Thumbprint Collective releases free download, performs tonight

Monday, July 27th, 2009, 10:11 am by Ben Salmon

Thumbprint Collective

A few months ago, I was poking around the MySpace of Empty Space Orchestra, which somehow led me to the MySpace of local musician Typologic, which in turn led me to the MySpace of Thumbprint Recordings, which made me aware of a group of local producers/DJs called the Thumbprint Collective.

This, friends, is what they call falling into a wormhole on the Internet. Except this was a productive wormhole, because I discovered a group of Central Oregon musicians I didn’t know before. Better yet, they’re creating a pretty interesting brand of electronica, at least to these ears. (Please note: The music could probably be described as house, techno, breakbeat, glitch, or some other microgenre, but I’m simply not knowledgeable enough to tell the difference. If anyone would like to educate me in the comments, I’d love to hear it.)

Anyway, the Thumbprint Collective is Sicilian, Magus Pymp, Johnny Carcinogen and Typologic, and the music somehow straddles a line between relentlessly beat-driven and perfectly chilled out, mellow meandering. It’s also super-melodic, which I love.

The group has been doing gigs here and there for a few months, and tonight, they’re taking over the martini bar at 9 p.m., and there’s no cover. “Might break out the lasers for this one,” says Sicilian. (The flyer for the gig is after the jump.)

The Thumbprinters recently set up in Sicilian’s living room and recorded a 48-minute long session live in one shot, with no pre- or post-production. “It’s not perfect, but we’re working on it,” says Sicilian. “One-shot live recordings can be difficult.”

The mix is designed to give people a taste of what Thumbprint does at its shows. So here, have a taste … you might have to “Right Click” and “Save As.”

Download Thumbprint Collective’s live set

If you’re like me, and you’re no electronica expert or super-fan, I’d encourage you to take the dive and check it out. It’s a fun listen.

Here’s that flyer:



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