebrate the release of their new album “We are The Blaxstonz,” and they promise two (or more) full sets of “hard ass soul,” along with a little reggae and even country.

Of course, you can hear what these dudes do at their Web site, too.

Changes in management at the Midtown. (Rhoda and Creig are back!)

Tuesday, August 25th, 2009

A not-so-great photo of the Midtown taken from its abandoned MySpace profile.

A not-so-great photo of the Midtown taken from its abandoned MySpace profile.

One of Bend’s most prominent music spots — the building on Greenwood Avenue that holds the Midtown Ballroom, Domino Room and The Annex bar, heretofore known as “the Midtown” — is in for some changes in the coming months. Time will tell, but the changes are almost certain to be improvements.

Here’s why: Co-owners Rhoda and Creig Jones and Duane McCabe and Lise Hoffman-McCabe are taking back control of the venues. The quartet ran the Midtown for years until 2007, when they leased its operations to a new team. (They had put the property up for sale in 2006. It never sold.)

That new team — JT Taylor, Chris Fought and Jim Dickey — is now out of the picture. The Jones/McCabe team has hired a new manager, Roy Nowell, who will handle most of the booking duties for the venues, though I just got off the phone with Rhoda Jones, and she said she and her partners will have some say in the acts that perform there.

“We will be suggesting,” she said with a big laugh. “We’ll have something to do with bringing back our old favorites. It will be very familiar, I think.”

Before the Jones/McCabe partnership quit managing the Midtown, it was a bustling nightspot that featured a steady stream of blues and roots-rock acts (the Jones’ favorites) as well as shows by other promoters, most notably Bend-based Random Presents. Back then, the two venues — this was before The Annex was open — hosted concerts at least weekly, and sometimes several nights per week.

In the 2-1/2 years since, though, the Midtown’s live-music offerings have dwindled. Random Presents continues to host shows there regularly, but the Taylor/Fought/Dickey team never established a consistent slate of shows. The Midtown Web site has been “under construction” for months. These days, the venues are quiet most nights.

That’s about to change, Jones said.


Brendan Benson visits Letterman

Monday, August 24th, 2009

As if all this gushing wasn’t enough, I’m back to beg you to watch one of the world’s great pop-rock songwriters performing on Letterman over the weekend:

(Update: Sorry, the first video I posted has been pulled from YouTube. No fun. Anyway, this one’s audio/video sync is way off, but you can get the idea.)

That video gave me chills. And that song has been stuck in my head for going on two weeks now.

Like most people, I don’t necessarily long for my favorite musicians to become huge. I don’t begrudge their commercial success at all — really, I don’t — but I do like it when they’re my little secret. (Note: I’m aware it’s a stretch to call Benson a secret.) In this case, though, I’ll make an exception. I hope his talent, plus the exposure provided by The Raconteurs, turns him into a huge star — on his own.

That being said … the dude’s hair is out of control!