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Monday, May 18th, 2009, 10:08 am by Ben Salmon

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You may or may not have checked it out yet, but sitting over there in the sidebar to the right is a streaming music player I like to call Frequency Radio.

Over the past couple days, I added a few tracks to it, including the Mostest song and The Lonely H song you can download to your own computer here.

And now, a little bit about the other bands joining the player:

Blackflowers Blacksun is the musical nom de plume of slide guitarist Greg Bryce, who spends winters in Bend and summers in Alaska, where he’s currently “training firefighters in the Native bush communities,” he told Frequency in an e-mail. (Bryce is a wildland firefighter by trade.) When he’s playing music, the Michigan native makes 100 percent authentic, gritty Delta blues like his heroes Fred McDowell and Son House. “Angel Child” is from Blackflowers Blacksun’s most recent EP, “Out Of Dirt And Dust.” Read more about the band — which also includes drummer CJ Davis — at their MySpace.

Goodbye Dyna popped up on Bend’s music scene seemingly overnight last fall, debuting fully formed with a tight sound and punchy album called “XXVII,” which features 12 songs written one-per-month during frontman Andy Jacobs’ 27th year. “Setting Sun” — like all of “XXVII” — features alt-rock guitar riffs galore and a roller-coaster chorus sure to stick in your head. Visit the band’s MySpace to see why these guys are among the most exciting of several positive developments in Bend’s rock scene in the past year or so, and look for new material from Goodbye Dyna in the near future; Jacobs says he’s working on demos for an album he hopes to have out later this year.

Problem Stick, as you’ll hear, likes to do things sort of twisted. Main Stick Wayne Newcome calls his band’s music “wrecked rock,” and it’s an apt descriptor; Newcome’s skewed songs, his … um … unconventional voice, and his warped lyrics put Problem Stick squarely on the fringe of the local scene. “A Different World” is from a collection of Newcome songs I picked up at Ranch Records, but the band is either in the studio now or getting ready to go into the studio. Their always cagey leader was vague with the scoop, telling Frequency the project is “top secret.”

There’s more to come to Frequency Radio, so stay tuned. In the meantime, hit “play” over there and take in some tunes while you do other online stuff!

(Photo courtesy katielips’ Flickr photostream)

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